Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TMI Tuesday: June 7. 2016 ~ Guilty Pleasures


My guilty pleasure is 'collecting' images off the internet
- some are 'sexy' but others are just 'arty' or 'eclectic'.

1. What TV show do you love to watch but are a little embarrassed to tell friends that you simply cannot miss an episode.
~ There's no show I'm embarrassed to mention. Chances are my friends haven't seen it because it's too obscure, or they have seen it and like it too. Watching television has really changed for me since I switched to Netflix. With a GeoBlocker I can watch (almost) any show from around the world.

2. What website and/or magazine do you read and it’s your guilty pleasure?

~ Nothing, but I do find myself occasionally getting 'lost' in click-bait websites. You know the ones - they have zero nutritional value but once you start you can't stop gorging on their nuggets of inane info.

3. What is the grocery store item you buy but you know you should not?
~ Chocolate. And sugary soda drinks.

4. Tell us about something you do at work that you would not want your co-workers to know that you do.
~ I have always worked for myself. I don't have co-workers.

5. Do you have a secret stash? What is it?
~ I keep chocolate hidden around the house, which I snack on as needed.

Bonus: What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure?
~ Again, I'm not really embarrassed about or by anything, but... there is one thing that I do that I never tell anyone about. And it would be pretty hard to explain if someone found out - especially my wife! (So maybe I would be minorly embarrassed - ha!)

My guilty pleasure is 'collecting' images from the internet - images that randomly appeal to me for whatever reason. Some are 'sexy' and some are 'erotic' or 'pornographic' (the emphasis on 'graphic') but others are just 'arty' or 'eclectic'. What's weird is that I don't do anything with these images. I just 'grab' them, save them to a folder, and then that's it. I don't look at them again, or anything. Obviously I will use some of them to illustrate this blog, but since I have over 10,000 images it's clear I'm not going to come anywhere close to using even a fraction of them. 

It's especially hard because I don't catalogue the images, I just save them. That means if I I need an image to illustrate 'hot girl gets banged on the beach while boyfriend watches' I have to keep scrolling until I find something suitable. I don't know why I do it either. To me it's just the same as scrapbooking a photo or picture you cut out of a magazine...
...yeah, come to think of it it is kinda crazy - and therefore embarrassing!

DOUBLE BONUS: You missed last Thursday's post 'A Parting Gift'! A hand job, blow job, and a rim job!!

Tomorrow: "The Mysterious Case of the Brazilian Pussy"


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. I like the photo-saving process you describe. I used to do something similar, not just with erotic imagery but with anything: Infographics, scenic photos, whatever. I used to rationalize by saying they'd make good desktop backgrounds, or whatever.

  2. Yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing too!
    But if I'm honest with myself 95% of those saved images never see the light of day again. I keep thinking I should just start a Tumblr account and throw them all up there. Let the world share my madness!


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