Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TMI Tuesday: October 18, 2016 ~ Let's Talk About Sex

Hello world! Guess what we are talking about this week at TMI Tuesday?

1. Good sex can be _____ .
~ Anything that is sexually fulfilling ie it leaves me feeling happy. While an orgasm is preferable it isn't mandatory (although it's rare for me not to). 

2. Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about _____ .
~ you and me. That's how the song goes, right? My wife and I don't talk about sex because it makes her uncomfortable. She says we should just do it and not overthink it. Which is not good for me because I am full of self doubt about what she actually wants (sexually) now. What she likes one time she doesn't like the next time, etc and yet she give no cues, hints, or comments as to what she wants.
If she doesn't want to talk about it then it must be because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings by admitting she wants a man with a better body and a bigger cock, right? Or maybe... a woman?

3. _____ is all about putting pleasure back into sex.
~ That I don't know how to answer this question probably says something about me and what I know about putting pleasure back into sex, right? No wonder my wife doesn't want to discuss it - I'm clueless! I look forward to seeing how other TMI'er answer - is it viagra? flavored condoms? Hitachi vibrators? hot tubbing naked with your neighbors? anal fisting? C'mon, tell me!!!

4. Excessive use of pornography can distort expectations of what sex in real life should or could be like.
a. True
b. False
~ Absolutely true. The first rule of advertising is "Repetition sells" ie keep bombarding the consumer with the same message and it will cement itself in their brain. And so it goes with porn - if you keep watching women getting off while being choked and slapped it won't be long before you think maybe you should try choking or slapping your partner. That's how anal sex became so popular.

5. ____ boosts my sexual performance. ____ boosts my sexual enjoyment.
 ~ Her lust boosts my sexual performance. Her pleasure boosts my sexual enjoyment.
By which I mean if my wife is 'in the zone' and truly getting off it really ramps up both my performance and the pleasure I get from sex. If my wife is passive and seemingly just performing 'her wifely duties' then I'm left feeling deflated and (later) sad.

Bonus: What is the last way that you experienced sexual pleasure?
~ Masturbation. Because my wife only gets horny when her period is due ie once a month. Or when she's drunk too much wine*, so maybe twice a month. 
(*Not to be confused with way too much wine, in which case she just wants to sleep)

Double BonusSince I've mentioned anal, check out Anal - Did I finally get it right? and it's guilty sequel Donald Trump & Me 


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Nice and considered answers that demonstrate your regard for women, just a shame about the wife stonewalling on the feedback.

  2. More on Q4 - My wife reads a lot of erotic fiction, and is often disappointed that we can't recreate what happens in those stories. Which is unfair given that [a] the author is making it up, and [b] the reader is embellishing it in their own mind (if it is written well). We might be able to recreate the mechanics of something she's read (say sex in a shower) but she gets disappointed if it isn't as passionate in the story she read. Why are there no fireworks? Because she's worried about one of us slipping over in the wet, which they never mention in these stories.


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