Tuesday, October 25, 2016

TMI Tuesday: Oct 25, 2016 ~ How’s it going – you know, your relationship?

Get real. Spill. It’s TMI Tuesday!

This photo is off center (I tend to favor symmetrical images) which makes it perfect for this post

1. How did you realize an important relationship (romantic, friendship, business) was over? What was the pivotal moment or statement?
~ There comes a time when you realize "this aint working anymore", when you realize you'd rather be doing other things. Better yet, you realize you should be doing other things because what's happening right now isn't good for you.
On the lighter side, in High School I once broke up with a girl because I couldn't stand her incessant talking. We used to make out all the time, but the day came when I realized we were just making out all the time so I could shut her up! She had to go...

2. Relationship strategy–do you have one? Share.
~ I've been with my wife 20+ years. My strategy seems to be 'hang in there, come what may'. My wife has kind of recognised this, and very occasionally says "I don't know why you put up with me" or "I'm so lucky you stuck it out" when discussing some previous period/ episode in her life.

3. Name two things you appreciate about your current relationship. Why are these things significant? (If not currently in a relationship, feel free to refer to your best relationship)
~ 1. I appreciate that my wife does love me, even if she doesn't want to have sex with me all the time. This is significant because it keeps hope alive!
~ 2. I appreciate that my daughter, who despite her current status as 'terrible teen', is a fantastic person and I both like her and love her dearly. This is significant because some parents become estranged from their kids, and I'm both hopeful and confident that this won't happen to us.

4. In your relationship, do you compromise:
a. a little
b. never – I usually get my way

c. too much, it helps keep the peace
~ ^^^ I have become my father! ^^^

5. If you went to couple’s therapy, which of these are you most likely to have a need to discuss:

a. My significant other feels more like a roommate.
b. Sex is uncomfortable.
c. My partner doesn’t know what I like in bed.

d. “Forget sex! We barely touch.”
~ see also: 6 Things Men Complain About In Marriage Counselling

Bonus: Below is a list of extreme sports. You must pick one sport to try. Why would you do that sport?
1. skydiving
2. volcano diving
3. zip-lining through a jungle
4. bungee jumping
~ I've already done #3 & #4 but I'd like to do #1. The reason I haven't already, seriously, is because I want my daughter to be older in case anything goes wrong. I know the odds of me plummeting to my death are infinitesimal but better safe than sorry. But once she turns 18....!

Double Bonus: In yesterday's post Left alone for five days... what's a boy to do? I said:
But she did 'like' two of my Facebook posts (my real profile, not the Nero one). So basically I've been on my own the whole time.
This morning I woke up to find myself locked out of the Nero account by Facebook, unless I provided a phone number to prove I wasn't a fake account. So... be aware that those Facebook bots are pretty thorough now. They go through everything you post and can recognise words like 'my real profile'. The problem in my case was that at the weekend I started using a third party app to automatically cross post these blog posts to Facebook. That was a mistake, a big mistake. (The x-rated photo probably didn't help - maybe that's what triggered an alert?)

Triple Bonus: I've used that same third party app to automatically cross post my Instagram posts to this blog. Since I post at random times please excuse random images popping up here. They come with the Instagram hash tags in the post title (on this blog) which looks kinda stupid here, but hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures. (If only because I'm such a white middle class male cliche!)

Also: I've changed the widths on the template for this blog. Hopefully that makes it easier to read but if it doesn't or is causing problems please let me know. I tend to read blogs on my laptop, but if you read them on phones or tablets then maybe it's a problem? Hopefully not. (The font looks small to me now, but that could be my eyesight!)


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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