Saturday, October 8, 2016

Anal - Did I finally get it right?

As you will know from some of my previous posts, my wife and I have tried anal a few times over the 25+ years, with varying results. Some have been okay but not great, others have been painful - a sure sign you're doing it wrong. I know the golden rule for anal: use lube - lots and lots of lube - but sometimes it happens in the heat of the moment and you think "she's so so wet, my dick is slick enough, it will be fine". But as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman: "Big mistake, BIG, huge!"

She might be wet and your dick slick, but it's not enough for a sustained ass fuck. So use the lube, and lots of it. Says the guy who knows the theory but has never quite got it right in practice...

This image is a placeholder - I can't believe I don't have any 'anal' images in my 
extensive catalogue of saved pornographic images??
Okay, hold up, I have used lube when trying anal with my wife and those were the occasions when the experience was rated 'okay'. And the reason it was only okay was because I was always left with the nagging feeling that my wife was not really into it and just doing it for me. We all do things for our partners because we know they love it, even if we don't as much, but I'm greedy and want that Unicorn: I want my wife to be into anal.

Y'know, like all those other sex blogging women who admit they love it in the butt. Seriously, there are plenty of woman who love it in the ass so why doesn't my wife? That was a question I'd often ponder, and the answer was... I was doing it wrong. Lube is just one part of the equation, the other is that your partner must be in the mood for anal. She doesn't necessarily need to be in the mood for anal per se, but she must be hot 'n horny and up for some dirty nasty sex.

Last Tuesday night I found myself in just such a situation and it resulted in me giving my wife a sustained ass fucking. Yeah, you read that right: it wasn't just a quick one in the butt - it was a prolonged penetration of her ass! It went down like this:

Tuesday is of course TMI Tuesday day and after posting my own contribution I checked out what the other TMI'ers had to say. One of them was Heelsnstocking, and in her post she said how much she loved anal. (Oops, turns out she said it in this post). So on Tuesday night we're in London and getting uproariously drunk with our English friends... oh, I hadn't mentioned I've been in the United Kingdom for the past two weeks had I? Well that explains why I had so many posts about/by other people...

So we get back to our Air BnB and my wife is in high spirits. Not surprising given her friend is an alcoholic and they polished off four bottles of wine between them (I had one cocktail). My wife stripped off and climbed onto the bed, so I leaned over and kissed her as I removed my clothes. A thought suddenly hit her and she jumped out of bed, exclaiming "oooh yes, I've got a surprise!"

I wondered what that surprise was - had she bought some naughty lingerie? She had certainly shopped London to death in the previous two days....

continued in Part Two tomorrow

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