Sunday, September 25, 2016

What 'Erotica' Are People Into?

It's hard to know since it depends who and what you ask, and every survey is different. But when I had a look at the 'Tags' section on (the internet's most popular site for erotic fiction, incl. my wife's) I got some interesting results.

And again, those results depend on what you look at.

If you look at their list of most used tags (left) you'll see that the most popular tags for their 300,000+ erotic stories are Anal with 21,961 tags, followed by Oral at 15,590 and Threesomes at 12,100.

That's kind of what you'd expect (especially with Lesbian being the 4th most popular tag) but if you add in Oral Sex (sitting at 9th place) you'd see Oral jump to the Number One spot with 24,416 tags.

Factor in Blow Job (5th, with 11,554 tags) and .... (I was going to say Cunnilingus but I don't see it listed, which is surprising) have Oral miles ahead with 35,970 tags.

But there's another Tag chart on Literotica too, which is different to the one listed left. If you look at that you'll see that the most popular tags (IMO) are:
Older Woman
Blow Job
Anal Sex
Older Man
(see full list below)

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