Thursday, August 25, 2016

I went to a bachelor party in a strip club

I went to a Bachelor Party last weekend which ended up in a strip club, as you'd expect.

The party started with Lazer Tag at 4pm, followed by the first of many bars, then dinner, then more bar hopping, then 'The Gentleman's Club' at 10pm. I had to skip dinner so I could join my wife at a fancy restaurant in town since she'd accepted a dinner invitation that I had to attend - even though I'd put the Bachelor Party in our joint digital diary over a month ago.

I didn't mind too much really since the dinner really was great (some visiting Name Chef) and our hosts were paying for it so it would have been rude to decline. The only downside was that by the time I'd dropped my wife home and then returned to catch up with the guys at the Club I was completely sober and they were all ... not sober.

I ordered a drink, but decided not to try 'catching up' since I knew given how trashed the guys were we would be lucky to last another hour. I sat down and cast my critical eye over the strippers...

I used to work in a strip club last century so I pretty much know how it all works. I very rarely go to strip clubs, and when I do it is always as part of a Bachelor Party (with one exception). Sitting there I realised I seemed to have gone to one each decade, and this gave me a good idea of how stripping had evolved since my time working in a club.

So what's changed in stripping since I was first involved in the 'industry'?

Well, obviously the amount of pubic hair on display has changed dramatically over the decades - but the biggest change? The big thing I noticed on Saturday night was... you can really tell that a lot more women are doing anal now! I mean you can really really tell who's doing it and who isn't doing it now! So much so I actually LOL'ed, for reals.

That asshole has been fucked, amiright?

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