Tuesday, June 14, 2016

TMI Tuesday: June 14, 2016 ~ It’s Just Sex!

Welcome to another week, and another sexy TMI Tuesday ~ It’s Just Sex!

1. Do you obsess over having an orgasm during partner sex? Are you disappointed if you do not orgasm?
~ I obsess about having sex because I don't feel we're having enough (and we're not, according to this) but I'm not worried if I don't cum during sex. Let me qualify that: I'm not worried if I'm not worried (usually because I know I've cum earlier and so I'm not going to have another orgasm) but if I want to cum but then can't -and there's no good reason not to- then I get concerned. Sometimes I don't cum because I've been too obsessive about making sure she cums. Usually I've either suppressed my own orgasm until she gets hers, or I've been banging her so hard and long my balls are numb and I can't. If I want to cum but can't I suppose I do get upset, especially if my wife 'gives up' even though I feel I'm on the edge of an orgasm.
And then there was this.

2. Do you use drugs to have or enhance sex? (Yes, alcohol is a drug).
~ I've noticed my wife is a lot hornier when she's consumed alcohol. Sadly, that seems to be a pre-requisite for us now. She needs the 'wine goggles' I suppose? When we were in our 20s she would get as horny as fuck after she'd smoked some weed, but sadly that fell by the wayside in our thirties. I did MDMA once with her (me, not her) in my thirties and got as horny as fuck. She thought it was funny as hell, especially when I got a big boner on the dancefloor and tried to hump her (on the dancefloor)! She took me home and fucked me there.
[MDMA = Ecstacy, or 'Molly']

3. Why are you into gay porn?
A lesbian room mate once told me a real lesbian
has short fingernails, that's how you can tell.
~ I thoroughly enjoy watching two women having sex, even though in the back of my mind I know they're not really lesbians - just porn actors. I've pondered this question previously (since it's so cliche for a man to be excited by two women going at it) and decided it's because:
  • I like to see/hear women getting off (solo or together) and I'm a bit of a voyeur
  • When two women are doing it I am absolved of any responsibility to get them off, I can be passive and just watch (because I'm a bit of a voyeur!)

4. Why aren’t you into gay porn?
~ I don't enjoy watching two men having sex, but I don't consider myself homophobic. It just does nothing for me. I've watched* porn clips that involved 3ways or 4ways in which two of them men would start getting it on but I always focussed on the woman.  (*when I was younger, they're better labelled these days - although in hindsight 'Switch Hitter' should have been a clue!)
I'm aware that some straight women enjoy gay male porn (I guess it's the same as straight men enjoying 'lesbian' porn) but my wife professes not to like it. In one of our very rare forays into watching it together she went "oooh, yuck" at a 'Switch Hitter' scene, even though I know she has at least one Kindleporn book about a woman with two male lovers who also get it on with each other will she watches. 

5. Do you believe that you are much more sexually open-minded/risky/kinky than most of your previous partners and friends?
~ I really couldn't say because I've never presumed to know what people really get up to. We all have our own dark fantasies, don't we? Occasionally I've looked at people and thought "Yeah, I bet you secretly like to..." but that's probably just me projecting my dark and dirty fantasies on to them, right? 
During this crazy weekend I did learn from my wife that one couple in her Business Networking Group (BNG) are swingers and that some of the guys in my wife's subgroup have had sex with the wife. I was just about to blog about that actually, since I didn't include that tidbit in this post. I will shortly, since there's much more to the story.

Bonus: Do you believe in ethical non-monogamy, even if it isn’t right for you? Why or Why not?
~ It's not something I 'believe in' any more than I 'believe in' homosexuality or heterosexuality. It just is and I accept it. I'm open to the idea of it in theory but in reality I don't think I could handle it. I would just get too jealous - because I know my wife would get all the fucks and I'd get none! I think our natural inclination is to be polygamous and that we choose to be monogamous for emotional reasons (and because of societal training). During that crazy weekend my wife did give me 'a free pass' if I should ever have the chance to have sex with the woman on one of the guys phone screensaver, but i] that women is light-years out of my league, and ii] I'm sure my wife was just showing off to the guys. I'll blog about it in more detail when I cover off the Swinger story in #5 above.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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