Friday, August 19, 2016

Monday night 'make up' sex - WTF?!

You will have read in Part 1 and Part 2 about the disaster that happened 10 days ago, when my wife and I had a difference of opinion over whether we should prove we were the coolest couple in the group by closing down the club clubs. I was ready to go home (like almost everyone else in the sixty strong group) but after 10 hours of partying and making it down to the Final 6 my wife wanted to go for the Gold medal and do one more bar. I just wanted to go back to our luxury suite (yay - free upgrade!) at our hotel and make sweet sweet love to my wife.

the x rated image further down the page is not so sweet - jus' sayin'
After what she said to me that night I kept my mouth shut on Thursday, as we made our way home. My wife acted like nothing had happened, and I remained quiet. We hardly spoke the whole weekend, so it should be obvious our scheduled sex agreement went out the window. On Sunday afternoon she patted my butt playfully, which I took as an attempt to initiate sex - I responded by ignoring it and watching TV until midnight when I knew she was asleep.

After dinner on Monday evening she disappeared to the bedroom and never returned. I watched some TV and then drafted my TMI Tuesday: August 16, 2016 ~ Step right up! post. At 1am her light was still on - clearly she was reading dirty stories again but since I no longer have access to her iPad I have no idea if it was Literotica or Kindleporn.

At 1.30am the light was out so I went up to bed. And the charade began:

She wriggled around as if she was asleep, and made little moaning noises as if she was dreaming. Which I knew she wasn't because she'd only just turned out the light. Then she rolled over to my side of the bed (which she never does) and spooned herself backwards into me (which she never does). I put my arm around her (over the covers) but did nothing more since she was continuing to feign being asleep. After a while my other arm went dead so I got up and went to bathroom.

When I returned my wife had returned to her side of the bed, but had moved the covers so her bare ass was hanging out. Was she hot and trying to cool off, or was she presenting herself to me like an animal wanting to be fucked?

Honestly, it really is hard to tell with my wife. There have been many times I've mistaken 'the signals' only to discover she does not want sex. So ignored her and climbed back into bed. Again she rolled over, but this time she didn't spoon me - she just placed herself adjacent to my erect penis. And then moved a little so her thigh was pressed up against it. And then rolled over flat on her back, wedging herself tightly against my fat throbbing penis.

Given that we hadn't had sex for over two weeks I felt this was a cheap trick but I was unable to avoid responding to her tactic. I reached over and and started fingering her pussy. She responded like she was on fire and it was all on. My hands were everywhere - body, breasts, and clit. She writhed around like a bitch in heat and seemed to cum very quickly. Her nipples were rock hard and her breasts felt full in my hands. Her pussy was wet as I fingered her some more and she reached out and started jacking my cock hard and fast. Hard and fast like an alley hooker trying to get to her next trick.

She was in a frenzy, writhing against my body, closing her legs around me, thrusting her cunt hard into my hand, trying to squeeze every ounce of pleasure she could from me. She was in sextacy.

It didn't take long to realise she was oblivious to my pleasure. God knows what stories she had been reading but her hand on my cock was all part of some fantasy running through her head, certainly not something designed to get me off. It felt good to begin with but she was tugging so wildly now it was getting painful. I pulled myself free and got up, placing myself between her knees. She grabbed my stiff prick again and resumed her handjob. I thought she was going to place me inside her but no, she was just rubbing my meat all over her wet slit, pressing it against her erect clit.

I got up off my knees and tried to enter her but she resisted.

"Cum on me" she called out "yeah, spray me all over with that hot sticky mess. I want you to jerk that cock and cum on my tits. Yeah, all over my pussy, mmmmmm..."

Once again I was left to ponder where exactly she wanted it, but it was clear she didn't want it inside.

She started to tickle my balls with one hand as she fingered herself with the other; all the while talking dirty and imploring me to cum on her.  Which I did. I aimed my hot jism at her pussy, knowing it would get stuck in her pubic hair and be more difficult to get out than if I'd sprayed her tits or stomach. Passive aggressive? You betcha! That'll teach her to make false promises about keeping her pussy bare!!

I rolled myself back to my side of the bed, cleaned myself up, and then went to sleep.

I hadn't said a single word to her since the moment I'd entered the bedroom, and I didn't now.


The next day she claimed she had thrown the covers off because she was hot, and that I had taken the opportunity to 'get lucky'. Yeah, sure

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