Friday, July 22, 2016

Thirsty Thursday Sex

In yesterday's post I mentioned that my wife and I missed our midweek sex date (as well as something else important!) 

At the beginning of June she agreed to 'schedule' sex twice a week (Wednesday's and once on the weekend) because she finally understood that our sexual frequency was below average and needed some work. It's been great, but six weeks later we've been falling into old routines. 

On Wednesday she was too tired, and went to bed early. And she did - she didn't stay up reading her dirty stories. So Wednesday was a bust. Thursday night was the same: she headed up to bed early, telling me she was still tired. I wasn't surprised, given that she has been burning the candle at both ends lately, what with all her meetings and social engagements. I gave her a hug and made a light comment about how we'd missed our Wednesday night sex date.

"Well, maybe you should come to bed early too then" she said, before walking up the stairs.

I gave her ten minutes then joined her upstairs. She smiled when I walked in, put down her iPad, and flung open her bedcovers - exposing her long legs and the nightie that only barely covered her pussy. 

I took the hint and dove straight in, kissing and nibbling her folds, before tonguing her hard. 

She liked that, she always does. Her back arched and she held my head firmly in place, as she ground her wet pussy against my face. She came quite quickly, so I paused for moment - wetting both fingers I slid them inside and resumed delicately licking her clit. My tongue was more gentle this time, swirling around her lips, up and down her slit, and over and around her clit. All the while my fingers worked inside her, until I felt her pussy squeeze.

"Quick!" she gasped, "fuck me now"

I got up on my knees, but didn't move forward.

"Get your vibe out" I said, "I want to see you cum really hard"

She hadn't used her toys in a very long time (that I knew of) and I was determined to ensure she had a really good orgasm. I've suggested it before, recently, and been spurned, but this time there was no rejection and she leaned over and pulled a vibe from her bedside drawer. She flipped it on and started working it up and over her clit. I lifted her legs higher and entered her easily. She was wet and ready. My strokes were steady and deep, and she was moaning and grunting as she held that vibe tight to her cunt.

Soon she was panting and telling me she was cumming - I told her I wasn't far behind!

And I wasn't. I pumped a few loads in her and it felt great. She was wet but tight, and her face was lit up like a Xmas tree. I have no idea what had turned her on in the first place, but whatever it was I'd done my job right then and there. She purred and gave me a big kiss, before rolling over and going to sleep. It occurred to me then that this had been a 'quickie'. Then I wondered to myself "it's Thursday night - was that the Wednesday sex or the Weekend sex?" 

I guess I'll find out this weekend!!

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