Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bree Olson, reformed Pornstar

In last Sunday's post I gave you a link to a clip on Pornhub featuring Bree Olson, and with it I also embedded a 2013 video Bree made herself in which she explained how the porn business worked and why she quit it. You should watch those first (here) and then also watch this one I'm posting today.

She made today's one in 2016 and she seems more negative towards the porn industry now. Well, maybe not so much the porn industry itself but society in general. She says porn is great but doesn't recommend it to young women because of society's double standard. Because she did porn she says she is treated like a pedophile and now can't work in the medical field or any job with children - which was what she wanted to do.

It sounds like she's had a rough time, and I agree that she's been treated unfairly in the [mainstream] workplace but unfortunately people are assholes and hypocrites - it's just how it is. We all watch porn and yet some of us (not me) act all puritanical in public and denounce the stuff we enjoy at home in secret.

I'm not going to get into it today, since there's no point arguing semantics with Bree. It's her life, she's lived it, and here (again) is her story, updated:

I do have to wonder if part of the negativity she's experienced is due to the notoriety she received from being (for a period) Charlie Sheen's "pornstar girlfriend" 

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