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At A T-Girl Sex Party

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous.
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 
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Pervertically Virtuous posted: "At the beginning of the summer, Ace and I went to a t-girl sex party in NYC. Where, among other things, I fucked a guy in the ass while he was sucking on a t-girl's cock, while she was sucking on Ace's cock. All the while being unsolicitedly watched, grop"

recovered post on Pervertically Virtuous

At a T-Girl Sex Party

by Pervertically Virtuous

At the beginning of the summer, Ace and I went to a t-girl sex party in NYC. Where, among other things, I fucked a guy in the ass while he was sucking on a t-girl's cock, while she was sucking on Ace's cock. All the while being unsolicitedly watched, groped, and cock-stabbed by countless, faceless men through the many holes of the dark, dirty cubicle. It was one of the most surreal sexperiences of my life.
It all started a few weeks earlier at a bar in Brooklyn, when I ran into Justin, an old friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a long time. When I first met Justin - at a swinger party six years ago - he was a sexy, ripped, Ivy League PhD student dating a gorgeous t-girl who worked as a porn star. Justin was now a slightly overweight, freelancer (with a PhD), who paid his bills by bartending. Currently single and still primarily attracted to trans women, he mentioned he had just come from a bi-monthly t-girl sex party at a club nearby.
[photo added 2016,
 original lost in recovery process]
I was intrigued.

It had been over five years since I'd had sex with a t-girl. Those few amazing threesomes with Justin and his gorgeous ex (stories for another time) had always left me wanting more. Ace, for his part, had never been with a t-girl, but that has always been one of his more distant and darker curiosities, if not quite fantasies. A t-girl sex party sounded like an excellent summer adventure.
We arranged to go with Justin to the next party. He warned us the place was very seedy, and attendance was highly variable. But that didn't stop my imagination from coming up with all sorts of things the night could entail: Fucking a t-girl while she's sucking Ace's cock; getting DP-d by Ace and a t-girl, sucking her cock while she's getting fucked in the ass, multiple t-girls... Possibilities were endless, and many a masturbating orgasm over the course of the next two weeks had those fantasies to thank.
The day of the party, I got my period. A bit unfortunate, but I was determined not to let that ruin my mood. Loaded with ibuprofen, I knew there were plenty of things we can do that did not involve my pussy.
We didn't need to dress up, Justin said, it was typically very casual for the guys and slutty for the t-girls. There were too few bio girls at these parties for there to be a dress code for them, so I went with a short, loose dress that was neither too slutty nor too casual and that would provide me with easy access should I need it. Maybe I was overly hopeful, but I packed my strap-on.
We got to the club a little after midnight. Walking over from the subway, we noticed two Black trans women clearly headed in the same direction. One was somewhat attractive, the other one a little too big and masculine for our tastes. The anticipation rose. So much so, that Ace needed to stop in the middle of the street and down a vodka soda from our BYOB bag to "take the edge off".
We located the club by the street number - there was no sign advertising its existence - and a moderately attractive Asian t-girl in a sparkly white dress smoking outside. Once through the door, we were greeted by a friendly doorman who seemed visibly amused by the unusual visitors - a hetero couple. Noting we were first-timers, he instructed us on the need to be respectful to the ladies, not touch anyone without permission, and not use drugs. To me as a bio woman, he had additional advice: "The ladies can sometimes get intimidated by bio women, so just be conscious of that." In other words, don't flaunt your bio status too much. I wasn't sure what exactly that meant, but was certainly glad I didn't dress up too much.
Justin greeted us at the top of the stairs. He walked us down to the coat check where we handed our BYOB drinks to a heavily made-up, older trans woman. She served all of us drinks, and with that we were ready for the grand tour.
On one end of the club was the main socializing room/dancefloor where a few men in cargo shorts or jeans and t-shirts were quietly hanging out, drinking beer, waiting for action. On the other end was a mid-sized dungeon/playroom containing a few beds, a spanking bench, and suspension points; it was empty save for a big-bellied, hairy middle-aged man getting a blowjob from a large t-girl. The far walls of both rooms were lined with individual cubicles where one could get a bit of privacy. But the main attraction seemed to be "The Labyrinth": Situated between the dancefloor and the playroom, it consisted of a dozen or so cubicles of different shapes and sizes, arranged in a sort of a maze, interconnected by ridiculously narrow corridors, and divided by wooden dividers, curtains, or chain-link fences. A number of men and t-girls were milling around the labyrinth in search of action.
Everything was black and incredibly dark. It looked filthy and seedy. The music ranged from cheesy pop, to cool electro, to annoying heavy rock. The crowd was underwhelming, to say the least. Attendance was low, and those in attendance - both the men and the ladies - were largely unattractive. Everyone appeared to be working class. Many of the men looked creepy. Many of the t-girls were overweight and older. None of them seemed to have had top surgery, and only a couple had naturally long hair as opposed to wearing wigs. There were no other bio women.
While making our way through the Labyrinth, I noticed the Asian t-girl we had seen outside. She wasn't super hot, but was the hottest t-girl there that night. I asked Justin about her. "She's a top," he said. "I've been with her. She's OK." He didn't sound very enthusiastic, but still motioned her to come over and introduced us. Her name was Jackie. She was about my height, relatively slender but with a few extra pounds around her stomach, wearing tasteful make-up, and a red wig with long, straight hairs that fit her well.
Jackie was friendly, and appeared mildly excited to meet us. Almost immediately she asked us if we were going to play that night and what we were interested in doing. Ace and I said we weren't sure yet - we had been there for less than 15 minutes and still trying to acclimate to this new and unusual surrounding. If we did play, we mentioned, Ace was not interested in bottoming. (He may yet one day, but this was not the time, place, or person for that.)
With Jackie a top, and Ace not interested in bottoming, I wasn't sure what our options were. But before I had time to mull over the possibilities, Justin suggested something:
"Do you wanna watch us play?"
The truth was, we weren't particularly excited about playing there - the space was grimy and there was no one truly attractive - but we were there and it was an adventure. Quite an unique one, in fact. Plus, there was nothing else to do there - it's not like it was a nice place to have a cocktail or dance - so we agreed. Why not.
We followed the two of them into one of the Labyrinth cubicles. Jackie sat on the small, plastic-covered black bed, and Justin knelt down in front of her, took off her underwear, and promptly started sucking on her limp cock with the intention of getting her hard enough to fuck him. For a few minutes Ace and I stood there watching, somewhat awkwardly. The idea of what was happening was kinda hot, but we could barely see anything in the darkness.
"You could direct, if you want," Justin said to me without lifting his head from Jackie's crotch.
I wasn't exactly sure how to 'direct' this action; instead, I joined in. I knelt down on the filthy floor and started sucking Jackie's now semi-hard cock. A minute later I saw Jackie reaching over to Ace, unbuttoning his pants. In no time, she had his cock in her mouth and he seemed to be enjoying it. The familiar smell of poppers filled the cubicle: Jackie and Justin were passing a small container of it. (So much for the 'no drugs' policy.) Ace and I politely declined, not really our thing.
[photo added 2016,
 original lost in recovery process]
I soon became aware that our suck-fest was not without spectators. Half a dozen men were peering through the many peepholes in the wooden dividers, trying to enter the already cramped cubicle, or sending their unwanted hands over to explore our bodies. A slap on the hand was usually enough to cause a temporary retreat, only to return or be replaced by a different hand a few minutes later.
As seedy as this was, I could sense Ace getting close to coming, holding it back so as not to end the scene prematurely. But Jackie was clearly not getting hard enough to fuck anyone. The positions we were in were fairly uncomfortable. The room was really small. Our drinks had spilled onto the plastic-wrapped bed and everything was sticky. It was time to take a break.
We went to the main room and had another drink. Justin told us he had done molly in anticipation of the evening and that he was drinking a lot these days. He didn't look too healthy or happy. An air of despondency hung over him; at that moment, he appeared to have much more in common with the working class men around him than with the post-graduate Ivy League world he had recently left.
We learned a bit about Jackie. She was bisexual, but more into men. She said she was really attracted to Ace - that he was exactly her type - and admitted she really liked sucking his cock, although she was a top. She didn't live like a woman full-time; in fact, she had a job on Wall Street, and she was very much a "he" at work during the day.
"You are pretty," I told her. It was true. I wasn't crazy about her body, but her face was very cute.
"You really think so?" She asked with a hopeful look in her eyes. "You think I'm passable?"
"Yes, very much so," I assured her.
"Thank you, that means a lot from such a beautiful real woman like you." She said genuinely grateful.
We hung out for 10-15 minutes, but hanging out there was really pointless. We should either fuck some more or get out of there. Justin and Jackie each went around to check out if there was anything new or more interesting going on. Apparently not. When both returned, they suggested we went for round two. Ace and I agreed. Hopefully at least one of us would get an orgasm out of this.
We found a somewhat bigger cubicle in the Labyrinth this time and left our drinks on the floor. We all climbed on top of the full-sized plastic-covered bed: Jackie on her back, Justin and I at kneeling at her crotch, and Ace standing near her head. The sucking began again. I went back between helping Justin suck Jackie's cock, and helping Jackie suck Ace's cock. I wanted Ace to cum. The first time she had his cock in her mouth, the novelty of the situation was so arousing, he had to restrain himself from coming within seconds. This time around, it wasn't happening so quickly.
It didn't help that the only thing separating our cubicle from the neighboring cubicle was a chain link fence, giving us full view of a sizable t-girl occupying a sex swing, getting ass fucked by one of the many creepy men. It didn't help that people continually kept walking into our cubicle, sometimes holding their cocks out, watching, groping, slapping, talking to us, trying to direct. It didn't help that men stuck their cocks through the chain link fence trying to get Jackie to suck on them. It didn't help that hands constantly appeared from all sides and openings to the cubicle, groping whatever was nearest. (So much for the 'no touching without asking' policy.) It didn't help that Jackie had to hold her wig with one hand to prevent it from falling off. It didn't help that she had no boobs to grab onto.
Jackie and I kept working on Ace's cock. I knew he was going to cum (sooner or later), so I suggested he should come in Jackie's mouth. She objected to that (for health reasons, I assume) - and instead wanted to help him come in my mouth. But Justin had other plans for Ace's cum. When he realized Ace was nearing orgasm, he whispered in my ear:
"Please don't swallow it, give it to me."
That was so dirty - and so unexpected, it totally turned me on. I went back to Ace's cock just in time to receive his big load. I then turned to Justin and gave him a kiss, letting him suck all of the thick, white semen out of my mouth. He swallowed it with great delight.
Despite the constant double blowjob she was getting, Jackie's cock oscillated between completely limp and semi-hard the entire time. Realizing that there was going to be no fucking administered by her, I realized I could be the one doing the fucking - I had my silvery strap-on with me! I asked Justin if I could fuck him, and he happily agreed. I fished my harness and strap-on out of my bag, and buckled it on after taking off my dress - it was really hot in there - leaving me with nothing but a pair of thongs. I covered the dildo with a condom and copious amounts of lube and positioned myself behind Justin who was still on his knees obediently sucking Jackie's cock.
[photo added 2016,
 original lost in recovery process]

I was going to go slow, but Justin forcefully impaled himself on the dildo the minute he felt the silicone tip touch his anus. The entire length of the shaft disappeared inside him with just one thrust, and he started fucking himself hard. I found the whole scene incredibly arousing, it was so dirty and disgusting and raw. I wasn't going to cum - I had just gotten my period, was slightly cramping, and in a place where I couldn't relax enough to come - but my mind was on fire. I had never had sex in a seedier, filthier environment. This was the lowest of the low, and it was an unbelievable turn-on.
I kept fucking Justin's ass for a while, expertly smacking away all the faceless hands and cocks reaching various parts of my naked, sweaty body. By then, the initial shock and annoyance at their unwanted advances had dissipated; they didn't bother me anymore, I found them rather amusing, in fact.
I knew Justin wasn't going to have an orgasm - the ecstasy was giving him a 'molly dick' (like whiskey dick, only worse) - but he was clearly enjoying being sandwiched between two cocks. The paradox of both those cocks being attached to women - the artificial one to an actual woman, the natural one to a man who wanted to be a woman - was not lost on me. Justin started impaling himself on my cock more forcefully and moaning louder, going wild, losing himself entirely in the dark, dirty place that his body and his mind both inhabited at that moment.
Until we both realized 'an accident' had happened. I could smell it. He could sense it.
He got up and ran out for paper towels and wet wipes. We cleaned up as best as we could in the almost complete darkness, assembled our stuff, and left the cubicle. The sex was done for the night.
Collecting ourselves in the main room, a number of men came up to us to say how much they enjoyed the show. A few tried to get us to go to their swinger/ bdsm/ t-girl parties. We declined.
It was time to go.
Justin lived nearby so we said our goodbyes outside the club. Jackie lived in Manhattan, so we shared a cab. She was a sweet girl hoping to hang out with us again. We exchanged numbers, knowing we'd probably never call.
The next day, Ace was borderline disturbed at the what, where, and how of the night before: We had just had sex in what he jokingly described as Beyond the Thunderdome of Sex.
"I wasn't really into her," he said. "But given the environment, the darkness-covered filth, the creepy chains, the weirdos surrounding us, I just had to do it. If for no other reason, to be able to say I've done it and to never have to do it again."
Well, we sure did it. And we sure will not do it again.
Next time we hook up with a t-girl, it will be somewhere that has a real bed, no unsolicited participants, and plenty of light. And she will be someone we find truly attractive. Preferably, with top surgery and living as a woman full-time. Even if we have to pay for her.
How about you? Have you been with a t-girl before?
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