Wednesday, September 7, 2016

No Sex, and yet...

As you can tell from Monday's post I did not get 'lucky' at the weekend - there were no sexual relations between myself and my wife (not even a handjob, like I got the weekend before). This was a bit disappointing, given that we had spent the weekend at a friend's vacation home. Disappointing for me, but understandable given she was having her period.

Anyway, if I take a 'glass half full' approach I could say I got lucky because my wife left her iPad open - which allowed me to check her browser history. As I've mentioned previously ever since I she changed her password I haven't been able to look so I have no idea whether she is reading her Dirty Little Porn Library or not. It turns out she is, and just as much as she ever was. Looking at the dates I now see why I got that handjob a week ago (which, as you'll read, was actually more me giving myself a handjob while she watched).

In This porno got me off' I said:
I haven't read anything on Literotica for quite some time, since I mostly used to read them when I was trying to see what my wife was reading. Now that she has changed her iPad password I can't see her browser history, so even though I know she's reading dirty stories (how else to explain all those hours spent on her iPad, at all hours of the day and night?) I don't know which stories she's reading. By tracking what she was reading I was better able to track her sexual mood, and 'deliver' on what she was wanting.

So here are some of the screenshots I took of her browser history, to prove I'm not mad when I say she reads a lot of porn (which she calls erotica). I've only given you six screengrabs, but there were over a dozen more I could have if I wanted a blog post that scrolled on forever.

and here's the page she had open when I opened her browser:

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