Monday, November 21, 2016

Failure To Fly

So we had sex last Thursday night and I did my job - pretty well it seems. Except for the one small task I failed to complete - filling her with my hot sticky cum. It went down like this:

We've previously agreed to 'scheduled sex' in order to maintain sexual intimacy and sexual frequency. Without it it's too easy to fall into the trap of not having sex on a regular basis - not that you you want sex to be 'routine' - but then you also don't want to start skipping it because you're really tired or have something important early in the morning. Obviously if you really are really tired then you shouldn't have to force yourself but let's be honest - how many times have you put off sex simply because you don't feel in the mood, but once you get started you start to get into it?

my wife wears something like this to bed - but it's less see-thru!
Most therapists advise couples to 'make an effort' (ie don't just say 'not tonight') on the basis that you need to 'use it or lose it'. Libidos often die of neglect. Anyway, back to me...

We didn't have our midweek sex on Wednesday and my wife was going out on Thursday night for some board dinner so I figured I'd be going without until maybe Saturday or Sunday night. So I figured I needed to take matters into my own hands, so to speak, and resolve the 'issue' myself. So I did. Which is why I was surprised to see my wife home by 9.30pm - she normally doesn't come home until 10.30 - 11.30pm.

She got undressed in the ensuite, telling me about her day as she did so. I wasn't really listening too intently because she was naked, aside from a pair of slingback heels, red lipstick, and some diamond earrings. She looked hot AF and had no idea as she babbled away. When she reached for her nightgown I grabbed her quickly and nuzzled the back of her neck as I feathered a few kisses on her.

"No" she protested "at least let me take my makeup off"

"You always do that" I argued, "how come I never get you in bed looking as good as you do for everyone else?"

Yes, I see now as I write it that it could have been taken the wrong way but luckily my wife knew what I meant. She gave me her you're-the-biggest-child-in-this-house grin and told me she'd be along in a minute then, and could I go downstairs and bring the dog back inside the house. So I did, and three minutes later I was springing up the stairs to our bedroom. I was genuinely surprised to see her in bed already, but pleasantly so because she was still in her hair and makeup - in fact I think she had even re-applied her lipstick! She looked very sexy in the dimmed light and I leaned down from her bedside and kissed her. Softly at first and then more deeply.

It wasn't long before she lifted the covers back to reveal she was completely naked, and she gave me a gentle nudge 'down there'. I was more than happy to oblige and she enjoyed it immensely. She moved my head this way and that, mostly toward her so she could grind herself harder against me! She held my head still as she came, before tossing me aside like a Halloween pumpkin on November 1st. I pulled up beside her and started fingering her pussy and clit. before cupping her vulva in my hand as she ground again into my fingers. She placed her hand over mine and pulled my hand harder and deeper into her as she came again.

She then rolled over and assumed the doggy position - head down and ass up. "Okay, stick it in and fill me up, c'mon..." she commanded. I did as asked but no amount of pounding her ass was going to get me off. I'd cum that afternoon already, and besides (or should I say, more importantly), I had a headache that could split the Titanic. Sure, my dick and balls were feeling good, but my head was in agony. WTF was I thinking by flirting with my wife when she got home? I already had the headache back then and those Tylenol I took when I brought the dog back in the house hadn't worked.

I soldiered on but eventually the pain in my head overtook the pleasure in my cock and I had to stop. Naturally this perturbed my wife, who always worries I'm going to have a brain aneurism while we have sex anyway, so I lied and said I was fine. She immediately started giving me a handjob to try and get me off but that didn't work either. It felt damn good, it felt like I was almost about to cum, but after a few minutes it was obvious I wasn't.

She stopped, kissed me on the cheek, patted me 'thank you' on the shoulder, and told me it had been good for her - before rolling over to go sleep, leaving me to stare in the dark at the ceiling as I rubbed both temples.


Women take it personally if you don't cum - they never think you might have a medical problem or they didn't give you enough foreplay
Saturday night's sex followed the same pattern as Thursdays, with the exception that my headache wasn't so severe. Which meant I was able to cum - yippee! But it took a long time for me to cum. My wife rode me cowgirl style after she'd gotten hers, but then when that failed to pop my cork she eventually grabbed the lube again and slicked up my stiff cock with the cool gel before jacking me to a climax. But as I said it took a while and she only got me off with her dirty talk:

She lay with her head on my stomach, jerking my cock and imploring me to cum fire a big load in her mouth. She was begging for it. That graduated into asking me to splatter her face with my cum, which is definitely new - she's never asked me for that before. Maybe she was just trying to get me off* but as it seemed more likely she was about to get a big load in her face the more she would beg for it. I took over hand duties as she cupped my balls, opened her mouth wide, and told me how badly she wanted to feel those hot jets of cum firing into her mouth and all over her face.

What's a boy to do when he hears a request like that? Torpedoes away!!


Lunchtime Sunday and the headaches returned, in force. I sat in a dark room for hours but the pain was intense. I've never had Migraines before but this is what I imagine they feel like. Sharp/dull piercing pains. By the end of the afternoon/early evening I was in such pain I went to the Emergency Room but we turned back en route when the piercing pain gave way to a dull throbbing. I presume I'm not dying, since it got better. 

This morning I was well enough to smash this out.

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