Thursday, June 30, 2016

We didn't... then we did... have sex...

I started the label/tag 'we had sex' so I could figure out how much sex I was or wasn't having since I tend to think I've been going without for longer than I actually have.  But not by much.
As I've mentioned, my wife has agreed our frequency is 'below average' and has agreed to 'scheduled sex' twice a week as a way of improving our intimacy. Naturally everyone would prefer hot 'n heavy spontaneous sex, but as couples counsellors and therapists agree 'fake it til you make it'.

You may have noticed there was no post from me on Monday indicating we'd had sex at any time over the weekend. That was because we hadn't. Yes, we'd had some the previous Wednesday but when the weekend rolled around... nothing.

Which was disappointing. She just wanted to watch TV. And read her dirty stories. I thought that might make her horny, but I was wrong.

Last night was Wednesday but she had a function to go to so I knew she would come home late and the chances of getting laid would be slim. Unless she was drunk in which case my odds would improve. Luckily I went with her to the function, and she got quite tipsy. So my odds were improving. There were various things in my favor:

  1. She jumped into 'mingle mode' as soon as we arrived ie she ditched me and started working the room
  2. There was an open bar
  3. I mingled solo, luckily I knew a few of them (her BNG buddies)
  4. There was an open bar
  5. Her female friends seem to love me, and tell her what a great guy I am
  6. There was an open bar
  7. Her female friends seem to love me, and love to tell me what a great guy I am
  8. There was an open bar
  9. My wife loves that her friends love me, and that I let her run free at these events so she can mingle as if single.
  10. There was an open bar
After four hours I managed to pull her away and take her home, since we were only supposed to be gone for two and our daughter was home alone. My wife takes half an hour to say good bye to everyone so we by the time we got home it was 11pm and we'd been gone 5 hours. Our daughter loved the extra two hours on her devices.

When we got to bed my wife started asking me about her female friends, and asked if I'd talked to one in particular. I said I hadn't really, other than a quick 'hello'. My wife said that was ashame since she thinks that her friend likes me. 'Likes me' likes me. She said I should give her a hug and a kiss next time. That her friend would probably like that. Emphasis on Like.

I knew my wife was drunk now, and realised that she has become adept at hiding it. She doesn't slur anymore but her eyes are red and what she says is always something she would never say sober. About 20 years ago she made me give her friend a birthday kiss, but then when I did she told me to give her 'a proper kiss'. I did nothing more than the first kiss, but the birthday girl took that as permission to french kiss me passionately. I realised my wife had told her what a good kisser I was and wanted to prove it by pimping me out.

Or had it been something else? My wife was clearly excited by the idea that one of her friends might want me sexually, and I wasn't fool enough to argue. I kissed her and then moved my way down her body until my mouth was planted on her pussy. I ate her out, and my wife came hard quickly. She was thrashing around, holding my head, and moaning aloud - even though our daughter was still awake next door

Then it was my turn...

She asked me to jack my cock and make a big sticky mess over her ass. I asked why couldn't I just slide my cock in and make a big sticky mess inside her? She paused and then replied "Sure, I suppose, but wouldn't you like to spray your cum into my asshole?"  She was drunk and starting to slur now, possibly a mix of alcohol and sleep deprivation. I played with her boobs roughly (she likes that when she's horny) and jacked my cock as I pondered what she really wanted.

I grabbed the lube and told her to lie on her stomach, with her hand underneath so she could play with her clit will I got behind her. She eagerly got in position and without further prompting lifted her butt slightly and started fingering herself. I poured the lube into her ass crack and then put a little over my cock. She was masturbating furiously as I lowered my body and started sliding my slick dick up and down her ass crack. With each stroke I whispered in ear what I was doing, how good it felt, and warned her that I might accidentally slip my cock into her asshole.

The warning became almost a threat. Accidentally might become 'accidentally'. I might not be able to help myself once I 'accidentally' slipped in, I warned her, and then I'd be fucking her ass. Fucking her ass with my big stiff prick. My big stiff prick all slick from the lube, sliding in and out of her dirty asshole, filling her anal passage with my hot sticky cum. Exploding my hot mess all up inside her dirty asshole.

My wife was going nuts for the dirty talk, writhing beneath me, moaning and close to cumming.

I told her what a dirty girl she was, how she'd probably love it up the ass, that it was a fitting punishment for all the flirting she'd done that night with all the other men and that party, and that I really should just ram my fat cock up her ass right now and pump her until she screamed.

That was it. She was ready to pop now.

'Get up" she grunted, raising herself up onto all fours "cum on my ass"

I noted she said 'on' not 'in' and kneeled behind her, jacking my cock.  The tip of my dick ran up her ass as I fisted my self, my knuckles slamming into her wet pussy from behind. She was working it from the front, slapping her cunt with her free hand, pounding that clit for all it was worth. Her breathing was ragged and she started panting. She was cumming.

I was cumming too.

I raised myself up and pointed my dick downward and into her asshole. Just the tip. It took all my will power not to plunge down and into her starfish but I managed to hold myself back. To hold myself back without losing my orgasm. My cock twitched, I kept thrusting without penetrating, and my balls bounced as I sprayed her crack with my cum. There was a lot of it, having been over a week since our last encounter.

My wife held her position until I was finished, before collapsing onto the bed - her butt crack filled with sticky cum. "Mmmmm" she groaned, "that was fucking fantastic." Which was good, because I enjoyed it too. I'd say it bodes well for this weekend, but I said that last Wednesday as well and then nothing happened at the weekend.

But who knows - maybe the glass is half full?

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