Monday, July 25, 2016

Saturday Sex Shame

We went to a big party on Saturday night and didn't get home until 3.30am. Then we had sex. Wild, drunken, raunchy sex. I did something new to her that I hadn't done before (that I might try again) and she got off at least twice. I didn't get off. My cock was hard as rock but I just could not 'complete'. I literally destroyed my wife (she was loving it) but I could not climax. It went down like this:

The cut was similar to this but the dress was gold, and without the little
drawstring bows at the bottom. It was expensive, with expensive fabric.
Her Business Network Group were having their annual midsummer party, this time at a nightclub booked out exclusively for them (until midnight). On Saturday afternoon my wife decided to go out and buy a new dress, because she didn't have a thing to wear. This dress (right) is very similar to what she came home with, with the exception that since she is shorter than the average model the V in the back dropped down to just above her tailbone, and the skirt was a little looser and hung just below her ass (ie longer than in the pic). It was still so tight that she couldn't wear panties underneath because VPL.

Her dress was gold and not see through, but who needs see through when there's so much on show already - amiright? My wife decided not to use any tape so the odds of side boob were high that night, but at the last minute she got nervous and decided to wear some 'nude' thong cut panties that were so small and sheer there was no VPL. They were also so small and sheer that if she did lift her leg too high, or fall over, then it wouldn't matter - pervs would just assume she had had a brazilian.

Given that my wife is 50 I have to give her due credit: she did pull the look off, and looked absolutely stunning. I think we've all seen 'older women' trying to wear something that maybe is a little 'too young' for them, and the results looks terrible. My wife was dressed to kill - but who were her targets? I knew it wasn't for me - my wife planned on making an entrance at that party and turning heads when she arrived. Which she did - arriving in a fur coat and taking it off 30 minutes after arriving!

So (to cut a long story short) all the guys in her BNG had their tongues hanging out and all the wives who felt threatened bit their tongues because even though my wife was dressed super-sexy she was classy with it (more so than the cheap dress pictured above might indicate). The problem for me was that my wife spent almost the whole night 'working the room' (my wife takes 'networking' very seriously) and the only time we spent together was when I would actively seek her out and stand next to her.

It wasn't that my wife was ignoring me, it was just that I had no value to add. She already had a relationship with me (she was married to me!) and her time was better spent strengthening relationships with the other guys in the room, because they might be useful to her one day. And don't get me wrong, she wasn't talking business with these guys, she's not stupid. It was a party! My wife is a highly skilled negotiator and is very good at being charming and building relationships. She knows that people do business with people they like first and foremost.

Anyway, to cut this story even shorter everyone got very drunk and frisky - except for me. I might be drinking but I remain sober when I'm in a room full of men who cheat on their wives regularly and my wife is wearing something like the picture. At 11.30pm my daughter texted me asking what time we were coming home, which she never does, so we were immediately suspicious. We'd let her invite a friend over for company (and a sleepover) but as were leaving 3 girls turned up ("I thought you said to invite some friends, not one friend!" she claimed) so when the text arrived I wondered if she'd invited some other people over for a party.

So I raced home, found my daughter and her friends all in their pyjamas (no boys, phew!) They raced off to the bedrooms upstairs (since they thought we were 'home' now), so I snuck out and drove back to the party. It was now almost 1am and the party was winding down and everyone was heading next door for the 'afterparty' at the adjacent club. Everything seemed normal, but on Sunday afternoon I would see photos of what happened while I was gone for an hour: my wife in another man's Sgt Peppers jacket posing with each of the six guys in her BNG pod - draped provocatively over them. In all pics they had their grubby hands all over her, and in some she had her leg lifted up over their waists.

Lucky she wore panties, right?

My wife showed me these photos* on Sunday as I was driving, on her phone, thinking I'd see them anyway on Facebook. I didn't because the guy that posted them did so to their private BNG group page. I didn't get a good look (I was driving!) but I will later when I hack her Facebook*. I asked her if the guys all copped a good feel but she insisted the only person to put their hand down the scoop back of her dress was a woman. She didn't believe my wife was wearing panties, and wanted proof.

Anyway, back to the after party (I'm racing through this, honest!): we took 3 VIP booths, bought bottle service for each of them, and at no point did my wife dance with me. Other women danced with me but not my wife. I talked to as many drunk BNG'ers about their 1%'er problems as I could stand, but by 3am I was ready to go home. Ready to go home and fuck my gorgeous wife in her hot little dress.

As I said at the beginning, we had wild, drunken, raunchy sex. I did something new to her that I hadn't done before and she got off at least twice thrice. She was as horny as hell, having teased all those guys all night. My cock remained hard as rock throughout but I just could not get off. We've run out of time so I'll give you the full XXX version on Wednesday - after tomorrow's TMI Tuesday post. Sorry!

[*UPDATE: I hacked into my wife's Facebook and looked at the BNG Page (it's a closed group, so I can't see their posts from my own Facebook) and the photos of my wife draped over the other guys in her BNG pod are gone. They have been deleted, presumably because they were too raunchy (there has been some internal dissent within BNG over whether BNG is a Business Networking Group or a Boys Club Meet Market - these photos wouldn't have helped)]

(and don't look at the tags/labels below because spoilers!)

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