Tuesday, August 2, 2016

TMI Tuesday: August 2, 2016 ~ Cheating & Masturbating

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were inspired by bloggers Red Cee Dee and Nero. Stay sexy!

Cheating & Masturbating

1. Your thoughts – is oral sex cheating on your partner?
~ Yes. I wouldn't want my wife blowing some other dude and she wouldn't want me going down on some other woman, so it's cheating. I know some people have an opposite view.

2. What is cheating to you?
~ Sexual contact or intimacy with another person. That could include kissing someone, or 'just' talking sexually (explicitly) with someone. The latter (in my book) is defined as crossing a line beyond flirting. Once you have gone beyond flirting you are on your way to cheating. People always say things like "I didn't mean for it to happen/it just happened" or "I didn't plan this" when in fact they didn't do anything to stop it. If things "go too far" it's because you let them. 

3. Does your partner know you masturbate? What do they think about that?
~ 'Don't ask, don't tell' seems to be the rule in our house. My wife's rule. I've asked her if she does (when I've secretly seen her doing something close to it) but she always says no. She's asked me and I've told her I only do it when we haven't had sex for a very long time, because I can't go without for as long as she seems to be able to. She usually asks me if I've jerked off earlier if I fail to cum quickly (including this time). I might blog on this subject in greater length.

4. Think about the best sex you’ve ever had. Why do you consider it the best, what makes it so?
~ Phew! I've been with my wife over 20+ years!! It's hard to remember the.best.sex.ever! It's always 'the best' when we are both really into it (and each other) and don't hold back on doing anything.

5. When you have nightmares, do you call out someone’s name?
~ No, I don't have nightmares. Well, very rarely - maybe possibly once a year? I'm not aware of calling out anyone's name.

6. When you’re having an orgasm, do you scream a name?
~ No. My wife doesn't like 'screamy' sex. If I was allowed to I'd probably scream out something dirty, rather than someone's name.

Bonus: Which best fits your usual reason for masturbating:

a. Boredom
b. Stress relief
c. Saw someone/something sexy and you need to act out a sexual fantasy
d. It’s just what I do
~ Oh dear! A, B, C, and D I'm afraid! (And definitely B) Actually, I take back D since I don't 'just do it'. I do practice a minor form of restraint ie I tend to abstain in the lead up to our 'scheduled sex'.

Double Bonus: You missed last Wednesday's post Saturday Sex Shame ~ Part 2. The post is rated XXX but it's also quite long - and some will say longwinded!

FYIRed Cee Dee was a really awesome woman and a great sex blogger. Such a damn shame she's stopped now.

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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Honest thoughts. Thanks.

    And yes, I agree about Red Cee Dee.

    Thanks Nero!


  2. FWIW: It’s the couple that will define what cheating is. Which is why couples should discuss it early. Otherwise one party to the partnership gets hurt, and the other one is like “Well, no-one told me I couldn’t…”


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