Monday, September 5, 2016

My wife took me to a strip club once

My wife took me to a strip club once, a few years back.

I was reminded of it when I wrote this post and this post. It really was the strangest thing. I had no idea why she suggested it, but we were driving near 'the bad part of town' where the strip clubs were and she just said spontaneously "we should go to a strip club."

So we did.

The women were great but there were no absolute babes (maybe they were saving those for later, since we were there real early) so the atmosphere wasn't quite right. We started handing out bills but the women were more interested in pandering to the single guys. We probably stayed only 45 minutes before we'd blown all our money and decided to leave.

Whatever sexual frisson my wife had hoped to engender by taking me there hadn't worked and when we got home we went to sleep. No sex. I didn't dare make a move because my wife had interrogated me on the way home as to who I thought was hot and sexy. She didn't rate any of them that highly, but graciously complimented them on their dancing skills.

She also got annoyed that I hadn't tipped all the money, yet all I'd done was keep one single $2 bill as a souvenir (y'know, that fake money they sell you at some strip clubs so they can take their cut) . I wanted something to remember that crazy night my wife took me to a strip club but then nothing happened! In hindsight I guess she was pissed because she thought I was gonna come back another night with that $2 bill, without her. As if!

Like I said, it was a damn strange night.

NB: I thought I'd posted this a long time ago, but I just found it buried in my Drafts folder.

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