Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TMI Tuesday: August 30, 2016 ~ Sextilis

It’s the last TMI Tuesday for the month of August. Did you know August was originally named Sextilis (‘sixth’). In 8 B.C. Sextilis was renamed August in honor of Roman Emperor Augustus. BTW…August or Sextilis was the sixth month of the year in the ancient Roman 10-month calendar.

Now, for more about August:

1. In the Philippines today is National Heroes Day. Who is your hero? (You can name up to 3). Why?
~ I honestly don't have any 'heroes' per se but there are many people I admire greatly. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years by the South African apartheid government. When he was released from prison in 1990 he continued the global campaign for the abolition of apartheid and in 1994 he became President of South Africa. A lesser man could have become very bitter and twisted but he chose the higher path. Muhammad Ali was another great man who endured a lot in order to remain steadfast and true to his principles - watch any documentary on him and you'll understand. 

2. August is Romance Awareness Month. What have you done to enhance romance in your life? Or what have you become aware of or discovered with regards to romance?
~ This is a tricky subject for me. I'm totally aware of it's importance but after 25 years together it's difficult to be romantic anymore. I know it shouldn't be, but it is. The problem perhaps is that I'm probably more romantic than my wife, but after all those years together she has kinda beaten it out of me. There are only so many times when you can plan or try something romantic and she shoots it down because she has an important engagement or networking opportunity. I can't even open doors for her because she says "I can do it myself" - and does, even as I'm trying to open a car door for her! 

3. In the month of August there is National Raspberry Creme Day, National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, and National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Which day are you most likely to celebrate and how would you celebrate?
~ Of those three I'd probably pick Chocolate Chip Cookie day since I love them; but if I had a free choice it would be National Cunnilingus Day since I love that so so much. If you google National Cunnilingus Day you get nothing, but you do get a whole bunch of posts for Cake & Cunnilingus Day. Apparently it was created to counter Steak & BJ Day?

On February 14, there's Valentine's Day for couples. On March 14, there's Steak & Blowjob Day for the guys. And for the girls, April 14 is ... Cake and Cunnilingus Day!!! This holiday is all about "lying back and gorging on chocolate mud cake while your lover sticks his/her eager tongue into your pussy!"

4. August 13 was International Left-hander’s Day. Who out there is a lefty? Anyone ambidextrous?
~ Not me, I'm a Righty! When I was an adolescent I tried to teach myself to be ambidextrous by using my left hand instead of my right, but it didn't last long. I also remember trying to jerk off with my left hand (so it would feel different - and it did!) but I eventually gave up because I could never 'complete' using my left.

5. In the U.K. today is a late summer Bank Holiday. What are you doing (or did you do) with your “free” time?
~ I had to google Bank Holiday. It seems a little confusing - is it like a 'mental health break'? If I was given a day off from work (and paid for it!) I would probably just mooch around at home being absolutely decadent during my time off. That would mean sleeping in late, watching porn, and jerking off. 

Bonus: Post a pic from your mobile phone that was taken in this month of August. Explain the photo…or not
~ Okay, I'm not gonna post anything personal, due to my paranoia that it might identify me or where I live. But since this is TMI Tuesday I will let you in on a little folly of mine: I screenshot Instagram photos, even though I have no meaningful use for them. My iPhoto folder is full of images that are pretty but pointless. This one is of Roxi D'Lite, who is a Canadian burlesque performer and exotic model. I don't know her from Adam, but happened upon her (somehow) because I also follow Dita Von Teese.

DOUBLE BONUS: You missed this! Who likes to be shackled during sex?

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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