Sunday, October 30, 2016

A weekend of promises, fulfilled and unfulfilled

If you'd read last Monday's post Left alone for five days... what's a boy to do? you'd know I haven't had sex with my wife for quite some time and (as usual) it's had me climbing the walls. In fact the last time we had sex was October 4, when this happened: Anal - Did I finally get it right? ~ Part Two. So last Friday meant it had been more than 3 weeks since we'd enjoyed any actual sex and I felt we were well overdue.

I was primed for action. We'd been to a birthday party for one of my wife's friends at an inner city bar but were home before midnight. That meant my wife was relatively sober but in a buoyant mood. Two of her besties had also joked about what a hottie I was and why couldn't they find a man like me. Based on past experience I've learnt that kind of talk fires up my wife's libido, so forgive me if I didn't make a move as soon as my wife climbed into bed.

No, I didn't just crassly pounce on her - but I did give her a cuddle and kiss her neck. 

"Feeling horny?" she asked, knowing full well there was something pressing against her hip.

"Hell yeah, " I replied, honestly. "It's been a month!"

"Noooo?" questioned my wife, "not that long"

"It's been over three weeks," I countered. "Trust me, I know"

"Hmmmm, well maybe tomorrow night then?" said my wife, seriously. "I'm kinda tired"

So it's at this point, dear reader, that we take a break to publish a picture. While I'm doing that you can go back to Saturday's post OPP: Confessions of an Adulteress  (pre-scheduled before Friday night's escapade) to get a backrounder on my emotional state. It's how my brain works when I've gone without sex for too long. Since the post you're reading right now is tagged 'we had sex' it's obvious I did get laid at the weekend, but do read Saturday's post to see how I was feeling on Friday night when my wife seemed disinterested in sex (with me) after having recently spent all that time away from me.

Welcome back.... so my wife says she's tired and suggests we put off the sex until the following night. Our daughter is having a dozen friends around on Saturday for her annual Halloween bash so I figure that might work. My daughter's plan is to have them all over at 5pm and watch six horror movies she's rented, so that should leave my wife and I plenty of time to have sex upstairs while they're all downstairs in the basement movie room. But then the old proverb 'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush' springs to mind and I remembered that this would not be the first time that I've been 'bumped' from Friday to Saturday night, only to find on Saturday there is no sex then either.

So I said no, and fondled her breasts and nuzzled her neck. Her nipples were hard so I felt that validated my actions.

"Well," she continued "what I was thinking was that you could take one of those blue pills you mentioned, and we could really make a night of it tomorrow..."

'Those blue pills' of course refer to Viagra, the medication for men with Erectile Dysfunction. And this is where the story veers off on a tangent, but one that is worth telling, I assure you!

I don't suffer from ED but a week before we went to London (late September) I had my annual medical check up. The doctor had on his desk some promotional object with the word/logo VIAGRA emblazoned on it, and I fell into the pharmaceutical company's trap: "What's that?" I asked, thinking it was an odd thing to have sitting on his desk. Now the doctor should have said "that's a marketing device to make you ask about a Viagra so I can make general enquiries about whether you think you might need it so I can then prescribe it" but of course he was more circumspect than that. But he did talk about Viagra and ask if I thought I needed some. I of course said 'No" but he countered with "would you like some? I can give you a free trial pack (of 4) and you can see if they make a difference?"

Being a well adjusted man of the world I am well aware that many young gay men with no ED take Viagra and use it to enhance their sexual performance so I was intrigued. It occurred to me that I don't personally know any young gay men with no ED who take Viagra and use it to enhance their sexual performance so maybe that was just a story created by the company that own Viagra? And then I thought about being able to have sex for hours, so... What the hell?!

I decided to live dangerously and take the offer: "Sure, if it's free I'll give it a try"

So the weekend before we left for London I told my wife I'd been given a 'sample pack' of Viagra by my doctor, which immediately had her asking: "What's wrong with you?" Nothing, I assured her. "Then why would you need Viagra?" she said, continuing her interrogation. So I told her how gay men were taking it because it made their dicks rock hard, and they stayed hard for hours, and it was all meant to be quite good as a sex enhancer and since the Doc was offering free candy I thought I'd take some.

Satisfied that it was no longer about her not being woman enough to arouse me, and was instead about her getting some rock hard cock, her demeanor changed immediately. Suddenly she was very interested and now it was I who was wondering WTF? Honestly, it was clear that the idea of getting to ride some big fat stiff never-softening dick held great appeal to her - to the point I was wondering if I wasn't enough for her now?! I'd noticed no change in my erections but now I was questioning myself. Was I not fucking her forcefully enough? Was she wanting something bigger? Had she had something better recently to compare my 50 y.o. dick with?

It all got really weird, really fast. I suddenly knew how Varsity guys feel when the cougars turn up at a bar.

I needn't have worried because by the time we had gone to bed my wife had switched into 'just wait until we get to London, we can have lot's of sex then" mode. My wife is a big believer in 'vacation sex' but to be honest in recent years that has really tailed off, possibly because we nearly always take our daughter with us. As it transpired we only had sex twice in the two weeks we were in London. Once was just a quickie (I didn't post about it) but the second time Anal - Did I finally get it right? ~ Part Two was fantastic.

Which brings us all the way around and back to Friday night, two days ago...

"Feeling horny?" she asked, knowing full well there was something pressing against her hip.

"Hell yeah, " I replied, honestly. 

"Hmmmm, well maybe tomorrow night then?" said my wife, seriously "I'm kinda tired... how about tomorrow night you take that little blue pill and we see if it works?"

"What do you mean 'if it works'?" I replied.

"Well," she continued "what I was thinking was that you could take one of those blue pills you mentioned, and we could really make a night of it tomorrow... You know, let's see if it gives you a big hard cock and makes the sex better..."

Wow, it had been over a month since I'd mentioned the 'free samples' but clearly she'd filed it away in her brain. There was something about the way she said 'let's see if it gives you a big hard cock and makes the sex better' that had me worried. So she did think the sex could be better? - and she had thought about wanting to try a bigger cock? But whilst my brain was going into a tailspin and my self esteem went into a nose dive... my cock had no such issues. It remained rock hard and pressed against her thigh.

"What's that?" she asked. I said nothing. She reached over and grabbed my dick, holding it and feeling it's length.

"Hmmmm, that feels like quite a good erection" she mused to herself. It was a definite hmmmm, not a mmmmm. Again, my brain screamed WTF?! as I wondered where this sudden fascination with cock size came from. Sure, I suppose she may have thought about it before but she sure as hell had never articulated it before. Not out loud, to me. My cock however gave no fucks. It hadn't had sex for over 3 weeks and now it was twitching and raring to go. Literally twitching.

"Hmmmmm" said my wife, as she started slowly pumping my throbbing dick.... There was a moment of silence, but then came the magic words: "Mmmmmmm..."

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