Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What Do You Prefer: Cut or Uncut? ~ PART 2

Here are some of the original replies made to What Do You Prefer: Cut or Uncut? on Pervertically Virtuous' original blog (not mine) that I republished yesterday. Her original post got such a reaction I felt I should also publish some of those responses.

FYI: This is not me, or my swinging dick!

Pervertically Virtuous in response to Nero:
I recently stumbled (tumbld?) upon a tumblr blog of pics of uncut cocks. I didn’t realize how ugly most of them were, so I can understand why women may prefer a circumcised cock. I also now realize that my own uncut cock is quite beautiful. It deserves more attention, maybe I should share a dick pic?  ~ NERO
Lol, they’re not ugly! They’re beautiful, as I’m sure yours is too.
Of course you should share. I love cock pix, just like G :)

Nero in response to Pervertically Virtuous:
I was joking. I haven’t met a woman yet who enjoys an unsolicited cock pic. ~ NERO

G in response to Nero:
... It deserves more attention, maybe I should share a dick pic? ~ NERO
Um, yes please - and not just with PV thank you.

G in response to Nero:
I was joking. I haven’t met a woman yet who enjoys an unsolicited cock pic.
Pleasure to meet you, my name is G.

Pervertically Virtuous in response to Ms Mahler:
As a Jewish woman who has wrestled with this topic for years (and especially in regards to my own sons) I want to say how grateful I am for the way you handled this topic. I usually find it hard to read things from people who don’t favor circumcision b/c they are frequently written as an attack. Reading this was not comfortable for me–but it was the discomfort of reading something that challenges my beliefs, and not the discomfort of something that seems to be attacking me.After a great deal of time reviewing a wide variety of medical studies on the subject, overall I do not see circumcision as damaging, and I do believe that it has medical benefits–but like washing a wound in alcohol those benefits are almost exclusive to non-industrial societies w/o access to modern medical practices. (ie, when my ancestors were herding sheep in a desert 2000 years ago, circumcision, like not eating pork, was probably a good thing; these days, in places like the US and Europe, it’s at best unnecessary.)On a personal level, I have very little experience with uncut cocks, and the one I did get to play with was definitely a strange and uncomfortable beast.
Thank you for that comment. Glad you the post did not feel like an attack – this topic is often so incendiary, it’s hard to stay calm and objective.

Pervertically Virtuous in response to Valery North:
UK-based here: I was shocked when a partner told me I was her first uncircumcised sex partner. We had some good times with her getting to know my penis. The cultural thing between Europe/USA is very noticeable in porn – obviously, a lot of internet-available porn is made in the US, and usually features circumcised [...]
I bet you were shocked. Recent generations of women here are really really unfamiliar with intact penises, and US porn dominating the market doesn’t help either. I think rates of non-religious circumcision are slowly dropping in the US (the American Academy of Pediatrics is not recommending it universally), so hopefully the next generations of US women (and men) will become a bit more familiar and less freaked out/disgusted by what penises were meant to look like.

DISCLAIMER: This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous.

In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 

(FYI: some links in this post are dead)

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