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Ask PV: What About Receiving Oral Sex?

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her. 
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. (FYI: most links in this post are dead)

Pervertically Virtuous posted: " A regular male reader had some questions about my relationship with cunnilingus. So, let's talk oral sex. I've been reading your blog for a while, and there's one thing that I keep wondering about. Why you, seemingly the most sexually open person in th"

recovered post on Pervertically Virtuous

Ask PV: What About Receiving Oral Sex?

by Pervertically Virtuous
oral sex
A regular male reader had some questions about my relationship with cunnilingus. So, let's talk oral sex.
I've been reading your blog for a while, and there's one thing that I keep wondering about. Why you, seemingly the most sexually open person in the world,  never seem to receive oral sex in your stories? 
It is true that I rarely have people go down on me. It's not because I have issues with it. I'm not self-conscious about my pussy, about what it looks like, what it tastes likes, what it smells like. I'm really not. The reason I steer most people away from there is that oral sex just doesn't do much for me.
On one hand, it's not enough stimulation. The tongue is too soft, too tender - I need something that feels firmer and harder. I also like to have the rest of my body engaged. Just laying down and doing nothing with my hands or my mouth feels too passive. If that's all that's happening, I get bored, my mind starts wandering off to other things. Reciprocal oral (in the 69 position) can alleviate that problem.
On the other hand, it can be too much stimulation. My clit is very sensitive, usually too sensitive for direct stimulation. When I touch myself, it's always over the clitoral hood. But people's tongues often hit the clit directly, and that sends a jolt of unpleasantness up my spine. (People do this when fingering you too, so I don't let too many people do that either).
And just in general, so many people don't really know what they're doing down there.  I could spend the time to teach people how to do it right. But I love fucking and sucking cock so much that most of the time it's just not worth bothering with cunnilingus. It almost feels inefficient to deal with it, like a waste of time. Especially since so many of my partners are casual partners that I don't have sex with too often. I guess I could spend some time working on Ace. But it's hard to motivate to teach someone to do something that is only somewhat pleasurable to me when there are so many things that are extremely pleasurable to me that he can do quite well.
I used to get more oral in the past, when I still didn't know my body as well as I do now, and it was the thing to do as part of sex. But years of experiences of not getting off when people went down on me and getting off when people fucked me has slowly pushed cunnilingus out of the typical sexual encounter.
That being said, I have recently rediscovered cunnilingus in the D/s context. Apparently I really love it and can come really easily if the person going down on me is somehow in a submissive position to me and I am 'forcing' them to do it - like while they're tied down or otherwise unable to move (see for example the story of Ace and I double-teaming Bonnie recently), while I suffocate them, or slap their face, or slap their cock, or torture their nipples, or just after I've pissed in their mouth (see for example the first story I ever posted on this blog, A Perfect Way to Wake Up, featuring sitting on slave-boy's face just after he obediently drank my morning piss). So if there is additional stimulation - especially of the D/s kind, I really love getting head.
You also never seem to perform oral sex on women?
That's not true. I love eating pussy. Not as much as I love sucking cock, but quite a bit. I haven't written about too many girl-on-girl stories here, because there haven't been that many recently, but when I hook up with women, I do go down on them.  I actually did go down on Bonnie for a while that night of the double-teaming action, but that part never made it into the story for some reason. With Tara during the Lovely Fivesome, I simply didn't get a chance to do it, there were too many boys around to keep us busy.
Also, you said you had a long-term girlfriend. How does one have a committed, long term relationship with another woman without some reciprocal oral sex?  Or do you shy away from it now (subconsciously or not) because it's something reserved for your(ex-)girlfriend? If that is the case (not saying it is), that seems very un-PV like of you.
Yes, that does sound like a conundrum, doesn't it? We did have a lot of oral sex with my girlfriend, in fact, most of the sex we had - especially after the first year or two - was reciprocal oral, almost always in the 69 position. 69 provides more stimulation, so that usually works. Plus, she was really good at giving head.
But no, getting head is not something I reserve for her. You're right, that would be quite un-PV like of me, heh.


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