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If One Doesn’t Satisfy, Another One Will

This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.
To be clear: the copyright to this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 

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Pervertically Virtuous posted: " On a crispy, sunny Sunday afternoon, I rode my bicycle over to Brooklyn for a friend's birthday BBQ. I was pleasantly surprised to see Braden there. In his late 20's, tall and dark-skinned, with a beautiful face, a disarming smile, and a slender but wel"

recovered post by Pervertically Virtuous

If One Doesn't Satisfy, Another One Will

by Pervertically Virtuous
On a crispy, sunny Sunday afternoon, I rode my bicycle over to Brooklyn for a friend's birthday BBQ. I was pleasantly surprised to see Braden there. In his late 20's, tall and dark-skinned, with a beautiful face, a disarming smile, and a slender but well-defined body, he's one of the most gorgeous men in our NYC community. The chemistry between us has been electrifying ever since we laid eyes on each other almost exactly three years ago: It was lust at first sight. Lust that still hasn't waned.
Perhaps because we never truly consummated it.
Not that we didn't try. We did. Multiple times over the first few months after we met. When hard, his cock is a lovely, thick 9''. Unfortunately, he never managed to stay hard long enough to feel him inside me for any significant amount of time. Neither of us ever came. We would always come out of it frustrated, and there would always be promises for the next time.
What was the cause of his issue, I'm not sure. Almost every time we hooked up, it was after a long night and day of partying and doing drugs, and he blamed it on a combination of partying a lot, doing a lot of drugs, not eating healthy or exercising anymore, and being emotionally involved in a troubled long-distance relationship. After many unsuccessful attempts, I decided to take a break from trying and perhaps come back to it at some later point.
I didn't see much of Braden over the last couple of years as, juggling between Unitown and Outdoorsville, I spent very little time in New York, but an occasional sexy text would serve as a reminder of our continued mutual interest in each other. When I saw him that afternoon, the spark between us was as strong as ever. I wanted to devour him. And he couldn't keep his eyes and hands off of me. We spent much of our time at the BBQ making out.
His eagerness made me think for a moment that this might be the day when we complete a successful fuck. Until he confessed he wasn't feeling well that day. After almost a year of staying healthy and having an amazing sexual stamina, a few months ago he had again descended into the vicious cycle of drugs and partying, and now he was experiencing severe abdominal cramps from prolonged ketamine use. Yet he asked if I'd like to go home with him. I knew it was probably doomed to fail, yet again, but went along anyway. It was on my way home, and I wanted to hang out with him a bit, sex or no sex.
There were no surprises there - we added yet another failed attempt to our long list. He quickly got about 75% hard, and hurriedly proceeded to fucking me, as if he'd lose even that erection if he waited any longer. Once the condom was on and the cock was inside me, he stayed hard for no more than a minute. Not long enough for me to enjoy myself or cum. We abandoned the sex idea a few minutes later. After a mini shrink session (I often play this role in my friends' lives) and a promise to himself to stop doing drugs and get his shit together, I got back on my bike and headed home.
ripped-upper-bodyIt was still early when I got home. I thought about writing a story, but was too horny and frustrated. I checked Craigslist - there was one gorgeous man looking for a girl with a rape fantasy. I emailed saying I don't have rape fantasies, but I'd love to get my hands on his ripped body. He insisted on a dom/sub type of play. I said I really wasn't submissive, but we could have hot, steamy vanilla sex. He didn't write back.
Then I remembered my temporary neighbor. Diego, a tall handsome man in his late 30's, normally lives in Brooklyn, but this week happened to be house-sitting for a friend right across the street from my Manhattan apartment. How convenient. I texted asking if he wanted a late night visitor. He did.
I crossed the street to find him standing in the hallway of his building wearing a white shirt and white pants, contrasted beautifully with his dark Latino/Black skin. He wasn't wearing underwear, and the outlines of his giant cock were clearly visible, even while only barely erect. He was the owner of the thickest cock I've ever felt in my life. (And that's saying something.) It's also fairly long, but it's the girth that's truly astonishing.
The two other times Diego and I hooked up, I didn't actually get a chance to feel his cock in its full glory inside me. The first time, during an MFMF foursome, he was having erection difficulties. The second time, only a few days ago, during an impromptu MFM threesome with Ace (at a friend's birthday party with two other people fucking right next to us, and a few others watching), Diego somehow never got to fuck me, only to stuff my mouth with his monster cock while Ace was fucking me from behind.
So I was looking forward to our first time together just the two of us. Hopefully, without the distractions of other people, there would be no erection issues and I could finally test the width limits of my pussy.
And I sure did.
Diego turned out to be a passionate lover who loved to kiss, touch, play. He massaged my back while I massaged his cock. He had his fingers deep in my pussy while I had his cock deep in my mouth (as deep as his giant cock head would allow it to go, deep throating is outside the realm of possible with him).
BBC blowjob
When it was finally time to fuck me, he used a female condom, something I've never done before. Except that he removed the inner ring, and just slipped it on as you would a male condom. He's simply too thick to feel comfortable with even the largest of Magnums.
It felt tight. Really really tight. He was so thick, I thought I could feel the inner ring of the condom, I had to double check that he had actually removed it. Yep, it was only his cock head I was feeling. I was full, fuller than ever before (except that one time I briefly found myself with two cocks inside my pussy at once). But there was a lot of friction, it was almost like each time he would go in and out of me, he was scraping my vaginal walls. The entire time the experience toed a fine line between being pleasurable and painful, and I couldn't quite decide which one it was.
BBC-fuckBut it was pleasurable enough to give me at least two orgasms. I was about to have a third, but he was starting to go soft. We took a little break, yet couldn't keep our hands off of each other for too long. Before long, he had two of his fingers buried in my pussy again, and his cock was growing back in my mouth. Then I felt his other hand playing with my ass, and I started to lose my mind again. Clenching my anal sphincter, I practically pulled his fingers inside.
"Put a third finger in my pussy," I asked. He obliged and started finger fucking me harder and faster while rotating his other two fingers inside my asshole.
Choking on his cock, I exploded in an orgasm more intense than the two I had gotten earlier.
I let my lips part with his cock for a minute and lifted my body up to kiss him. I pushed his fingers out of my ass, but kept the ones in my pussy. Both of us now on our knees, he kept finger fucking me while we were passionately kissing and licking each other's bodies. I started getting flashbacks from earlier in the day of me on my knees in front of my computer, rubbing myself to an orgasm watching a gangbang , courtesy of Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire, my main go-to porn blog these days. Flashbacks from earlier in the night, of Braden's gorgeous body above me and his lovely big cock growing hard in my mouth. Then the thought of what a slut I am, fucking two different men in a span of a couple of hours... This whole time Diego kept finger fucking me vigorously, and I kept squeezing his big hard cock with one hand while rubbing my clit with the other.
"Let go," I heard Diego whisper in my ear just as I felt my climax reach its peak and I screamed in ecstasy. This orgasm was even more violent that the previous one, and then all of a sudden I felt a warm liquid gush out of me, and then again, and again, in an orgasm that just kept going. When I finally came to and looked at the sheets, I realized my suspicion was right - I had squirted.
Squirting is a highly uncommon experience for me - the first and last time it happened spontaneously was 10 years ago (I was standing, pushed against the wall of a government building on a busy Berlin street at dusk, getting finger fucked by a sexy Japanese Brazilian guy I'd met the night before). A few people have since tried to 'make me squirt' (once successfully and a few times unsuccessfully) by going through the mechanical motions of how you make someone squirt, but that didn't feel like an orgasm at all; if anything, it was kind of unpleasant. This was something different. It was divine.
I was spent and needed to promptly pass out. Diego didn't cum, but I told him to wake me up in the morning with a hard cock in my pussy, and he seemed satisfied with that idea, promising me a sexy wake-up call.
He kept his promise. A few hours later, I was woken up by his gigantic glans poking at my pussy entrance until it finally gave in. His cock was already pumping in and out of me by the time I was fully awake and realized that he might not have a condom on and that the friction I was feeling was from lack of lube. Panicking, I slipped my hand down to check. I had no need to worry - he had a (female) condom on and plenty of lube. The friction was simply a result of being already swollen and raw from the night before, even though it wasn't that much fucking. Despite the slight discomfort, the sense of fullness and his constant, steady rhythm led me to an orgasm. As I was cumming a second time, he came with me.
We went back to sleep for a few hours. When we woke up, we chatted and cuddled for almost an hour before I managed to extricate myself from the bed, put my clothes on, cross the street to my place, and start the day.
It had turned out to be a lovely evening.
*The photos are from another Black lover; no pictures were taken of this particular evening* ~ P.V.
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