Thursday, September 8, 2016

OPP: By The Wrists

I happened upon this blog* and was so impressed I want to give you a taste of what you can find here. Their blog is called Free Advice Is Worth What You Pay For It and this is just a very small excerpt from a post called By the Wrists:

"I fucked her in the alley behind the bar where she worked. She was young and flirty and had too much porn in her head when she accepted my invitation to meet outside during her break. My switchblade made quick work of her panties and she almost gushed when she felt the sting of the blade on the backs of her thighs. 

I was impressed at her boldness, mostly born out of youthful bravado, but she spread like a champ and took me deep in just two strokes. I settled into a rhythm and pounded her young cunt. My friends had followed me out into the alley at a respectful distance and my hand in her blond locks kept her in place despite her feeble objections when she heard them talking. The audience turned her on. Seemed like everything turned her on that night. My cock, my voice, my instructions, my boots, as I kicked her feet apart and slid in and out of her in the dimly lit alley. 

I pushed her over the edge with three smacks to her ass and one to her tit. She came so hard her knees gave out. The didn't just buckle, she collapsed and I didn't quite catch her in time, my hands slipping ineffectively from around her waist. It didn't seem to phase her. From down on her knees in the rain puddles that washed away some of the homeless stench, she turned and took my cock into her mouth and showed me why her boyfriend would never leave. 

I was done with her so I let her suck me like she was doing a Broadway audition and then came in her mouth. She let out a startled grunt but kept the seal around the base of my emptying cock and swallowed it all..."

There's a whole lot more (with a twist!) and you can find the full story here © Advizor54
*FYI: OPP = Other People's Posts

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