Saturday, August 13, 2016

Does this blog need a new name?

The thought has crossed my mind, and Heelsnstocking said it again on Tuesday in a comment on this post. This is the second name of the blog already but since my wife and I are having more sex now, maybe I should change it to something else? Your suggestions in the comments box below please!

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Mind you, something terrible happened on Wednesday night that I still haven't come to terms with yet - let alone been able to draft a blog post to discuss it. All I can say it that my wife had a meltdown (aimed at me) and I'm not sure if we'll have sex again for at least a month -- and possibly longer!

I don't want to be a drama queen but part of me wonders if we'll ever have sex again, after what was said that night...


  1. The HnS new blog name suggestion:
    ‘Me and my wife sometimes have the hottest sex imaginable including anal and her greedily swallowing my cum, but then sometimes it’s like an unexplained desert’.

    Oh, just thought, be hard to fit on Twitter ;-)

    Don’t know what happened on Wednesday yet, hope it’s not too much of a setback as I want to hear all about her riding your cock like a crazy woman possessed again!! xx

  2. Ha! That post is up now and {SPOILER} there was no sex!
    When you've read it you might suggest "Nero Is A Whiney Bitch!"
    how about one of these for a blog name:
    "Hot Sex Then No Sex"
    "My Wife Is Torturing Me!"
    "The Completely Random Sex Life of a Married Man"
    I do have a name in mind, so I may as well just get it done....


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