Friday, October 28, 2016

Fetish Friday ~ Uniforms

These may seem extremely mild if you think Fetish = BDSM but fetish means much more than that. A fetish is an object you need in require to be sexually aroused ie feet, used panties, latex gloves, etc etc. If you can cum without it the item is not truly a fetish - although for some it's likely a very strong preference that dictates your turn ons. One 'entry level' fetish/turn on is Uniforms. Women love a man in a suit or military uniform; and men... well, they love a woman in any uniform - as long as it's sexy!

Here's a few Uniforms you might want to wear for Halloween this year. Some simple costume ideas for the evening, and you can adapt them later for some midnight fun!!

the French Maid is an easy one for the ladies (overcoat required until you're inside)
a Superhero costume is an easy one for the guys (no overcoat unless you're packing oversize dick)
The Playboy Bunny is always popular but you'll need an overcoat if you're hitting the street

And just to remind you this is Fetish Friday... how about a PVC Spidergirl?

(Fetish Friday: Uniforms ~ Part Two will be posted in 6 hours!)

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