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Will You Make (All) My Fantasies Come True? ~ Part 2

Here are some of the original replies made to Will You Make (All) My Fantasies Come True? on Pervertically Virtuous' original blog (not mine) that I republished yesterday. Her original post got such a reaction I felt I should also publish some of those responses.

Pervertically Virtuous in response to Nero's comment:
I totally get and accept what you’re saying here. FWIW I already realized you’re well out of my league (or I yours, to be precise) but its both fun and informative to follow your blog. I fail to meet your mark on the following: “You have to have a killer body, a big cock that [...]
Heh, thanks Nero. I’ll put you on the list for the clones ;-)
Just to make something clear on “nice guys”. Nice guys don’t finish last in my book. I’m not one of those women who like jerks/assholes and pass up on the nice guys. No way. I don’t tolerate jerks at all. Being nice is another must for the guys I fuck. It’s just that it’s not enough. You have to have all the other qualities.

Pervertically Virtuous in response to cammiesonthefloor's comment:
Really liked this, and find myself thinking so many of the same thoughts.
Heh, yeah, I bet all women who love casual and/or kinky sex experience this sometimes. It can be flattering, but it can be annoying as well :)

Pervertically Virtuous in response to Hyacinth's comment:
Haha! I’m not quite as sexually adventurous as you, but I’m pretty wild and don’t give a shit about conventional restraints re: sex. When I was more single than I am now, I got approached by so many of these fellows you described for much of the same reasons. I would fuck a guy if he was smart and sexy, but if he didn’t perform up to my standards, there was never a second chance. Mediocre sex is a dime a dozen, I was looking for something special to keep my interest.I found it a couple of times and had fun, then TN rolled around and, well, you know the rest. I can’t wait for us to start swinging… I need some strange fucking baaaad. lol
Glad to know I’m not alone :)
So is there swinging in the near future for you and TN? Can’t wait to read about it!

Pervertically Virtuous in response to jplr's comment:
“Even more importantly, try and free more women from the social confines placed on their sexuality.” 
And how (as a man) am I supposed to do this? I would really like to know since learning to be more social, get bigger muscles or regrow my foreskin are have been done, tried or impossible to achieve. 
The rat race to meet more consumers requirements makes sexual relations (lol) feel like an economic exchange : a big cock for bondage, a good wage for anal, chiseled abs for a threesome, etc. 
I would like to change my perspective on this and create positive changes for my partners (and luckily for myself). To get the pussy of a slut wet is a trivial problem. To turn a women into a slut is not. How do I achieve the latter?
Big cock, 6-pack, etc, those are just my own personal criteria for a lover, many women are pretty happy with less than that (a foreskin is not part of the requirements, it’s simply a preference).
Men are responsible for creating a sexually liberated world as much as women are. But you’re right – turning women into sluts is not an easy and straightforward thing. You can’t wave a magic wand and make it happen. It’s a lifelong, vague, diffuse process, war really, fought across many battlefields. As KDaddy said, make women feel comfortable exploring their sexuality, whatever that may be, as opposed to shamed by it. You do that when talking to you female lovers/girlfriends and female friends – make it clear to them that their sluthood would not prevent you from dating and marrying them, that you would love and respect them for owning their sexuality. You do that by speaking up and confronting slut shaming among your male friends whenever you get a chance. By educating your children about it. If you really care, you can do it by getting involved in anti-slut shaming activism online or offline – you can write, tweet, Facebook about it, make documentaries, art, donate to non-for-profits working for that cause, go on SlutWalks. Here’s a list of things you can do as you go about your life every day:
But you can go broader that that. You can help turn women into self-respecting sluts by working to bring comprehensive sex ed in schools. To decriminalize prostitution. To provide universal access to contraception, abortion, and sexual health services. To ease up on the mass hysteria around sex offenders laws and registries. To lower the age of consent. By protesting online and media censorship of sexual content. By studying sex. By supporting gay rights. By volunteering for Planned Parenthood, or a rape crisis center, a battered women’s shelter… By voting democratic and working/donating to elect more democratic members in government from presidency down to the local level. All of these things are connected. There is so much we can do. ~ Pervertically Virtuous

jplr's followup response to Pervertically Virtuous's comment above:
Thanks for responding. Your post (and replies) made me realize that even males which meet your (high) requirements are greedy because “sluts” are hard to find, whatever the dating league. Hence the best way to increase sexual happiness is not necessarily to join the race to get bigger muscles/wages/charisma, but to create sexual openness. Living in a progressive country, I doubt the politics is the key.Greed is human nature. Sexual repression is not. Working on the later will ease the former. I will let you know if I find a magic wand.

Pervertically Virtuous in response to kdaddy23's comment:
“Even more importantly, try and free more women from the social confines placed on their sexuality.”How do you do this? You do it by throwing away society’s moral standards about women and sex because it is so very much and quite sadly outdated. Women have to be safe and all that first and foremost but instead of putting them into that traditional, ancient, moldy, and decrepit role they’ve always been in, you encourage them to explore their sexuality and as many of the things sex has to offer that they can stand. 
You enforce the fact that doing so doesn’t make them a whore, slut, floozy, skeezer, or whatever; it makes them a woman who wants to take responsibility for her pleasure and not leaving it entirely in the hands of incompetent men whose vision is narrow and territorial. 
Yes, PV, we can be quite guilty of getting a piece of that woman who is just the bomb shit and if we can get her again – and do some of those things with her that we now only masturbate to, well, that works for us… but not so much for women. And I don’t think it’s because we’re so utterly mindless or even being unreasonable if we ask that hot, sexy dynamo to make our dreams come true – but if we do it without any respect to and for her as a woman – as a person – first and foremost, then we continue to make the mistake of treating her purely as a sex object. 
The fucked up part about this is that women have this really odd thing about them: They know we see them as sex objects and, in fact, they want men to see this about them… and can get pretty pissed when they do. 
But that’s a girl thing and if a guy doesn’t understand why women behave like this, they need to go back to man school and take the beginner’s class all over again.I think today’s woman is more sexually sophisticated in that if she wants to make all of a man’s fantasies come true, it’s because she wants to do it and not because she’s expected and required to do it and if this is truly the case, fellas, we are so gonna get assed out and more so if we don’t measure up all across the board – and some women – like you, PV – have raised the bar pretty high. 
Damn, good thing I don’t have any fantasies anymore…
Thanks for responding to jplr – I wish there were more men like you out there… :)
I don’t see anything wrong with being treated as a sex object. People serve different purposes in our lives – from some people, sex is all we need, so that’s all we ask for. Nothing wrong or surprising about that. I treat men as sex objects all the time, and I’m perfectly fine with being treated that way in return.
What does (sometimes) piss me off or annoy me (that I was trying to convey in this post) is when men fail to realize that I cannot be their and only (or mostly) their sex object that they can have unlimited access to. When they get greedy about it. I mean, I understand where they’re coming from, – and often I wish I had the time to make their fantasies come true – but it can also get annoying… ~ Pervertically Virtuous

kdaddy23's followup response to Pervertically Virtuous' comment above:
It can be like that for women (and you) because there aren’t enough women who are liberated and uninhibited enough to want to make these things happen not only for themselves but for the men who may be in their lives, either for one night or for a lifetime.On the flip side of this, some men really do have a problem with making a woman’s fantasies come true and because we’re either too old fashioned – read this as Old Testament thinking – or we’re too possessive. A man fails to do this for his woman and she just shuts down, afraid to let her fantasies be known lest she gets smacked down.You can see the beginnings of a circular argument here.On the other hand, if guys are bugging you about this particular thing, well, that’s what you get for being good at what you do… and having zero fears when it comes to sex and things sexual; you practically invite men to treat you as if you’re the genie in the bottle and they have unlimited wishes they want fulfilled – think of it as an occupational hazard.When it comes to these things, a lot of women are afraid to explore things; they’re too inhibited by their moral compass; they’ve had their desire for such things beaten to a pulp by uncaring men; they’re paranoid and won’t be everything a man could want in this because they’re afraid someone’s going to slap the “whore” or “slut” label on them. This is something that men live with every single day… until we meet someone like you who is unafraid and unashamed and, yeah, even willing to turn a guy out and simply because it’s gonna be hot, sexy, orgasmic, and tons of fun.So on the one hand, you can’t blame the guy for wanting more; you could even say that his wanting more of you is more your fault than it is his because you did realize a fantasy of his. Not actually blaming you personally but I think you can see the logic here – it’s another circular argument. You don’t do it, he won’t be back to bug you for more… but since you did…Most guys have never been sucked off before – not gonna get into why right now – and now one of his ‘fantasies’ is to be sucked off while blindfolded. He runs into you, you learn of this hidden desire of his and, being the wide-open, sexually liberated and even devious woman that you are, you make his dream come true and in spectacular fashion. Easy, right? Nope, not when he keeps coming back for more of the same from you! After a period of time, it gets tiring and annoying for you to be pressed into this service and I’m sure it makes you wonder where are all the other women who could do these things for this guy.What I know is that they’re hiding… because they are not free from the social confines placed on their sexuality. You may not have issues with being treated as a sex object – but most women do object to being objectified, don’t they? If a woman wanted to treat me as a sex object, well, I don’t have a problem with that because it does meet a goal in my life as a man: To have all the sex possible with as many women as possible – so it’s win-win… until, of course, she/they exceed my ability to make all their sexual dreams come true.So, yeah, I can see why it would eventually piss you off. Great topic and I thank you for letting me go on at length about this!
DISCLAIMER: This is not one of my old posts, but one by Pervertically Virtuous.
In the process of recovering my own old posts via email I discovered some of hers. Like me, her old accounts have been terminated, and she seems to have disappeared from the internet. This is a damn shame since I consider her one of the best sex bloggers I've ever had the chance to read and follow. I'm reposting her old posts as a historical archive, and if she ever returns to blogging I'm happy to hand them back to her.

To be clear: the copyright on this work is hers, and remains with her - I didn't write it and I make no claim to it. 
(FYI: all links in this post are dead)

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