Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TMI Tuesday: August 23, 2016 ~ Relationships

It’s TMI Tuesday and I'm a bit paranoid all these questions have been directed at me exclusively! ;)

1. Do you want a divorce or to leave your present romantic relationship?
~ No to both, but I do think things need to change. I am not 100% happy and I can't help but think my wife will leave me once our daughter is older and has finished school. That may sound overly negative but I believe it in my gut. It's just the track my wife is on with her high rollin' friends. I am becoming (in her mind) the millstone around her neck. 

2. Do you think your relationship needs couples therapy?
~ Yes, we've done it twice before and things got better but... things eventually always 'go back to normal'. After what happened in this post I think we need couples therapy again - but I know my wife won't do it. She thinks it's a waste of time.

3. If your relationship needs fine-tuning, what would you do to tweak it?
~ I honestly believe I've done all I can, and it's really up to my wife to make some changes. Which she has to want to do first. I'm not sure she wants to since I think she's pretty happy with how things are for her. She pretty much gets to do as she pleases. As she jokes to everyone herself "I live in [MrsNero]Land. It's a pretty good place to be - everything revolves around me!"

4. Is your relationship over or are you just in a bad phase? How long has the bad phase lasted so far?
~ It's not over 'till it's over, but it's not great. The relationship is quite one sided at the moment: what she wants is what she wants, and if I don't like it then I have to fuck off and let her have her fun. 

5. What kind of relationship do you envision will make you happy?
~ I'd be happy with a relationship in which both people participate equally. I am left with the feeling that I am always mindful of what she wants but she in turn has no regard for what I want. What I want doesn't matter. If I'm lucky what I want coincides with what she wants, but if not then it aint happening. 
Sexually I'd also like a relationship in which both people participate equally. If I didn't initiate sex then we would never have sex, which I find bizarre given that she always seems to enjoy herself when we do. But lately (see this example) there's a 50/50 chance she doesn't want me to penetrate her, nor does she care if I get off or not (especially if she's got hers already).

6. Are you seeing someone new?
~ No. There is no 'someone new'. 

Bonus: What major regret do you have so far in your life? Is it too late to change it?
~ It has occurred to me many times in recent years that the gender roles in our relationship have swapped. I became the stay at home dad while she climbed the corporate ladder, before quitting to start her own very successful business. She stays out late all the time, drinking and 'networking' with clients, going away on business trips, etc etc. If you searched out '7 Signs He's Cheating' on any woman-centric magazine/website you'd see the bad corporate husband doing all the stuff my wife does. It really is that simple. 
Is it too late to change it? I think it is, since I have contemplated 'making a stand' but decided not to. Because I believe if I do there will be no upside, and we will separate/divorce (just like all her buddies in her Business Networking Group [BNG] are doing). And since I don't want to do that until my daughter is older, because I don't want her on the stripper pole, I'll stick it out until she's finished school. Just as I suspect my wife is doing. 
It all reads like a bad movie, doesn't it?

BONUS BONUS: two weeks ago heelsnstocking made this comment on this post
Great answers and I like the links you have provided. Man, you is getting some hot wife pussy (and ass) at the moment....perhaps you should change the title of this blog :-)

Keep up the good work... and the wife fucking ;-)
So, a couple of thoughts hit me when I read that:
1] Yes, I do need to change the name of this blog (so I have - do you like it? don't care either way?)
2] I've been complaining I'm not getting enough sex, but here's someone effectively telling me I am having some hot sex. Sure, the frequency may not be great but the sex (when I have it) is. Am I looking at the glass as half empty when it's actually half full?
3] The answer to #2 is: I dunno, probably. Maybe 'all' I need to do is suck it up and accept that at my age I'm probably having more sex than many others in my peer group - some of whom aren't getting any at all?
4] I'm still jealous of heelsnstocking and all the other TMI'ers/sex bloggers who all seem to be getting all that they want out of their respective sexual relationships because their partners are up for (almost) anything. Maybe I'm just suffering from 'the grass is always greener--' syndrome? 

TRIPLE BONUS: Here's a great story about Gandi's sex life. It's (possibly) not what you thought!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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