Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weekend Sex Wrap Up ~ Part 2

As I mentioned on Monday, we had sex on Friday night (see here). It went so well I indicated a repeat was in order for Saturday night and my wife agreed. We went out again on Saturday, but were home by midnight. My wife was very tired, as was I, and even though I was still horny I did not hold up much hope for a repeat of the previous night's action. My hopes were further dashed when my wife lay in bed and yawned deeply, said again just how tired she was, yawned once more for good measure, and then said she was going to sleep.

I knew she was tired but how long would a hand-job or a blow-job take?
I casually reminded her that we had agreed that morning that last nigh's sex was good and that another round tonight would be a good idea. She casually reminded me just how tired she was and suggested if I was still that horny I should "help myself". I considered that a fair request and took her up on her suggestion. I removed my boxers, spread my legs and started slowly jacking my stiff cock in bed beside her. She said nothing.

She said nothing, and lay there with her back to me, but I could tell from her breathing she was not going to sleep. My intuition told me her interest was piqued and sure enough it wasn't long before she turned around and faced me. "What are you doing?" she asked, even though the room wasn't dark enough for her not to know. She knew exactly what I was doing.

"I'm jacking my cock" I said, indifferently. "The sex last night was so good I've been thinking about it all day, and I was looking forward to a repeat session. My dick has been hard all day, every time I thought about it. And then when I saw you bending over tonight as you got changed I just looked at your cute butt and thought "I have got to have that ass". I knew you were tired so I'd planned to just eat you out again and then thought we'd try some mutual masturbation..."

My words trailed off as she reached over and cupped my balls. It felt good as she worked her fingers delicately all over them - her fingernails raking each one individually.

"Mmmmmmmm" I said, as I sunk back further into the bed and pumped my cock faster.

She said nothing, but sidled up even closer, taking my cock and balls in both her hands - jacking me and fingering my ballsack at the same time. She was mesmerised and began using both hands on my balls, as I took over the handjob on my cock. It was standing thick and proud, glistening in the darkness. My wife lay on her back as I spread my legs wider, placing one foot between her legs. I could feel a searing heat on my heel, where it touched her pussy.

I had one hand on her tit as I jacked my cock, which she matched with her own hand on the other tit while her other hand remained on my balls. She loves my balls and was really going to town - I imagine she was kneading her tit the same way she was kneading my balls, so I followed her lead and started mauling the tit I had in my free hand to match her rhythm. Her pussy really felt hot on my foot now and I could now feel her fingers down there as she released her tit and started diddling her clit. Her other hand kept working my balls as I continued to wank my cock faster and faster.

When I spread my legs even wider, shoving the back of my heel hard against her puss she gasped audibly. She pressed herself against my foot as she finger fucked her clit. I told her how good my cock felt and that I loved what she was doing with my balls. I told her I could feel the heat coming from her pussy and that my balls were boiling too. She moaned at that and I warned her I would be cumming soon. This just made her stroke herself even faster and she started grunting through gritted teeth as her own orgasm approached.

I lifted my butt up off the bed and really started hammering my cock. Her head was turned and staring at it, her eyes locked on the purple head as I fisted it again and again. "Mmmmmmmm" I repeated "I think I'm almost ready".  She responded by rolling over towards me again, her body tilted in my direction, pressing herself against me. She still had one hand feverishly working her cunt as the other continued to run amok over my balls. My ass was now completely off the bed and she stretched her head forward, reaching for my cock with her open mouth like she was completely parched and I was the only one who could sate her thirst.

She craned her neck still closer, her tongue poking out of her open mouth, but neither of us moved our bodies. I was arched up off the bed and she was pressed against me - humping her hand as I jerked my cock furiously. She must have felt it in my balls before I did because at the last second she dove forward and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock just as I erupted. I released my hand as the hot jism pumped into her mouth; she swallowed me greedily and sucked for all she was worth. As my orgasm subsided I grabbed my cock and balls again and squeezed out the last of my cum - giving my self another small orgasm.

She had released herself from me at this point and was wringing out the finish of her own orgasm beside me. Somewhere in the melee she had swallowed my load - something she doesn't usually do.

"Oh god!" she groaned, as she lay back on the bed and gazed at the ceiling, "god!!"

A minute later and we were both asleep.


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