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OPP: The Bimbeau Triplets

I saw this on Tumblr (it was a repost of the OP) and it was just so bizzarre (IMO) that I had to share it with you here. At first I thought they were stills from Second Life but no, an artist is creating digital artwork that you can buy (here). Don't get me wrong, I'm not mocking him (as I've mentioned previously, I've jerked off to 3D Anime porn myself) I just think it's a bit weird not my thing. (Or is it? Let's not forget this moment - how could we?!)

And that's what I love about the internet - it really has brought the world together. Whatever you're into you can be pretty sure that there are other men and women somewhere on this planet who are into it too. We are not alone, we are not freaks - everything is all just 'fantasy' anyway, right? It's just that some fantasies are more common than others! (Full disclosure: I was trawling through Tumblr looking at 'Bimbofication' images [real women surgically enhanced to look like stereotypical big breasted pouty lipped bimbos] - I'll be blogging on that subject later)

Anyway, on with his/her story and his/her pictures (ie this is not my work):

© leticialatex
PICTURE 1: The Bimbeau Triplets: Identical and inseparable

Introducing the Bimbeau triplets (it’s from their French great-great-grandfather, and they’ve heard every variations of jokes that can be made with their name… so hush!).

From left to right, we have Tatiana, Tara and Tess. Here, the naturally ginger girls are inseparable and mischievous, as twins and triplets can sometimes be.

NOTE: Not writing too much here because I don’t want to commit to a super solid backstory, since I might explore that in a proper comic sometime. The thing here is that I’ve had a lot of practice lately, working with expressions and poses and I like to think the 3 pictures I’m about to post tell a story just by looking at them and knowing just a year separates all pictures.

© leticialatex
PICTURE 2: The Bimbeau Triplets: The difference a year makes! 

Here we have the Bimbeau Triplets a little over a year later, taking a picture at their parent’s house in LA. Ever since college started and they got into different ones, life has been changing so much for them. They made lots of discoveries about their own personalities and they like it that way.

Influenced by her new circle of friends, Tatiana has trouble relating to Tara anymore.
Tara is still Tara, only now there’s more of her and her personality has also gotten bigger.

Tess got a job as a temp and she’s still the serious one, but starting a career so early in life makes her yearn for simpler days. She envies how carefree Tara is.

NOTE: Even though I put them in the same order on all 3 pictures, there are little details (despite being identical) coming through the accessories in all 3 pictures that should make it clear who they are throughout the series and I’m kinda happy with that. In the first pic, Tatiana was already acting a little rebellious. Tara was the only one wearing makeup and had longer fingernails. And Tess is a nerd… so glasses!

© leticialatex
PICTURE 3: The Bimbeau Triplets: Same difference

Finally, another year later, the girls decided to get back together and haven’t looked back. Turns out Tara had the right idea all along and convinced her other two sisters to visit her surgeon to make them identical again. Of course, she didn’t tell them she wasn’t quite done with surgery either.

NOTE: Some people may recognize that white couch from another set… some people may make guesses at why the three sisters are in front of that couch… some people may be right. These triplets are very close.

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UPDATE: I got off my fat ass and did some digging to locate the original Tumblr blogger and I have to take it all back. I find his/her stuff fascinating and I'm going to have a proper look at all his/her posts later this week. Check out the original Tumblr page here (yes, it is kinda weird, but so what?!)

FYI: OPP = Other People's Posts

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