Tuesday, July 5, 2016

TMI Tuesday: July 5, 2016 ~ Tell Me Something Good.

Tell Me Something Good.

For this TMI Tuesday, tell us something good – juicy, salacious, embarrassing, naughty or just plain ol’ good news that you have yet to share with anyone else.

Okay! Where do I begin?

As you'll know if you've been following my blog, my sex life has improved recently, since my wife's island retreat back in June. She did it with a bunch of guys in her Business Networking Group (BNG) and she was the only woman there. I wasn't happy about it (read more here) but I did get to join her late Friday and spend the weekend on the island with her (read more here). 

The change came about because the guys talked about sex all the time and she realised that I wasn't a man of abnormal desires. I suspect she realised how important sexual intimacy is for men and what happens when guys don't get any - half the men on the retreat were married and half of them were cheating when they didn't get any from their wives. I think my wife has decided she doesn't want to be that sort of wife.   

So we have resorted to 'scheduled sex', something both therapists (separately) suggested when we went to couples counselling twice (in separate years) about a decade ago. Both times we sought out independent help because I was unhappy with our sexual frequency - and both times the 'scheduled sex' finished pretty much as soon as our sessions finished. My wife was just too busy with her career to do the 'homework'.

Anyway, we are now having 'scheduled sex' twice a week - once on Wednesdays and once at the weekend (either Friday or Saturday night). Already we have 'missed' a few occasions but I'm comfortable with that. The concept of scheduled sex is that you remind yourselves of how much you enjoy it, so that it becomes something you look forward to again. Forcing my wife to have sex because "it's Wednesday!" (if she has a valid reason to pass on it) is not something I'm prepared to do. 

Thus far the results have been good and she seems to be enjoying it again. Really enjoying it sometimes! You can read more about our sexual escapades by clicking the 'we had sex' tag/label at the bottom of this post.  (Or click here)

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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