Monday, November 7, 2016

Last Chance (Sunday) Saloon

looks just like us
On Monday my wife left town for another of her BNG (business networking group) meetings, staying overnight and returning Tuesday night. She told me she was going to go 'dry' in November (ie abstain from alcohol) because she wanted to drop a few pounds by Xmas. It was a 'goal' she had set during one of her personal development discussion groups with her BNG. I joked that this was terrible news, since I didn't know WTF I could do to get her sleep with me now.

"What do you mean?" she asked, surprised.

I explained that after all these years I'd realised that now my only chance of getting her to have sex with me came when she was either drunk or her period was due and her hormones were kicking in. And that lately it seemed both were required, simultaneously, meaning we were only getting intimate once a month. She laughed and said it wasn't true, but yes, we had to get back on track with our 'scheduled sex'.

"tomorrow's Wednesday..." she teased.

I went to sleep knowing two things: she hadn't forgotten about our 'scheduled sex' agreement but keeping to it wasn't a priority. And I also knew something would come up on Wednesday night that would mean mid week sex was postponed.

I was right, and on Wednesday night I got a deferment and a promise that we'd do it on the weekend.

Since I knew my wife had arranged cocktails with the girls on Friday I figured I would be getting some since I knew she can't resist a wine or three when galpal'ing. I dropped her off at 4pm and she said she would be finished at 6pm. At 7.30 she texted me to come pick her up, which I did, and then we stopped for dinner. She 'fessed up to breaking her dry November rule, but explained that it had now been amended to a Sunday thru Thursday rule - so she could drink on Fridays and Saturdays.

Long story short we didn't have sex on Friday night, nor did we have any on Saturday night either - even though we went to a party and she got very merry. It really did make me wonder WTF was going on, but I should have remembered the Golden Rule: my wife will have sex when she wants to have sex. Still, I couldn't help but a plant a seed on Sunday as we went for a two hour walk. the walk was longer than I anticipated and at the one hour mark I asked why we were going for such a big walk. I thought we were just going to get brunch!

She said she wanted to lose weight, hence the aerobic walking. I suggested if she really wanted an aerobic workout I could lay naked on the bed and she could do squats on my dick. That way we wouldn't have to leave the house! She laughed and said "maybe tonight". Uh huh, heard that before.

Sunday night we went to a movie and when we got home... we watched TV!

Later in bed... we had sex!

My wife started by giving me a cursory hand job to get my dick even harder, and then she swivelled around to sit on my face while she sucked my throbbing cock into her mouth. She jerked and sucked but got a little ragged as my tongue worked it's magic on her pussy. I rolled my tongue around her lips, and then flicked her clit. I slapped her ass a few times, grabbing her butt cheeks with both hands as I ate her out. She started moaning and grinding on me, so I grabbed her hips firmly and locked her in position. She continued to squirm as my tongue worked her clit, but I would not let go. I held her firmly and she was completely restrained in my vice like grip as I felt her shake and moan through her orgasm. She kept cumming until finally she groaned "no more, no more!" at which point I released her and she rolled off me.

"Oh god, oh god" was all she could say, as she recovered her composure.

After regaining her breath she reached over and grabbed my dick, slowly tugging it but escalating quickly to a frenetic jacking off. My cock was rock hard but her method was painful and I told her to slow down: "...and use some lube, I want it slippery." I've never suggested that before but she was game, quickly grabbing some lube from the nightstand - and a vibe for good measure. She squirted some on her hand and then lay down beside me. She started slowly jacking me off with her right hand, and fingering herself with her left. I cupped her breasts with my left hand and enjoyed the sensation of her wet fingers sliding up and down my slick cock.

I offered up a little dirty talk - telling her how it felt for me, asking her if she was fingering herself ("yes!") and then admonishing her for being a naughty girl who couldn't help herself - she just had to get off! She replied by telling me how good my cock felt in her hand, before releasing me momentarily to fire up the vibrator. She started running it up and down her wet slit, and I felt her breast swelling and heaving in my hand. She was moaning and jerking me faster and I thought she was going to cum again; but she stopped herself and rolled over to face me. She jammed the vibe down onto my balls as she swung her hips around and straddled me in the reverse cow girl position.

Moving the vibe back to her clit she started riding me, bouncing up and down on my stiff prick. She started to hunch down and jack hammer, like a jockey racing for the finish line but this time she didn't stop. Like the Energizer bunny kept going and going, pushing the vibe up on her clit hard, as she rode me just as fast. I held her hips loosely but firmly, matching her downwards thrusts with my upward thrusts, spearing her cunt with my cock. She was moaning steadily, lost in her own little world of sexual pleasure, and I started thrusting deeper - banging her hard in the pussy.

"Oh god, your balls... so big" she murmured as they bounced against her clit "unnngh...."

Her voice tailed off as she fell back into that sexual bliss, grunting as she impaled herself on me and simultaneously attempting to push the vibe through her clit and into my cock. I suspect she came again because she gave a kind of roar before pulling herself off me and crawling into the doggy position beside me. I asked her if she wanted any pillows beneath her but she declined and braced herself on all fours: "just fuck me, I wanna feel you cum..."

I entered her smoothly and pounded her hard. I held her hips solidly, giving her the opportunity to free one hand and resume vibing her clit, and it wasn't long before she was moaning again, grunting again... back in the zone. She dropped her head down, collapsing into the bed, her other hand now free to reach back, grab her butt cheek and pull herself wider. I couldn't tell if she was signally ass play or just stretching herself so I could fuck her deeper... so I went with both. I pulled her cheeks apart and started thrusting deeper into her cunt, whilst talking about her butt:

"Oh god, you've got the best ass. Your butt looks so great baby - I just wanna spread your ass wide and fuck your pretty little asshole. Yeah, maybe I should do it - stick my cock in there and fill you full of cum. Hot sticky cum all up inside your nasty ass! Yeah I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna slide my slippery dick right in there and fuck your naughty little hole, mmmmmm, so tight... mmmm, my cock feels so good wedged up your asshole... I'm gonna cum babe, right now, right up your ass..."

I was just teasing of course, my dick was still in her pussy as I dirty talked but I was pretending I was in her ass. I grabbed her hips and pumped my seed inside her as I said it: "I'm gonna cum babe, right now, right up your ass..." She was squealing "yes, yes!" as I did so, pushing back hard against me, still working that vibe on her clit as she tried to milk my dick and squeeze out one more orgasm for herself. Which she did.

She later admitted she'd lost count of how many times she'd cum. Some orgasms were sharper than others she said, and some just blurred into each other. I was just happy to get one! Yes, that's my life now - I'm grateful for whatever I can get!!

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