Monday, July 11, 2016

Saturday's Scheduled Sex

We had sex on Saturday night, when my wife returned home after 3 days away. She said she had "missed me a lot" and was very affectionate. Absence makes the heart grow fonder?!

Because she had her period we didn't have penetrative sex, but she attacked me with a gusto. A handjob for foreplay, with a serious blow job to finish. 

I of course had not cum since the previous weekend so she got quite a mouthful. Such a mouthful she burst out laughing and and said "oh my god!!" It was a very good blowjob and felt super intense for me when I came.

My wife didn't want me to reciprocate (neither hand nor mouth) but she did ask me to squeeze her tits. She seems to enjoy that lately. Naturally I couldn't be too rough, since she had her period.

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