Saturday, October 15, 2016

OPP: Regular Guy Gone Bad ~ Part Two

Part One ran so long I had to split it in two. I stumbled onto this blog, written by a married guy named Ryan who had set up an Ashley Madison (AM) account so he could cheat on his wife. Their marriage was sexless apparently (aren't they all?) but they had kids so neither wanted to split. It's a great blog so here are a few more excerpts. My responses are in italics.

I have no idea if Ryan is this buff, but by all accounts (his own!)
he's a reasonably attractive man in good shape... albeit older than this.

I also got the impression, just call it sixth sense, that she may have been seeing someone else. I didn't have any hard evidence but the consistent last minute cancellations for some reason just gave me a sense that something else might be happening other than the family issues.

In this case Ryan is talking about a woman he met on AM and is seeing. But she's giving him the runaround so he suspects she's seeing someone else. In my one and only cyber affair in 2009 I encountered the exact same issue. Suddenly our online rendezvous' were being delayed or she had to cancel for varying reasons. And then one day she said she had met someone else online and he was prepared to meet her IRL so it was over between us. (She eventually left her husband for him, and they're still together). 
I also sometimes suspect my wife is having an affair (emotionally, if not physically) but I have no proof. But reading Ryan's blog (and others, by unabashed cheating wives) hasn't helped. It really is so easy to cheat if you want to, and my wife seems to have ample opportunity. 


Saturday, February 11, 2012 ~ Just to Satisfy Her 14 Carat Mind

Shannon is, in a word, 'materialistic'. With her it ain't ever the thought that counts (unless you are thinking exactly what she is thinking), it's the merchandise. So for example on her birthday I gave her a certificate for a $350 all day spa treatment to a really exclusive place in the area. However, to be honest very little thought was put into it. But the $350 was well worth it; not getting her what she wants is always more costly in the end

I don't know if I would call my wife materialistic but she certainly loves the bling. And by bling I don't just mean shiny sparkly jewellry, I mean 'luxury goods'. As my wife's salary has increased over the years she has been able to indulge her love of the finer things in life: designer everything (clothes, shoes, boots, jewellry, and handbags)! She also goes for spa treatments, long lunches, long pre dinner drinks, long dinners, long after dinner drinks, etc etc. As long as she's hanging with 'the beautiful people' my wife will stay to the very end - she always wants to be the last to leave. For her life is a party.


Thursday, May 3, 2012 ~ Can You Take Me High Enough

I slowly started to thrust again faster and harder until we were fucking hard again. I really thought I would cum but in the end I didn't want to turn this into an overheated machine.

Then, I did what I had never done. I faked it (slightly).

I didn't want Sandee to think I didn't enjoy this because I truly did but I also didn't want to turn something that I was fairly sure had been good for her into a chore. Even though I didn't ejaculate during intercourse I was very happy and satisfied. Actually guys can sometimes have an non-ejaculation mini-orgasm and that is essentially what I had.

I've done this a few times over the course of our 20+ year marriage and I've no doubt my wife has done it too (way more than me). As I said in my comment on Give Me What I've Always Missed above, sometimes I just can't get there. I can feel the orgasm boiling in my balls but for some reason there's a 'blockage'* and it ain't coming out. Rather than make my wife feel bad I fake an ejaculation. And yes, I've had plenty of mini-orgasms without ejaculating too - it usually means I can stay hard and have a second orgasm later (with an ejaculation). Thanks Ryan, glad to know it's not just me that does that.
(*usually because we haven't had sex for a long time - which is counter-intuitive, because you'd think I'd be ready to cum a gusher within the first 5 minutes, amiright?)


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OPP: Regular Guy Gone Bad ~ Part One

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