Friday, June 17, 2016

What happened to Wednesday sex?

Wednesday afternoon I posted this, complaining about how the promise by my wife to commit to more frequent sex (Wednesday's, and the Weekend) had quickly fallen by the wayside. Even though we did have sex on the first Wednesday that we got back from 'the retreat' we skipped sex on our first weekend back. Nothing on Friday, zilch on Saturday, and nada on Sunday. She even rebuffed my attempts to play catch up on Monday.

So Wednesday's and Thursday's posts were a bit gloomy (Thursday's was written and queued Wednesday afternoon) because I had given up any expectations of sex on Wednesday night. Even as late as Wednesday night itself I had given up any hope of having our promised Wednesday night sex, since when my wife retired to bed she kissed me good night and said "Don't stay up too late watching TV". That's her code for "You stay here, I'm going to read my dirty stories then go to sleep"

But maybe I've been getting the code wrong (but I don't think I have) because when I shuffled off to bed just after midnight she closed her iPad and said "Good, you've come to bed." And she was grinning, like she'd been waiting for me. Like she'd been waiting for me because she'd read some very dirty stories and was as horny as fuck.

keep reading - this comes later
Yeah, she was as horny as fuck.

I'd no sooner got in the bed than she leaned over and kissed me. On the mouth, with tongue.

I responded in kind and soon my hands were roaming all over her body. I moved one over her breast quickly, to sneakily ascertain her level of arousal. Her nipple was rock hard, jutting out proud and firm. Yeah, she was aroused! She moaned in my ear and pressed her body against me as her hand snaked down to my cock. I was hard too, and she moaned again when she discovered my throbbing erection. I quickly shucked off my boxers and she grabbed my naked length and started tugging on my stiff prick.

I had one hand twisted crookedly so I could manhandle her tits, while my other hand ambled down to her cunt. I could feel her downey hair (regrowth from the brazilian two weeks earlier) and I could feel that she was already wet. Interesting - that must have been some story she had been reading! Rather than getting jealous of her fictional fantasy lover I chose instead to go with it, and just enjoy the fact that we were having sex. Sex that was increasingly getting hotter and heavier as the minutes passed.

My wife apologised for the regrowth and said she must make an appointment for another wax. Whilst inwardly I was screaming "Yee-ha! Yesss!" and high-fiving myself, I kept it together and just told her she felt great 'down there'. It must have been what she wanted to hear because she got up and straddled my face. She pulled my head up and into her wet pussy, and I tongue fucked her for all I was worth. She seemed to be cumming because she got extremely wet and the taste changed. I loved it.

Suddenly she released me and swung herself around, into the 69 position. She started swallowing my dick immediately, whilst simultaneously planting her cunt on my face. She was a woman on a mission - moaning and groaning as she slobbered all over my fat cock, as she ground her pussy into my mouth. I grabbed her ass and pulled her up a bit, spreading her cheeks so I could inhale her scent properly and tongue her good. It swirled all over her and she again just got wetter and wetter.

Again it occurred to me she must have been reading something really dirty because she was working herself into quite the frenzy, and again I didn't care. She was licking my cock, jacking my cock, swallowing my cock, and all the while rolling her hips all over my face and tongue. Such dexterity and co-ordination! I think she must have cum again (or for the first time) because she arched her back and tried to suffocate me with her twitching pussy. I clapped my hands on her butt cheeks and dove my tongue in even deeper. She was flooding my mouth with her juices - and suffocating me!

Then she got up again and mounted me reverse cowgirl style, her movements frenetic, as if the moment might be lost. But that was impossible, she was in the zone. She bounced up and down on my rock hard cock, quickly at first and then escalating to 'jack hammer' speed. Again I marvelled at her lust and I was aware at this point I could do no wrong. As she bent down and rested on her elbows - her ass still bouncing up and down my dick - I grabbed her butt cheeks and spread her wide, lifting her slightly. I then proceeded to pound her pussy from below, moving in fast upward strokes, and allowing her to 'rest' as I took over.

She was moaning again now, and then groaning as I pressed my wet thumb over her rosebud. I pressed the doorbell but did not enter, choosing instead to pummel her pussy - so hard my balls were slapping up against her clit. That set her off on another trajectory as she started slapping her clit with her free hand and grazing my balls in the process.

"I'm going to cum" I warned her.

"Yes yess" she hissed, "cum in me, fill my pussy"

"No, not like this..."

"Where?" she interjected, "in my mouth? on my tits? in my face...?"

Wow! What the fuck had she been reading? She's never talked this dirty before.

"No, in your pussy" I explained "but I want to fuck you from behind, doggy style, really hard"

"Yes yess" she agreed, jumping off me and jumping into position "fuck me hard, cum in me, fill my hot wet cunt"

Wow, that was some serious dirty talk.

I grabbed her hips and recommenced pounding her hard, this time from behind. She had her ass up and her head down, reaching back to pull both cheeks apart with her hands. She was showing me her asshole because she knows I love it, but it was dark and I couldn't see it. But I knew it was there. I decided to do what the blind do: feel my way. I wet my thumb and again placed it against her rosebud, but this time I pushed in - all the way through her sphincter.

She was really moaning now, urging me on and telling me she was a dirty girl and needed to be fucked hard. She implored me to use her and fuck her as hard as I liked (okay, that was the clincher - she'd really been reading something filthy) and I responded by thrusting even harder and deeper.

Then she asked me to spank her ass. "Smack it!" she begged, "spank my ass!"

Our daughter (who goes to bed at 11pm) was in the next room, and we were already making too much noise. I told my wife she would have to wait for the weekend, when we could do it in the soundproofed movie room downstairs. She grunted her assent as I kept pounding, and then she started slapping her clit again as she got even closer to another orgasm. I was close myself.

"Here I cum" I warned "I'm gonna cum now, all up inside your wet pussy"

"Omigod" she said breathlessly "I am sooo wet, do it, fill me, I want it..."

And I did.


I can't wait for the weekend...

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