Tuesday, June 21, 2016

TMI Tuesday: June 21, 2016 ~ Sexy Thoughts

Fill-in-the-blanks or answer accordingly.

1. You are looking at your lover. You say, “I’d love to _____ .”

Say: ___watch you cum"
Think: ___see you squirt"

2. In a chat with your best female friend you say, “You look really sexy when 
you wear _____ .”

Say: nothing. I've learnt a guy can't talk like that with female friends.
Think: ___that. You should wear it more often, you can totally pull it off"
Seriously, women are their own worst enemy sometimes. I have many fantastic sexy friends who are single but don't think they can get a guy. There are clearly a lot of douche bags out there ruining it for everyone.

3. Name the one piece of lingerie you would love to see a woman wear.

Say: high end silk panties and matching bra.
Think: a mesh body suit.

4. I wish I did more _____ in bed.

Say: Sleeping
Think: Sleeping.
(I don't sleep well, or long)

5. I absolutely LOVE it when you kiss my _____.

Say: ___ neck, and behind my ear"
Think: ___ and then work your way down to my cock!"

Bonus: Tell us your favorite sexual memory of you and your current or most recent lover.

This isn't my favorite (after 20+ years together there have been many!) but it was damn weird and still sticks in my mind. It's an excerpt from a previous post (read it in full here) which picks up after I have satisfied my wife and now it's my turn...
She seemed done, so I flopped down beside her, my stiff cock standing up and in need of release. I put her hand on my dick and she tugged it drunkenly but without skill. Clearly she wanted to give me a handjob but she was wasted and just jacking wildly. I was kinda wasted myself too, and feeling quite groggy now. I replaced her hand with mine and so she grabbed my balls instead and started playing with those. I spread my legs out wide (and this is the interesting part) and then I moved one leg over hers and placed it inbetween her legs. I was jacking away, she was fingering my balls, and then I moved my foot up between her legs until it was resting on her pussy. 

Stay with me here, because even I can't remember exactly how it happened, but it went sort of like this: I had my foot on her pussy and gently placed the weight of it down on her. She responded immediately by moaning lustily, so I started working my foot up and down her pussy working the clit with my big ol' foot. All this is happening while I'm still lying next to her with my legs splayed, and one of them is now covering her body as I worked that foot. My wife is really getting into it, and she's grabbing my foot and pressing it down and over her cunt like it's a dildo. I twist my ankle slightly so that the ball of my foot is now grinding into her. I'm grinding it and she's humping it and moaning like she's ready to cum again. 

I am completely high but I'm still thinking clearly(ish): "WTF? She is really into this! Why is she enjoying it sooo much?" And then my drug and alcohol addled brain realises that not only is my foot lodged hard against her cunt but so is the rest of my leg, but against her body. My foot is at pussy level but the rest of the leg is going up her body and somehow my upper thigh is pressed against her face, pinning her to the bed. I realise that my wife has been completely pinned against the bed and unable to move the whole time I've been jacking off and working her clit with my foot. 

Is that what was getting her off? The feeling that she was completely restrained and unable to move as I worked her pussy?
(The above is an excerpt from Saturday Night Wank ~ Part 2 
see also Saturday Night Wank ~ Part 1 for the pre-party sex). 

When I asked her about it the next day (since I wasn't 100% sure if she actually got off on my foot, or just got really close) she claimed she had zero memory of it! Wow, she sure seemed really into it the night before.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. That bonus answer is some serious multitasking, something I have always been terrible at. Very hot!

    1. It helps when you're a bit out of it ie not really thinking about what you're doing!


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