Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Brangelina Split - If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Can't Make It Work...

If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Can't Make It Work What Does This Mean For You?

I have a blog scheduled for this Saturday called Open Marriages.  I considered posting it now but that would mean re-writing it to cash tie in with the media frenzy about the rumored affair of Brad Pitt that resulted in his wife Angelina Jolie filing for divorce. While others (no doubt those on Team Aniston) will find some irony in Jolie ditching Pitt due to his alleged on set romance with Marion Cotillard while filming Allied, I take no such pleasure since I was always Team Jolie.

There are better stills from Gia but I chose this one because
she looks just exactly like an ex GF in this one (seriously!)
Just as many women found Brad Pitt immensely attractive, I was similarly enthusiastic about Angelina Jolie. Before her thin period that is. She looked super hot during the Gia - Laura Croft years, but then she went on the Size 0 diet and when I saw her in The Tourist I just thought "damn, you're too skinny girl!" That won't stop me from seeing her movies since I think she's a great and eminently watchable actress - I just don't lust after her anymore.

Which I'm sure she gives zero fucks about.

Anyway, to the point of today's post (and it's a vast generalization and an immense over-simplification, but bear with me):

Last Saturday I posted Never underestimate the power of a blow job ~ Part 3 in which I said
Ladies, never underestimate the power of allowing your man a sexual release. If you don't want to have sex with him then give him a quick blow job or a handjob. If you don't want to do that either then tell him to jerk off while you watch (or do the same, depending on your libido). And if that doesn't appeal then at least give him permission to masturbate in private - just tell him you've gone off sex yourself but he's welcome to get himself off if he wants to. The reason I say this is because sex is very important to men (and to women too, I know) but if your libido is gone it's unfair to leave him hanging... [more]
It doesn't matter how hot you look or how sexy you are, if you don't get intimate with your man he will find an outlet for his sexual desire. Or worse, another woman will zero in on the opportunity and take advantage of the situation. (Disclaimer: I have no knowledge how good or bad the Brangelina sex life is, so it may not be a factor at all). This is why (again, I'm guessing) celebrity hotties like Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, and even Halle Berry have all suffered the curse of the straying partner.

Yes, yes, I know what you're going to argue and you're 100% right: men shouldn't be ruled by their dicks, men should keep it in their pants, if a woman doesn't feel like being sexually intimate she shouldn't have to be sexually intimate, it's 2016 and the 'men have urges' argument just doesn't fly any more - yes, all valid rebuttals and all completely true. As is men seem to gain a lot of their self esteem via sexual intimacy and if they're not getting any they stop thinking straight.

Or is that just me?

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