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OPP: Confessions of an Adulteress

So I stumbled onto this blog by a married woman calling herself Luna Moon, detailing her adventures as a serial cheater. She was a regular commenter on Ryan's blog and I found her comments and attitude fascinating.  She had also set up an Ashley Madison account (as well as on all the other similar sites) so she could cheat on her husband whom she admitted to still being in love with. But like many cheating wives her husband was now a comfortable old sedan and she was wanting something a little more exciting to ride.

This is not Lunar Moon, but it is how I pictured her
when she met Drake in the carpark for the first time
I've only read the first year of her blogging (there are many more years but I haven't got to them yet) but what I find so fascinating is that she and all her fellow Cheating Wife Bloggers (yes, there's a whole community of them on the sex blogosphere) are wholly unrepentant about what they are doing. They have an itch that needs scratching, an itch that their husband can't scratch, and so they go out and find that relief elsewhere. Sure, a few of them have 'bad' husbands but by and large the majority don't. They 'love' their husbands but they're bored/unfulfilled and they seek out someone else who can 'make them feel alive again'.

Reading their blogs I can't help but imagine my wife fits their type to a 'T' and it scares the bejeebus out of me. When they talk about meeting their lovers at various times of the day, sneaking out in the evening for fleeting moments, and all the lies they tell to cover their tracks... well, I can totally substitute my wife into their narrative. My wife is always meeting people in town (scheduling various appointments so she is gone for 4-6 hours), going to important dinners with important people that I'm not invited to, getting last minute coffee dates with girlfriends, postponing last minute coffee dates because something has come up and they can't meet as scheduled, etc etc.

Yes, it all makes my wife look highly suspicious.

Combine that with the infrequent sex we have, despite her always presenting herself as very hot, and I can't help but think: maybe someone else is getting what I'm not?

Anyway, here's a few key excerpts from Luna Moon's blog that caught my attention. My responses are in italic.


Sunday, September 18, 2011 ~ In the Beginning...

Ashley Madison is much kinder to women than to speak. Women are inundated with messages and chat requests - men are willing to pay the premium prices to communicate in the hopes that one... one! ...will respond to a flirtatious message or a silly poem. I met Drake through chat. In your profile there are silly little boxes that you check to indicate your sexual preferences and desires. One of the boxes I had checked was "curious - submission." Apparently, this caught Drake's attention, so he sent me a chat request and I accepted.

I received an email detailing what, specifically, he wanted to do to me. It was quite graphic and involved his desire to enter into a Dominant/submissive relationship with a woman. It didn't surprise me that he had held back...many women probably would have turned and run. I didn't...I was pleasantly aroused and intrigued. In return, he was impressed by my desire to know more.

This is just part of what she said, so click the link for all of it. This post (her first) resonated with me because my wife reads a lot of erotic fiction that involves forced submission, rape fantasies, and women being dominated to become willing sex slaves/hot sluts. I have discussed these with her in broad terms but she is insistent that she has no desire to try that IRL and they're just silly/hot stories. 

I am reconciled to the idea that she does not want to explore those fantasies with me because she can't see me as one who could dominate her in bed. She just doesn't see me that way. My fears are based on what might happen if she does meet someone who fires that spark within her? I've seen it a hundred times before in the blogosphere: a woman who never though she'd cheat 'falls under the spell' of a dynamic man who gets her to do things, nasty things, that she's never done or dreamed of before. 


Monday, September 19, 2011 ~ Joining Ashley Madison...

I was not new to Ashley Madison. I had met numerous men on AM and then decided I needed therapy. My therapist told me to sever all ties with them. So I did. I am not sure why I felt the need to go back to AM. I was looking for passion and excitement--which I wasn't getting from my husband. When you've been married for over twenty years, it's easy to see that side of your life go down the toilet... [more

That last line is the gut kicker. We've been married 20+ years. My wife could have written this. I don't know if she's having an affair or has had one in the past, but some days it's sure felt like it.


Monday, September 19, 2011 ~ The First Meeting

We had barely known each other a week when we decided to meet. I worked half days on Fridays and his work schedule was flexible, so Friday was the perfect day. He told me how to dress: skirt and top, no bra and no panties. The anticipation was almost too much to bear. When my workday finally ended, I went to the restroom and slipped off my bra and panties.

I drove to the mall with a feeling of excitement and lust. I liked the way he took control. I knew what I was doing was crazy... but I was doing it anyway... He walked very purposely over to my SUV and gestured for me to open the door. He ordered me to pull up my skirt. He fondled me for a few moments and then moved his hand down the front of my shirt and began twisting my nipples. I moaned softly. We hadn't even said hello... [more]

Luna Moon is a great writer and it's a hot post ... but ... wow. Where the fuck do I meet women like this? Why can't my wife be like this? What if she's like this with someone else? WTF - why not with me?

And so the downward spiral into my own despair continues. 

Trust me, I have tried to do this stuff with my wife but she just won't play. She (seemingly) prefers to read it, not do it.


OPP = Other People's Posts

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