Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Saturday Sex Shame ~ Part 2

As I said at on Monday, we had wild, drunken, raunchy sex on Saturday night. My wife was as horny as hell having teased all those guys in her Business Networking Group all night in that hot little dress she'd bought especially for the party. What I probably didn't make clear in Monday's post was that by the time we got home I was pissed off.

My wife had been vamping it up all night long, except she wasn't vamping it up with me. And then at the afterparty in the club next door, in the VIP area, she introduced me to some random guy she'd just met (from another VIP Booth, not one of ours) because we'd both worked in events. I chatted to him politely for a few minutes and then noticed my wife had disappeared. I went looking for her. Everywhere. I didn't find her.

Warning: I get a little angry in this post
She popped up 20 minutes later, saying she'd been on the dancefloor with some of the other BNG guys. Funny, because I'd looked there and didn't see her. Sure, it was dark and packed, but I'm pretty sure I would have spotted her. When we got home to bed I brought it up and told her I had looked in every nook and cranny in that club and I hadn't found her so where was she? She insisted she was on the dancefloor and that I must have missed her. I told her I was pissed off because she had never once danced with me all night, yet she was quite prepared to dance with others, and happy to pimp me out to her friends (yup, women would ask me to dance, saying "your wife tells me you're a great dancer").

My wife said it was late and suggested we talk about in the morning, because she wanted to sleep.

Sleep?! I don't think so!

"I don't think so!" I said, as I grabbed her hand and placed it on my stiff prick. "You've been flaunting your body all night long in that slutty little dress and now you think you can just go to sleep? I don't think so - you're going to fuck me!"

My wife giggled and started jacking my cock. I reached around behind her and grabbed her ass, my other hand moving to her front and cupping her breast. Her nipple was rock hard - she wasn't wanting to sleep either! I continued to manhandle her roughly as she drunkenly played with my cock and balls, all the while kissing my neck and moaning.

I pushed her head down to my chest, so that my right hand behind her could reach back past her ass and to her pussy. She inched herself further down, licking my balls as she continued to jack my cock.
This gave me easy rear access to her wet slit and I started fingering her from behind. She was tight but very wet - and hot. Her pussy was burning! She alternated between jacking my cock slowly, jerking it really fast, and then slipping it into her wet mouth and deep throating me. She was all over the place.

My hand was slippery now so I rubbed it all over her pussy and clit, before slapping it as best I could from that angle. She was moaning heavily, swallowing me whole and holding it there as my fingers did their work. Suddenly her mouth popped off my fat cock and she got up, straddling me in the reverse cowgirl position. She grabbed my meat and fed it into her hungry pussy, dropping slowly and groaning as she felt the length.

And she was off, 'galloping' like a racehorse, riding my cock for all she was worth. She had an energy that belied her earlier claims of being tired - she was fucking herself hard on my dick, squeezing her breasts for good measure as she went. I grabbed her hips and slapped her ass, telling her she was a dirty girl - a dirty dirty girl - and how all the wives hated her for being the hottest babe at the party and making their husbands want her oh so bad.

"Yeahhhh!" cried out my wife, riding me even faster, "I'm a dirty girl."

She was jumping up higher now, really pounding herself hard on my rigid cock. "I'm a dirrr-ty girl, unnngh" she moaned through gritted teeth before dropping down on one elbow, her other hand now at her clit. In this new position (almost head down and ass up) I had more access to her butt, and I made the most of it. I wet my thumb and slid it up behind my cock - stretching her pussy. I don't know why I did this (normally I stick my thumb up her butt in this position, bowling ball style) but I did and she seemed to like it.

She didn't actually verbalise it (if she didn't like it she would have told me) but she continued jack hammering her pussy up and down my cock hard and fast. I definitely stretched her out because my thumb got really all up inside her easily - I guess this was 'DP lite'. She started moaning and I felt her cunt getting tighter around my cock and thumb so I figured she was ready to cum. I started lifting my hips and slamming into her, as she thrust back hard against me.

If my dick was this thick I wouldn't have to stick a thumb in as well!
"Oh oh ohhhh god" she groaned, as she climaxed. She kept repeating it, and didn't stop pounding my dick with her butt the whole way through. I was ready to cum too so I pushed her off me and told her to 'assume the position'. She complied readily, getting on all fours in front of me. I grabbed my dick and aimed it at her wet pussy, then grabbed her hips as I slid slowly in. She put her head down and reached up to finger my cock as slid in, grabbing my balls lightly once I was all the way inside her.

I began thrusting, moving in and out in a fast steady pace, and her moaning resumed. She was fingering her clit now, as well as my balls, and I was pounding her good. I really wanted to cum, it felt so damn good, and I was ready to blow when... my wife started talking dirty to me, egging me on:
"Yeah, fuck me baby, I want it. Pound me good, I'm a dirty dirty girl and I need to be fucked. That's all I want. The other guys all want to fuck me, but only you can have me, these holes are yours. I'm just here to be fucked, so fuck me, I'm such a dirty slut, use me, mmmmm, use my holes, they're all for you. C'mon baby, mmmmm, yeah, fill me with your cum. All those men tonight wanted to, but they can't have me, mmmmm, but you can, mmmmmm"

And then my wife came again, strumming her clit, and talking about other guys wanting her as she did so.

Don't get me wrong: I fully appreciate how hot her dirty talk was - as I type it now my dick is again as hard as concrete - but when she said it... my blood boiled!

Honestly, if she talked like that at any other time I would have popped a gusher all up inside her horny cunt but tonight was different. Tonight (Saturday) she had flirted with too many men and paid me little or no attention. Ladies, if you want to tease your husband by flirting with other men then may I suggest that when you do it you throw him a bone now and then as you do so. Let him know you love teasing the other dudes, but he's the only one who'll be fucking you later that night. Don't ignore him and make him wonder if you're planning to cuckold him. (Unless you've both agreed on that, which is a whole other blog subject)

So now I was angry and I decided to make good on her offer to "use her holes". I pulled out of her pussy, lifted my self higher, and then reinserted myself - this time in her ass. My dick was slick and wet from her wet and slick pussy so I had no trouble pushing in. I slid in slowly, and then out again just as slowly, before pushing in just a little bit faster. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her properly, as she started grunting.

She was quiet now, the dirty talk stopped as I pounded her asshole like a pussy. Instead she grunted with every stroke, taking each thrust proudly, before a kind of delirious mewing took over. I'm not sure what headspace she was in now but she wasn't telling me to stop so I didn't. She resumed fingering her clit and I noticed she was quite relaxed anally. I told her to clench, because I wanted her tighter, but she didn't seem to hear. I slapped her ass and again told her to clench and she did, but I think it was more of a spasmic response to the slap than anything else.

My cock remained hard as rock throughout but I just could not get off. If felt really good, and it felt like I was about to cum but... I didn't.

I pushed her down onto the mattress and told her get on her back and spread her legs. She did as ordered and immediately started masturbating - one hand on her pussy, the other on her tit. I knelt between her legs, jerking myself off, determined to spray my load all over her. I was jacking hard, and so was she - squeezing both tits with both hands, giving herself a good workout, before returning to her pussy and giving it the same treatment. She was squirming spreadeagled beneath me and it wasn't long until she started hammering the outside of my thighs with the inside of hers.

She wrapped herself around my hips, lifting her ass off the bed as she gave her sopping cunt the death grip. "Nnnnnnnngh" was all she said as she climaxed again, her whole body now raised off the bed (save for her head).

So there I was, with my dick in my hand, realising my wife had cum 3 or 4 times in the last forty minutes and I'd cum zero - and it just pissed me off more. My wife was now spent (and in some sexual haze) and I could tell she wasn't up to much more. I'd fucked her well and good, but it was no good for me. But it was over now, I done my dash and failed. The smart thing to do would be to quit while she was still blissful because if I continued too long she might snap out of it and get angry.

So I went to sleep feeling very hard done by. My wife went to sleep with a contented smile on her face. Life's like that when you're married.

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  1. Wow!!! That is a hot post, but equally I feel your frustration. However 20 years of marriage and lifes like that....I bet a number of people would trade you to enjoy such wild sex and the anal too!!

    I know that it's not like that every day for you and you have no end of frustration, but make the most of when she gets wild!!! xx


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