Thursday, July 7, 2016

No Sex Wednesday

After telling you the good news in TMI Tuesday: July 5, 2016 ~ Tell Me Something Good - namely that my wife and I are having more sex now that we're trying 'scheduled sex' (to kickstart our her libido) I can report we did not have sex last night, despite the schedule. And we won't be tonight either - or Friday. But maybe on Saturday, when she returns home from a 3 day work thing out of state.

I thought we might have sex last night, given that she was leaving today for three days, but we didn't. She wanted to pack. Oh well, here's a nice picture for Thirsty Thursday instead.

Tune in tomorrow for another TMI post, where I explain why I never post my real photo here on this blog. And some crazy shit that happened in the early Wild West days of Facebook.

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