Friday, October 28, 2016

Fetish Friday: Uniforms ~ Part Two

In my previous post I pointed out that Fetish does not mean whips, chains, and leather - that's BDSM. One 'entry level' fetish/turn on is Uniforms. Women love a man in a suit or military uniform; and men... well, they love a woman in any uniform - as long as it's sexy!

Here's a few more Uniforms you might want to wear for Halloween this year. Some simple costume ideas for the evening, and you can adapt them later for some midnight fun!!

If your partner has a uniform fetish this is perfect!
This is also perfect*, but... you'll need a big military
overcoat (which you can take off in the bedroom)
if your partner is a Sci Fi geek as well as a Fetishist then 
this will just rock their world this Halloween!

(Fetish Friday: Uniforms ~ Part One is here)

*Update: more perfect is a cap without Nazi insignia. It is distasteful and offensive to many people.

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