Sunday, October 9, 2016

Anal - Did I finally get it right? ~ Part Two

[Part One here

So last Tuesday night we're in London and getting uproariously drunk with our English friends... when we get back 'home' to our Air BnB my wife is in high spirits. She quickly stripped off and climbed onto the bed, so I leaned over and kissed her as I removed my own clothes. A thought suddenly hit her and she jumped out of bed, exclaiming "oh yes, I've got a surprise!"

I wondered what that surprise was - had she bought some naughty lingerie? She had certainly shopped London to death in the previous two days....

But it wasn't lingerie - it was lube and a vibe she had brought from home. It wasn't a surprise because I'd (secretly) seen her pack it in her suitcase, but it was a surprise in that she actually pulled them out this time and was about to use them. As I've also blogged previously: there have been many times when she's brought lube and a vibe on a vacation but chosen to leave it in her suitcase, unused. This has always distressed me, especially on those two occasions when she took me away for the weekend for my birthday but then we didn't have sex!

But right now my wife was hot to trot and primed for action. By the time I had finished removing my own clothes she had the vibe fired up and both it and her pussy were lubed. She started working it slowly up and down her slit as I wondered what the fuck was going on. We hadn't had sex in over a week and now she wasn't even waiting for me? "Quick!" she instructed "get your cock inside me - now!"  I was kinda dumbfounded - she had gone from zero to sixty in as many seconds afterall - but I did as she wanted. I placed myself between her legs and slowly started sliding my cock in.

"Mmmmmmm - yeahhh!" she grinned "that feels so good, fuck yeah"

Once again (I've blogged on this before too) I had no idea if it was me or the vibe she was talking to but I started fucking her none-the-less. Slow thrusts at first, but as I gripped her legs to my thighs I started pounding her. She had her legs spread wide and was working that vibe all over her clit. She started moaning and I could tell she was right in the zone. Right in the zone - but with no way of knowing whether it was me or the vibe she was getting off on. I was horny but angry and a devilish thought crossed my mind.

I pushed her legs back further to the mattress, forcing her butt higher, and at the same time slid my cock out of her sopping wet pussy. Grabbing my rock hard prick I aimed myself at the entrance of her asshole and gently pushed myself forward. There was no resistance so I eased myself further inside her. "Omigod" gasped my wife "your cock... in my ass" She said it like it was whole new feeling for her, even though my cock had been in her ass before. Maybe it was a whole new feeling? The way she said "in my ass" made it sound like she liked how dirty it all was. I took it as assent and started slowly thrusting in and out of her butt. She was flat on her back with me in her ass and she started working that vibe into her pussy now, something she normally doesn't do (she usually just vibes her clit). She started moaning and grunting, gritting her teeth as she was enveloped in pleasure.

She came, I could feel it, but she kept going. I kept going too, determined to fuck her ass for as long as she'd let me. She continued working that vibe and moaning like a woman riding a Sybian. I was ready to cum myself but somehow wasn't quite able to. Despite the pleasure my cock felt in her tight little butt, the English bed we were fucking on was all goose feathers or something and super soft. I was sinking right into it, instead of getting deeper into my wife.

Since my wife seemed to have had no problem with the sustained ass fucking I thought I'd push the envelope and see how far we could go.

I pulled out of her and lay on my back, instructing her to climb over and ride me reverse cow girl style. I knew she loved that position normally, but this time I wanted her to ride me with my cock in her ass - not her pussy. She climbed over and got into position but it was the wrong one. She had her head down and her ass up, ready to receive me doggy style. She still had the vibe going hard on her clit, and even cranked it up a notch - which had her moaning again.

Okay, so it was the vibe was it? Fine, you have your fun, I'll have mine.

I got up off the bed and pulled her over to the edge. Placing her in the doggy position with me standing on the floor behind her I again placed my cock head at her asshole and pushed forward. Again there was no resistance from my wife so I took that as a sign to continue. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her ass like it was her pussy. I wasn't so gentle this time but she had no problem taking what I was delivering. The vibe was roaring away and so was my wife. She was cumming again, working that vibe in and out of her pussy as I pummelled her asshole.

She moaned and grunted and cried out "oh yes, yes!" when I told her I was about to cum too.

"Cum in my ass, cum in my ass, cum in my ass..." she chanted, as I exploded inside her.

I gave her a few pumps for good measure then pushed her forward, down onto the bed, as I dashed for the bathroom to clean up. When I returned she was in the fetal position, curled up with the vibe still buzzing between her legs. Those must have been some mindblowing orgasms she'd had because she was almost catatonic. When I pulled the vibe from her she snapped out of it:

"Wow" she said, "wow"

Which was what I was thinking too.

There's an epilog of sorts coming on Wednesday: Donald Trump & Me


  1. As always Nero, a fantastic and well written recollection of a very arousing scene. Excellent work.....on both the anal and the writing!! xx

    1. Thanks. Now if I could only figure out a way to make this happen more often... :)


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