Monday, August 29, 2016

Some second thoughts on Strip Clubs

As I mentioned in last week's post: although I used to work in a strip club last century I very rarely go to them, and when I do it is always as part of a Bachelor Party. Sitting there last weekend I realised I seemed to have gone to one or two each decade, and this gave me a good idea of how stripping had evolved since my time working in a club.

You see a lot more of this now, in strip clubs...
Obviously the amount of pubic hair on display has changed dramatically over the decades. Pussies went from trimmed to bald - and now trimmed is making a comeback again. Most strippers however still retain the 'bare' look since most men visiting a club are looking for something 'exotic' ie something they can't get at home. And even if your wife does shave, it still won't look exactly the same as it does on a 'strippers body'.

A 'strippers body' is the one you get from dancing 6+ hours a night every night every week every month for over a year.

The reality is that only a few of the strippers are that toned - the rest have 'curves' and some you might say are a little pudgy. Which is not to say the curvy and pudgy ones don't do well, since as the industry knows "men have varied tastes". Sure, the bulk will gravitate to the stereotypical 'hot' one, but other men are seeking a woman they can relate to, one they feel is 'approachable', or one they feel they 'could have a chance with'. So curvy and pudgy girls get paid too!

The truth is that you have no chance with any of them.

Unless you're prepared to pay extra of course, in which case you can sometimes get a handjob or oral as part of a 'VIP' lap dance. That's a real minefield however so I'll address it in another post.

Anyway, a couple of thoughts struck me last weekend as I sat watching my drunk friends fork over a lot of cash in order to gain the attention of semi-clad and naked women. Some of these thoughts might have been colored by the fact that I was sober; I may have felt differently if I was wearing beer googles like them:

  1. The women were attractive/ish, but not all that
  2. The club had one woman who was super hot - she was the club's bait
  3. Godd bless all the women - I couldn't dance naked for money
  4. The new girls were easy to spot, so young and keen to please
  5. The experienced girls were also easy to spot - they weren't giving it all away so quickly
  6. Some of the pole dancing is amazing, I couldn't do that, but some of it is rubbish
  7. Some of the tattoos are awful, clearly done piecemeal, a new one added at random intervals, some possibly done by friends not tattooists
  8. By the last song in their set the women were flashing everything (see image above)
  9. One of the strippers was pregnant, and starting to show - there's always one in every club!
  10. No toys at this club, but I have seen them used/inserted at others
  11. The women could spot a drunk guy with bills from a mile away and they would be over to him like a shot - to milk him of his money
  12. When the money in the room ran out the women would become even more desperate to get it - as the night wore on what was allowed (vis a vis touching) got a lot more relaxed.
  13. I was kinda disgusted with these guys, and thought they were all sad fucks for getting so easily excited simply by some bare naked tits and ass
  14. The guys were sad fucks, but so were the women for doing what they were doing - I could see that dead look in their eyes as they tried to cajole a few more bills from the drunk man seated before them who was now so out of it he wasn't even paying attention anymore.
  15. As I explained before... you really could tell a lot more women were doing anal now! (see image above)

I made my escape and shuffled off into the night, home to my wife, where we made passionate love as she staked her claim to her man she was asleep already. I shivered as I wondered how long it would be before I became like all the other lonely old married men who weren't having sex with wives anymore. Would I end up frequenting strip clubs and brothels, like some of the sad fucks I'd seen that night?

I hope not.


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