Monday, July 4, 2016

The weekend started early - Friday night sex...

The weekend started early - we had sex on Friday night! She did say "it's not Saturday" when I made my move, but as soon as I reminded her we had to get up early on Sunday morning she giggled and said "okay!" She'd forgotten that she also had to get up early on Saturday morning too but I didn't remind her. I didn't have to get up on Saturday morning, so I was looking forward to fucking her brains out and then sleeping in! Is that selfish? It went down like this...

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We went out on Friday night to meet some people for drinks. They were pretty much the same people we saw on Wednesday night, but since that had ended in great sex I wasn't going to argue. Clearly my wife needed a few drinks to get horny so I wasn't going to say "We just saw them, let's stay in". My wife said we'd only stay two hours but I knew that was near impossible once the wine was poured. Four hours later I took her home. The night had been much the same as Wednesday's (see here) so I knew she would be horny.

Once in bed I reached out to her, and ran my hand over her hip and down her thigh. This progressed at breakneck speed into a heavy make out session with roaming hands everywhere. It escalated rapidly - she was drunk, horny, and wanted to be ravaged. She didn't say that, but I could tell, and ravage her I did. She responded well, and was soon reciprocating: writhing all over me, her hands grabbing my dick and massaging my balls.

It was moving so fast. One minute I said I wanted to finger her and the next moment I had pulled her on top of me -on her back- and I was plunging my fingers in and out and over her wet slick pussy. She was writhing in ecstasy, lusty with wine, and craving my touch all over her body. Her breasts felt full and heavy in my hands, and her nipples were as hard as steel as I fondled her roughly. She was panting and moaning and writhing and grinding her ass into my stiff prick below.

I was talking dirty in her ear, telling her how hot she was, and how all the guys we'd seen tonight would kill to be where I was right now. I said I would bet they'd pay anything for a taste of her sweet pussy, but that they couldn't have it, because it was all for me, she was mine. And I wanted her pussy now, I wanted to go down on her right now, and lick that sweet wet cunt. I told her to sit on my face so I could eat her out.

She hopped up and rolled off me.

But she didn't sit on my face, she got down on the bed and stuck her ass up in the air.

"I want that cock!" she said "stick it in me, and fuck me - fuck me now!"

I didn't need to be told twice - I climbed up behind her and grabbed her hips. Holding her firmly I thrust forward, my fat stiff cock slicing through her wet folds without resistance. She felt tight, but ready and I commenced thrusting at a steady pace. It wasn't enough and she begged for more: "Oh yeah, that's good. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Yeah, pound my ass, use me. C'mon use me, it's all for you baby, fuck my holes with your cock..."

As I've noted in my recent 'we had sex' posts, my wife has taken it up a notch with the dirty talk every time. Which is great because I love it when she talks dirty. But this was yet another level. She was begging me to fuck her hard, and use her - that her 'holes' where there for my pleasure, and I could do as I please. Most men want their wives to be dirty whores in the bedroom but of course freak out a little when they are. I wanted my wife to talk dirty and now she was - in spades!

It was a bit like this, but without a third person!
Where had this come from? What stories had she been reading? Why was she now such a dirty girl?

Mentally I shook it off and 'got back in the game'. I told her she was a dirty dirty girl and fucked her harder and faster. She responded by moaning and groaning "Oh oh oh oh.." before pleading for even more. "Yeah, give it to me, fuck me like that, oh that's so good, your cock feels so good inside me, your balls feel so good..."  It felt good alright and it got even hotter when she spread her asscheeks wide with both hands. Did she want it in her ass or was she just teasing me?

"Mmmmm, you look so hot baby" I told her "your ass is so sexy..." I debated asking her to finger her ass but couldn't figure out how to say it right so I went with the generic "you're such a nasty girl, showing me your asshole - it's soooo hot 'n nasty." My wife responded to this by moaning "mmmmm" and then ~deargod!~ running her finger up and down and around her asshole! Jesusmaryandjoseph! This really was next level shit, she's never done this before.

"Mmmmm" I continued "you look so fucking sexy, head down and ass up, getting fucked hard from behind"

"Yeah," she replied "it feels so good, I can feel your balls on my clit"

My balls were slapping her clit, joined by her fingers as she started strumming her self. I grabbed my discarded T-shirt and paused momentarily as I wrapped it underneath her hips and used it as 'reins'. I leaned back and started pounding her really hard and deep, the 'reins', allowing me to tilt right back and then slam her hard with my full bodyweight.

I know I'm not describing that properly, but trust me it worked a treat. I was pounding her with long deep strokes, with no weight pushing down on her hips and ass, and she started cumming quickly. "' nnnnnnnn... yes! ohgodddd!!"  I was ready to cum too, and told her. "Yes, cum with me, fill me up, I wanna feel it, I wanna feel that hot cum in my hole"

It's hard to hold back any longer when she talks like that so I didn't. My hot seed erupted inside her and I let go the 'reins' after the fourth spurt and fell back. She grabbed my cock as I slipped out of her but I was still cumming so it spilled into her hand. "Omigod, it's so hot" she blurted, as she collapsed onto the bed herself "so hot and sticky"  I couldn't tell if she was trying to hold the cum inside her or was still rubbing her pussy but eventually she rolled over onto her back and scooped her hand up her slit and stared at the wet mess. "Mmmmmm" she said, mesmerized, "that was gooood". And then she looked at me, with a big drunken just-had-her-brains-fucked-out look. "That was really good!"

Which is all a guy wants to hear, ladies. Remember that.

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