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A Hodge-Podge Foursome: A Photo Journal

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright to this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 

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Pervertically Virtuous posted: "I don't always feel like writing sexy stories that will make your (and my) panties wet. And not all sexual situations deserve such stories. Even kinky, group sex stories. Even when they end in orgasms. This time I want to tell you about a night of group s"

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

A Hodge-Podge Foursome: A Photo Journal

by Pervertically Virtuous
I don't always feel like writing sexy stories that will make your (and my) panties wet. And not all sexual situations deserve such stories. Even kinky, group sex stories. Even when they end in orgasms. This time I want to tell you about a night of group sex that involved so many different acts and had much potential to be a remarkable experience, but it just never lived up to that potential. And so doesn't really warrant an erotica-type post, but we took a lot of pictures, so maybe they will make up for it.
Mick, one of the guys I had had that amazing bisexual MFM threesome with a few days earlier, invited Ace and I to join him for a play session with his hot young female fuck-buddy and another swinger couple. I was still horny from my week of ovulation, watching porn, and Craiglist trolling; plus, in our email exchanges, Mick had expressed interest in a lot of kinky activities - watersports, tasting another man's cum, getting fucked in the ass, being dominated and spat on, so I was all in. Ace had just come back to Outdoorsville from a trip to New York and was tired and cranky; not in a particularly sexy mood. But  this seemed like a rare opportunity to get in trouble with two couples - something Ace and I have never done together before - so he decided to suck it up and go out.
We met everyone at a bar near the hotel. Mick's hot young fuck buddy had cancelled at the last minute, so it was just the five of us. The other couple was... OK. In their early 30's, they were cute, low key, slightly shy and down-to-earth, underdressed (or perhaps we were overdressed; Ace and I just cannot get used to the fact that Outdoorsville is not New York City and that people wear flip flops and fleece everywhere). He was skinny and not muscular at all; she was on the big side. So I wasn't too excited about playing with them, but her big boobs got Ace excited, and I decided to take one for the team. Plus, Mick was there, so I'd be fine.
Then, just as we got the check and while Mick was getting a hotel room over the phone, she got a work phone call and left the table. When she returned 10 minutes later, she said they had to go, there was something urgent she needed to do for work.
It wasn't an excuse, we had talked earlier about her crazy work schedule and how she was literary on call 24/7, but it was rude and disappointing. Especially since she said "If they had called 10 minutes later, we would've been 'busy' and I wouldn't have picked up". Well, why the hell did you pick up now? You WERE already busy!
Anyway, they left and the three of us weren't sure what to do. Mick had already gotten the room and paid for it, $70 that were not refundable. I was obviously fine playing with just two men, but Ace was already on the fence, and without another woman, his interest was pretty low. We ordered another drink while we re-thought our situation.
That's when Ace spotted Rachel walk by the restaurant. Rachel is an old fuck buddy of his, and someone I'd hooked up in an orgy once many years ago. She's not the hottest woman out there, but she's remarkably always down to fuck. Ace called her over and she joined us. We chatted for a bit, explained the predicament we got ourselves in, and asked if she were up for joining us so that the room wouldn't go unused. Ace was still not motivated - he had fucked Rachel so many times over the years and she was only a mediocre fuck so with the novelty worn off a long ago, he had little incentive. But everyone else was very excited about it all, so he went along.
We started off with some Mick and I going after Rachel: Mick went down on Rachel while I made out with her. Ace joined in for a blowjob. Soon Rachel was on her knees, sucking on Ace's cock while getting fucked by Mick from behind.
In the meantime, I put on my lovely silver strapon. Since Mick liked to get pegged, I thought it'd be really exciting to try and fuck him while he fucked Rachel. I see those sort of train positions in porn, but I've never done it myself. So I got behind him and tried to slip my cock inside him.
I managed to get the dildo in, and just the thought of fucking a guy in the ass while he's fucking another girl, while she's sucking on another guy's cock was pretty mind-blowing.
But I didn't get to enjoy this for too long. We couldn't find an angle that worked for both cocks to go into both holes at the same time.
So we decided to switch positions. We turned Rachel on her back, and Mick and I re-assumed our positions, letting Ace take pictures.

That worked a little better and I was getting into it.
Unfortunately it didn't last long either. Mick seemed like he was somewhat uncomfortable from the dildo in his ass, and it was interfering with his rhythm for fucking Rachel. He later said it was really hard to fuck someone with someone else doing you from behind with a strapon. Not much room for him to move.  It looked like he was struggling to maintain his erection.
So I pulled out and let Mick fuck Rachel properly.
IMG_3163 - Copy
While I stood back, watching, touching myself, contemplating going back in.
IMG_3164 - Copy
Except that I didn't. After a while, Mick pulled out, and Rachel needed to take a break.
So I took off my strapon and decided to pay Ace some attention. He was soft, and still not particularly motivated. But I was motivated. So I laid next to Ace on the other bed and started blowing him. Mick soon joined us and buried his head between my legs.
IMG_3167 - Copy
This was getting me excited.
Once the two man seemed hard enough again, Mick fucked me bent over the edge of the bed, while Ace fucked Rachel.
Unfortunately, both men were having a hard time maintaining their erections, and the condoms were not helping.
So at some point, Rachel said to me:
"I've never been fucked by a girl with a strap-on. Would you fuck me?"
How do you say no to that, right?
I put my strapon back on, and started fucking her missionary style. I called Mick over so that I could suck his cock at the same time.
I was really enjoying that, I thought it was hot. It was certainly my first time fucking a woman while sucking on a man's cock.
Rachel liked it too - in the beginning.
But after a while she complained that the dildo wasn't thick enough for her to feel it very well.
"I know," I agreed. "That dildo was bought primarily for fucking men's asses, not women's pussies. I have another bigger one, but I didn't bring that one."
She needed a break.
But I needed an orgasm. This whole thing was getting frustrating.
Surely Ace will get hard enough to fuck me.
So I got Ace hard enough to fuck me, and ordered Mick underneath me. The fucklicking had worked so well during the MFM with him and his buddy Ron a few days earlier, it gave me one of the most intense orgasms in recent memory, so I tried recreating it.
Except that it didn't work so well this time. Mick was not as good with his mouth on my pussy, and Ace was having a hard time staying hard. I even offered him my ass - a thought that always gets him hard - but it didn't help this time. He later said:
"It was really hard staying hard when every time I'd look down, there'd be a guy's face there, and my balls kept hitting him on the forehead. I was trying to roll with it, I wanted to be cool with it, but I couldn't. It just wasn't sexy."
I realized I had to pee. Remembering Mick's email desires, I called him into the bathroom.
"Lay down in the bathtub," I ordered. "I wanna piss on you."
He got excited about the idea, as did I. It had been a few months since I last showered someone (my lovely slave-boy) with my piss.
"I wanna see you covered in my piss, you dirty, dirty man."
He got really hard during this. Once I started pissing, however, he seemed like he wasn't really into it (he later said "Let's face it, piss doesn't taste very good and it burns your eyes and skin." Umm, duh, but some people like that, and you said you wanted it. Whatever). I also thought I needed to pee more than I really did, so that didn't last very long, after only being mildly successful, if at all.
As I was about to clean up, Rachel knocked on the door. She had to pee.
"Oh, perfect!" I exclaimed. "Come in, I want you to pee on him."
She seemed a bit hesitant, but did as I requested: She squatted over him and pissed a bucket. But she un-turned on by it, that it was the most un-erotic golden shower I've ever seen.
Then Ace knocked on the door. "What is going on in there?"
"Oh, nothing you'd be interested in participating, baby!" I responded, and hurriedly cleaned up, realizing he'd been out there alone for a while.
When I joined him back in the room, I had decided I absolutely had to come. Rachel and I gave him a joint blowjob, and soon he was hard enough to fuck me.  He fucked me while Rachel made out with me and that's where I finally came.
Rachel and I then went back to working on Ace. She was holding his cock, jerking him into my mouth. That was really erotic for Ace and he came in my mouth. I'd been waiting for that because I was going to give Mick his first taste of another man's cum. With a mouth full of cum, I kissed Mick trying to transfer the cum into his mouth. Except that he wouldn't open his mouth, so the cum ended up dripping off both of our faces. Which was pretty hot too. (He later said how cum didn't taste good either and he didn't want to swallow. Although a day earlier he had written this elaborate gangbang fantasy where he cleans up all the cum out of a woman's pussy and then all the men cumming in his mouth while he fucks the woman. WTF?)
At that point, it was Mick's turn to cum. There had been so much going on, and he was so distracted, that the best thing to do was to get away from the others: He dragged me into the bathroom where he jerked himself off into my hand. Which I then had him lick.
There was an almost palpable sense of relief radiating from everyone that everyone had come (not sure about Rachel actually) and we could finally go home.
As we were putting our clothes back on, Rachel confessed that we were her third fuck that day - she had already fucked two other guys, independently of each other, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. She is one slutty woman! (Of course, I mean that in the best way possible). Although she had been acting weird all night: She seemed out of it the whole time, like she was really drunk or high on something, and she was extremely passive and seemed not very turned on. She willingly did everything anyone wanted to do with her, but never seemed very into or excited about anything. Mick later said that her passivity was part of the reason he was having a hard time maintaining an erection.
So, overall, it was definitely an interesting night. It was a good, learning, experimental experience, with a few 'firsts', but it was lacking in many ways, it was frustrating.
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