Monday, October 3, 2016

OPP: Regular Guy Gone Bad

So I stumbled onto this blog by a married guy named Ryan who had set up an Ashley Madison account (remember them?) so he could cheat on his wife who had cheated on him. Their marriage was sexless apparently (aren't they all?) but they had kids so neither wanted to split. It's a great blog but beware, he is awfully fond of 'shaggy dog' stories: he'll start telling you about one woman he's dating/fucking via AM but then he spreads the story out over an entire month, giving you only one post a week on her. Damn frustrating!

Sterotypical shot found on Cheating Websites - no face showing (yet)
but look at my boobies. I want you to know I'm DTF!
His spelling is sometimes off but his writing is fantastic and I've found him so compelling I've actually read all his blog posts for the first two years, starting at the beginning. I've had to stop at 2012 because I have stuff to do IRL, but it's fair to say I have been binge reading for hours at a time over 3+ days. I look forward to catching up more and seeing what he's like now in 2016.

His situation is very similar to mine: we both seemingly have wives who have become bored with their husbands as they have risen to the top of the corporate ladder, leaving us behind in the dirt as they tell their friends "He's a great father to our kids" but at the same time telling themselves "I just wish I wanted to fuck him, but I don't".

Anyway, here are a few excerpts from his blog, up to the point I'm up to.  There's actually more stuff pre December  2011 but it's only at this point that I decided to start highlighting the bits that resonated with me. My responses are in italics...


Tuesday, November 29, 2011 ~ No Time for a Winter (Summer) Friend

He actually seemed like a really nice guy. But apparently his measurements are about 5'10" and 250#'s+ so ... in addition to making Sandra a "golf window" he was not exactly in great shape which opened the door for me. Guys, that's the educational piece for the day to keep your wife off AM - stay in shape, and don't make her a "golf widow!"

But again, I said he always seemed like a nice guy from the way Sandra spoke. It was clear that he adores her in spite of his golf addiction. And I think Sandra really does care for him although it may be more as an old piece of furniture that frustrates you because you don't know what to do with it but it's too sentimental to throw away. Hey, that's exactly how Shannon feels about me - it must be karma!

Aaaaaannnndddd... that's exactly how my wife feels about me too. I know she loves me - she just doesn't want to fuck me. Why would she when I'm the same measurements as Sandra's husband? Okay, I'm about 20-25 pounds lighter but given my wife openly says she hates fat people the difference is immaterial. My wife says I'm a 'nice guy' too, and that all her friends tell her what a 'nice guy' I am as well. I was flattered at first but now I wonder if it's something they say at their lunches because there's nothing else good to say about me. Y'know, like how guys might say a girl is 'fun' or 'has a great personality' when what they're avoiding saying is 'she's unfuckable'.  


Monday, December 5, 2011 ~ Give Me What I've Always Missed

Now as I have said I am no ED case. However, many guys suffer from the opposite - meaning they can get it up but can't gush it out. As time went on I found no problem getting it harder but it was getting harder and harder to "cum" to an end. I think the first few times you go at it for 30 minutes+ it's exciting but after awhile you just want it great for a reasonable amount of time and then move onto something else (like a shower or massage or CNN, etc).

Anyway, I found myself having to think about other women to finally get to orgasm. Is that bad?

I also have trouble cumming sometimes too, but I have no trouble getting hard or staying hard. Does that still count as ED? It's dysfunctional, at least. I tell myself that the problem is because I am in a constant state of repressed desire: I am constantly repressing my desire to make love to my wife so when the chance finally arrives I can fuck her, but I can't cum. It's all 'bottled up' somewhere, stuck in a box inside a closet where I've locked the door and said "No, you can't come out!"
The problem is compounded when my wife wonders why I'm taking so long and asks 'what's the problem?' She thinks I've been jerking off (I haven't) or that I don't really desire her (I do). The problem is that on the rare occasions we do have sex my brain starts telling me my wife doesn't really want it and I'm effectively raping her ('why would she want an old fat fuck like you when she meets so many hot guys?'). Then it becomes a real headfuck.


OPP = Other People's Posts

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