Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TMI Tuesday: October 4, 2016 ~ Sexy IQ ?

TMI Tuesday time. Answer these interesting questions adapted from Red Lipstick Project’s Sexual IQ test.

1. You want to make love, but your partner says they’re too tired:
A. You’re annoyed and frustrated. 
B. It’s a bummer, but you understand they’ve had a long day. 
C. You give your partner an awkwardly long hug and say you’re happy to wait. It’s better when you’re both into it. 
D. You get nervous and worried. Maybe your partner is cheating or doesn’t think you’re attractive anymore.
A with a little D sometimes when/if it seems to be a recurring problem 

2. Who is having better sex? You or your best friends?
A. I am, obviously. 
B. We don’t talk about our sex lives. Ever. 
C. We all have our good times and bad times. We don’t usually compare. 
D. My friends have all the good sex. I can’t keep up.
C! What I hate is when my wife makes out to friends that we're doing it all the time, when we're not. We had dinner the other night with a couple and that woman said they never had sex at all because she really couldn't be bothered, and much preferred an intellectual relationship with her husband. I was horrified (but kept quiet)

3. How do you feel right after sex?
A. Sweaty and ready to shower. A little gross. 
B. Satisfied and energized. Ready to take on the world. 
C. Calm and happy, falling asleep. 
D. A bit let down and tired.
Usually C and sometimes D. Sex relieves a lot of stress for me.

4. Which is better? Being a man or woman?
A. Men have it so much easier 
B. Women have it so much easier 
C. I’m having too much fun being me to worry about it. 
D. Is there really much of a difference?
My gut feeling is B because if women want to get laid they can (really!) just go out and get some. Sure it might mean debasing yourself by making yourself available to less than the Perfect 10 but generally speaking if you want cock you can get some. For men who want some pussy it's not that easy. Unless you pay for it, so I guess it's easy too (but expensive). I shall put this to the test by being reincarnated as a woman. 
Alternate answer: D.

5. You and your partner had sex that wasn’t that good. You:
A. Don’t say anything. Everyone has an off day. 
B. Complain or drop hints that things better improve. 
C. Consider whether you should break up. Sex is the glue to a good relationship. 
D. Discuss it immediately and see if there is anything you should be doing differently.
Generally A, but I might also ask her about it at an appropriate time if I tried something different/special but didn't get the reaction I anticipated.

5. What advice do you wish you had when you started having sex?
A. Sex is a great thing – healthy and fun. 
B. A proper tour of the reproductive parts as erogenous zones and not from a biology point of view. Bodies are really strange and getting to know them can be awkward. 
C. Sex is a beautiful thing but be careful to protect your body from STD’s and pregnancy or you won’t have as much fun. 
D. Enjoy sex while you can, because it gets worse as you get older.
I guess C is true but then so is A - and D is... more a warning than a reality. Sex is what you make it. It can be as good or bad as you want it to be. (Notwithstanding if you have a partner who is not/no longer sexually compatible). B sounds like one of those 70s hippy tips: "Get a hand mirror out ladies and look at your vulva!"

Bonus: What will your sex life be like when you’re 70 years old?
A. I can’t imagine having sex when I get wrinkly. 
B. Probably a little sex here and there. 
C. Hopefully my years of knowledge and hard work in the bedroom will pay off when I am having good sex in my 70’s.
Hopefully B but I suspect A (because C requires a miracle). Not because I'm worried about being old and wrinkly but because my wife is.

Double Bonussome nice boots: Fetish Friday ~ Thigh High Leather Boots!

Triple Bonus
some kick ass boots: I took this photo myself!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. I laughed out loud at your context answer to Q2. Horrified would have been at the mild end of my reaction to hearing that.
    ...She probably just needs a good fucking and a cock in her to sort her out and make her think straight again :-)

    1. We had dinner with them again last night and they all got really drunk. I can't speak for 'that woman' (who hates sex) but when we got home (to our Air BnB) I gave my wife a good fucking *and* got my cock in her ass for good measure. As in, a serious prolonged ass fucking, unlike anything we've done before. I'll have a blog post about it next week but here's a teaser: it was partly inspired by *your* TMI comment about loving anal.

    2. Most excellent news and good to hear that I have positively contributed to mankind through my writings.

      I myself have just enjoyed a prolonged ass fucking this morning and I am currently writing this with my ass full of YSL's cum. Look out for my Sinful Sunday this week that will have the first of two pics from this mornings activities.

    3. Your Sunday post is a teaser for next Sundays!!
      And I can tell you haven't read *my* Sunday post yet, because if you had....


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