Thursday, September 1, 2016

OPP: The Honest Cheater

FYI: OPP = Other People's Posts

I met The Honest Cheater. Well, not him per se but his blog. I discovered it in quite a random way (which is not unusual given the internet) while looking for a magazine cover (a 'straight' 'regular' magazine cover too, not a porno!) via Google.

Given his strapline was "Confessions from a Married Cheater... the Good, the Bad and the Uglies" I was intrigued, and it wasn't long before I realised this guy was a lot like me (except I'm not a cheater - I've just contemplated it). Like me he is not having much sex with his wife and his explorations of a solution had led him to cheating on his wife of many years. I'm in a similar situation and have had the same thoughts - albeit I haven't acted on them.

So I spent an afternoon reading all his posts, which was easy because his blogging has been sporadic (I suspect he has stopped). A few of his posts prompted me to comment (even though I think his blog is dead) so I thought I would share some of those with you, since it says as much about me as it does about him:

"Ah, those soft hands!"

The Honest Cheater wrote (excerpt from longer post):
I met Jasmine online just 4 hours before I actually met her. And when I actually met her, we were in bed together within 5 minutes. The reason why I met her was simply because I was absolutely not thinking clearly, and posted a very direct ad online. The lack of sex for months and months, made me long so much for sexual attention, that I decided to post on Craigslist that I was simply looking for a hand job. Not even anything else, I just wanted so badly to feel a warm hand taking me and just releasing me.
Jasmine responded not even half an hour after posting. And with the message she sent me a photo of a pretty, early-twenty something black girl who lived not even ten minutes from my work. A horny man is not always on his most intelligent behavior... I went over there, got to her apartment, and knocked. After a really weird quick introduction, she immediately invited me into the bedroom to lay down on the bed, and take my pants off. She sat next to me, placed her hand on my immediately growing penis [and] her soft hands did their magic on me. She held me between her fingers, looked at me, and said that it actually turned her on doing this. We both said nothing until a few moments later, when she looked at me again, [and said] "Can I fuck you?"
I commented:

Pardon my ignorance but was that really all there was to this CL encounter? Did she ask for some 'gift' or cash as a thank-you for what she had done? And if it really was just one woman happy to oblige a random man on CL how do you rate on the scale? Let's just say {ahem} I'm an older larger man (who could stand to lose a few pounds) - how would I fare on Craig's List? Will I get lucky, like you, or will I get asked to be a Sugardaddy and bring $ome gift$ ???

The Honest Cheater wrote (excerpt from longer post):

It was after midnight that I woke up again, and it actually took me some time to realize that what woke me up was her hands on my erect cock. "I missed you. I want you." she said softly. Usually, when we have sex, we have a lot of foreplay. But this time, I saw a whole different beast in my very own wife. Here she was, suddenly, the woman I met so many years ago, crawling over me and her soft intimate lips spreading over my cock. With one fluid motion she slid over me till her crotch hit mine, her very wetness making the movement extremely slippery.
We became dirty again. She grinded herself on me, thrusting my cock, hitting her womb. It was pure fucking, and not in a negative way. In an extremely good way. It was the honest porno fuck. Twenty minutes of raw intercourse, and it became better and better with every moment. Especially when I talked dirty to her - mentioning her fucking her favorite TV star. 'You want Jim Caviezel to fuck you?' I said. She always tries to stay in control, but when I mentioned that I was him (Yeah, right!, I wish!) and asked how it was to have his cock bare inside of her, she moaned, mentioning she needed him inside of her. The thought got into her mind, and I noticed it in her temperature and behavior.  
'Do you want him to cum inside of you?'
'mmmmm... yeah!'
'Do you want him to shoot his sperm inside your tight pussy?'
'I want it!'
'Do you want him to knock you up?'
And this roleplay game came to an explosive end for both of us, at the same time, when she told me strongly: 'Yessss, Fuck me pregnant! Fuck Me! Cum!'  And I felt myself explode, shooting ropes of come deep inside of her. Feeling our juices 
mix together and cover us both. 
She told me the day after that she actually felt a bit ashamed of it. I said I liked it a lot, and that I am not a jealous type in that way. 
Of course, we haven't had sex since.
I commented:
I have a similar situation with my wife as you do with yours, except I don't cheat - I suffer!
And almost as bad as the lack of sex is having sex which turns out to be great but then later she recoils from it and seems to regret having been so open with her desires. My wife can also seemingly get off on something vaguely kinky (as your wife did fantasizing about Jim Caviezel), but then later refuses to explore it any further (or try it again).

The Honest Cheater wrote (excerpt from longer post):

"Is there anything else you would like me to put attention to?" she asked, as it was nearing the end of the massage. Fuuuuuuuck... I am terrible at this. I hoped this would just go nicely, but here I am, laying there, and she calling my bluff about being inexperienced. Well, I was, but I think she thought I was full of it.
So, stuttering, I mentioned that I would not mind if she might perhaps pay a little bit of attention to my appendage (now showing a certain state of arousal). Softly, like I'd asked her something she'd never heard before, she touched me, held me softly. "This?"
I nodded and I think I croaked some kind of sound that should have confirmed my agreement.
"Ok" she said and she started to jerk me off softly.
I commented:

You seem to be chasing a unicorn: a woman who you desire, who desires you, who craves sex with you, and you both have mind-blowing sex - but it's all without strings because you love your wife who doesn't/can't have/want sex with you. Good luck with that!

I'd just be happy with my wife giving me permission for 'hand relief' at a local rub 'n tug, as {SPOILER!} your wife has with you! :)

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