Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Sex Wrap Up

I really wasn't expecting any sex last weekend, and given that we'd also missed our 'date night' on the Wednesday prior I was thinking we'd reverted to old bad habits ie no sex ie so much for the promised 'scheduled sex'. But happily for me it didn't work out that way.

just imagine 4 pillows propping her up because
she was already spent by the time we got to this position
On Friday night we went to a big party and literally danced all night to the songs of our youth courtesy of it's 80s theme. We got home at 1.30am and my wife said she was very tired and not looking forward to getting up at 9am for a meeting at 10am. I commiserated with her but inwardly cursed my luck - who's schedules a meeting early on Saturday morning if you know you're going to a big big party on Friday night?

As my wife took off her sexy 80s costume I told her to leave it on and pushed her (playfully) onto the bed. I fondled her breasts, making her nipples hard and pointy through the fabric, and reached under her flimsy dress to remove her panties. (Oh, the 80s!) I popped my head under the hem and started eating her out. It wasn't long before she was writhing beneath my tongue, her hands on my head pushing me down hard into her wet cunt.

Then she gripped me and thrust up, holding me as she came hard.

She released me when she was done and as I emerged from beneath her dress I found her reaching for the lube and grabbing a vibe from her nightstand. She quickly squirted some on both my dick and the vibe, and commenced jacking me off as she fumbled to turn on the vibrator with her other hand. It took only a moment before she had the vibe pulsing at her clit as she fed my stiff cock into her tight wet hole.

I started thrusting hard, whilst reaching forward to play with her boobs through her top, as she moaned and thrashed around beneath me. She was flailing away, at turns running the vibe over her clit and then under my balls until finally she couldn't take it any more and planted the vibe at her clit and attempted to push it inside her. I held her ankles and kept thrusting as she squealed and screamed her way to another orgasm. Thank god our daughter was on a sleepover because my wife was quite vocal.

She flopped down after she came, her hands outstretched like Jesus, moaning and groaning like she had just completed a marathon. "Oh god, oh god, oh god" was all she could manage - clearly it had been good.

I stacked four pillows beside her and gently took her by the hand and pulled her over. Like a drunken robot she assumed the position: straddling the pillows and presenting her ass for me to fuck. I grabbed her hips gently and slid forward, my fat cock slicing through her wet pussy without resistance. "Oh god, oh god, oh god" she said again, as I gave her every inch. Her moans increased as she returned the vibe to her clit and I picked up the pace with my thrusting.

I wasn't pounding her too hard, but my strokes were steady, swift, and forceful.

"mmmmmm, nnnnngh, oh god, yesssss" she groaned, as she angled the vibe directly between the root of my cock and her clit. She grunted with my every thrust as I pushed the vibe hard against her clit. It felt good for me too, and I told her as much. I warned her I was about to cum.

"Oh god, oh god, yes, yes" she babbled "fill me up with that hot cum, shoot it up my hole, oh god, yes, I'm cumming too....!"

And then she screamed again as I shot my hot load inside her, pumping her again and again as I came hard inside her.

I left her curled up on the bed as I cleaned myself up. She just lay there, cum dribbling out her sopping cunt, too tired to move - moaning "Oh god, oh god, oh god" slowly, before falling silent and drifting off to sleep. The next morning she would tell me it was fantastic, so I 'warned' her Round 2 would be happening that night.


On Saturday night we went out again, but were home by midnight. We did the same again, but with a twist...
I'll share that story on Wednesday (after TMI Tuesday

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