Monday, November 14, 2016

MM - Mutual Masturbation +1

MM actually stands for 'Masturbation Monday', an online meme similar to 'TMI Tuesday' (tune in tomorrow for that). But MM also stands for Mutual Masturbation so I guess I'm hitting two birds with one stone today. Or three birds if you count my own personal meme 'We Had Sex'...

It went down like this:

Despite our agreement to have sex twice weekly to retain intimacy; that has pretty much fallen by the wayside and I'm again lucky to get it once a week - and sometimes only twice a month. We had sex the Sunday before last but Wednesday rolled by with nothing. On Friday night we went to dinner and a movie, a date of sorts, but when we got home we watched TV until 2am - catching up on Samantha Bee. WTF - how did that happen?

So on Saturday I decided it was probably time I manned up and got a bit more assertive, otherwise we'd just be watching her favorite shows TV again. Or on our devices Facebooking. I knew we had a dinner that evening with her folks so I figured today was the day: yes, a daylight fuck! A very risky maneuver but the alternative was becoming a penitent monk. I knew my wife was downstairs in the movie room working out on the stepper, and she would finish with some pilates on her yoga mat.

If I looked like this I wouldn't have to hatch cunning plans...
my wife would be all over me, all the time!
So I got the clippers out and trimmed my beard, and then continued (with a bigger comb) over my chest. And then my balls and my dick. I wasn't hairless, but I was perfectly manscaped. I jumped in the shower and got hard straight away as I soaped myself and hatched a plan of attack. As I stroked my slippery dick I decided I wanted another crack at her ass. The last time we'd done anal it had gone really well, and obviously the key was to get her really horney and use lots of lube.

I imagined fingering her pussy until she was really wet, then nestling down between her spread legs, pushing her thighs over my shoulder, and gently running my tongue around her lips before homing in on her clit. I'd eat out her juicy cunt and then when she'd cum I'd get up, lube my cock, and then enter her tight back passage as I held her ankles wide and allowed her to finger herself to another orgasm. As I imagined thrusting in and out of her dirty backdoor I realised I was soaping my cock with a little too much vigor and snapped back into reality.

My cock was purple and straining so hard my foreskin was hurting. It was rock hard, like concrete. It wouldn't take much more to be spurting hot jets of jizz against the shower wall and for a brief moment I considered doing exactly that. 'Just do it' I told myself 'get that orgasm you want, now, because you know later she's just going to turn you down - and then you'll be kicking yourself'. I was right. but I also knew I had to make the effort. I wanted badly to fuck her so...

It occurred to me that with all the manscaping and the showering it had been a while. Where was my wife? I had planned to be coming out of the shower as she was coming in, at which point I'd get back in and give her a good soaping to get her in the mood. We'd had shower sex before and there's nothing like running smooth slippery soaped up hands all over a body to get one in the mood. It didn't matter how hot the shower was, her nipples were always like hard bullets in my palms as I kneaded them mercilessly...

I wasn't planning to make love to her in the shower - just get her warmed up and then lead her to the bedroom for a good fucking. A good ass fucking... ...damn, where was she? Towelling myself off I slipped on some fresh pyjamas (even tho' it was 1pm) and headed downstairs. If the mountain wouldn't come to Muhammad... As I left the bathroom ensuite I spotted the beard trimmer and another wicked thought crossed my mind. I scooped it up and walked three flights downstairs to the movie room to see surprise my wife. Little did I know she had a surprise for me!

this is what her pussy looked like, after using the beard trimmer
I found her on the carpet, on her yoga mat, doing sit ups. I placed myself at her feet and stared at her. She tilted her head, took out her ear buds, and asked "what?" quizzically. "I had an idea" I replied, deadpan. "I bet you did" she fired back "it's the same idea you always have". I smiled and said: "this one is slightly different" and then held up the beard trimmer I'd been hiding behind my back. "What did you think you'd be doing with that?" she enquired. I thought the answer was obvious but I told her anyway: "I'm going to trim your pussy and then I'm going to spread your legs and then I'm going to eat you out"

"Really?" she said, defiantly. "Really!" I responded, as I started tugging at her yoga pants. "But I'm all sweaty" she said, nervously - while lifting her butt at the same time so I could shuck them off. "Doesn't worry me" I laughed, dragging her tight yoga pants down to her ankles. I briefly considered leaving them there, as 'restraints', but she started trying to kick them off so I pulled harder and tossed them to one side. I gazed down at her shapely legs, my eyes then travelling all the way up to her lightly thatched pussy.

"Surprise! Still want to?" she laughed as I spotted the telltale tampon string tailing out from between her cleft. "Doesn't worry me" I said, as I switched on the trimmer and started working on her already tidy bush. As I did so I realized there was no 'comb' on the trimmer, as I'd taken it off to clean it when I'd finished trimming my beard. I gingerly lifted the blade above her pubes so I wouldn't shave her bald (I didn't want to cut her). It took all of 60 seconds before my Type A wife grabbed the trimmer from my hand and said "Here, let me do it". She plowed the trimmer down in one quick thrust and the hair fell away.

"Couldn't wait for me to get waxed, huh?" she snorted "this is going to be prickly"

"I didn't plan on shaving it all off, I was just going to give you a trim" I explained.

"Well, it's all going now" she continued, as she deftly worked the trimmer up, down, and over her pussy. I had hoped for something more erotic but she was almost workmanlike and it was only another minute or two before it was all gone. She was completely bald! "Mmmmmm" I muttered. It only took me a second before my wife was squealing as I lifted her legs by the ankles, spread her wide, and dived down. "Is it scratchy?" she asked.

"It's fine" I told her, but truth be told it was. It wasn't smooth like a waxed pussy, it felt prickly - much like a man's unshaven face I presumed, since I've never kissed a man. I reached up and squeezed her breasts before dropping them back down to her pussy. Using my thumbs I pulled her lips up and apart, exposing her raw sex to me and moving the scratchy part away. My tongue circled her lips, before flattening out and massaging her clit. She moaned in appreciation and started squeezing her own tits as I felt her clit get harder.

It wasn't long before her hips were gyrating and she was moaning and pulling me deeper into her as she grinded her cunt against my face. Using both hands on the back of my head she pulled me deeper still, my tongue wide and flat, pressed hard against her clit. She came with a few quick grunts, her body shuddering beneath me as she rode out the last of her orgasm before finally releasing me. Her arms and head flopped to her sides and she sank back into the yoga mat.

"My turn" I said, after giving her a moment, and I sat back against the sofa. My feet were flat on the floor, my butt on the edge of her yoga mat, and I spread my knees wide, focussing attention on the erect cock sitting proudly between them. My wife scooted around, lying on her stomach in front of me, and tentatively leaned forward to lick me. Her tongue darted out like a lizard, dabbing at the pre-cum already tipping my prick. I'm not sure what she was expecting but it seemed to be to her liking and she started licking it in long strokes, before swallowing it whole. She slurped on it like a lollipop, before bobbing up and down, her head bouncing left and right.

when presented with a target as beautiful as this
I was more than happy to jizz over my wife's ass
I moaned in appreciation, telling her how good her warm wet mouth felt on my dick. For some reason she took that as her cue to release her oral hold on me, and replaced her mouth with her hand. She started jacking my cock for another minute, before swivelling around again until she was seated on her butt in front of me. She was now upright, mirroring my position, and she let go of her hand. "Jerk it for me" she instructed, as her own hand snaked down to her pussy.

Using one hand to support herself as she leaned back slightly, she spread her legs wider and started fingering her clit. I started pumping my cock, working it up and down, as I gazed down at her fingers doing the same to her wet folds. I licked my lips involuntarily, and then looked at my wife guiltily - I always felt embarrassed by my Pavlovian response to her pussy. I needn't have worried, she was staring at my cock, fixated, as my fingers flew up and down it's length.

"Mmmmmmm, where do you want it?" I teased, "tits or ass?"

"Oh yeah, all over my ass" she hissed, already turning herself around into the doggy position - head down and ass up in 2.0 seconds... I marvelled inwardly at how quick she responded. Her perfect butt was staring up at me, inches away. "Yeah, shoot that hot mess all in my ass crack" she said, as her fingers found their way back to the wet folds of her pussy "I want it in my ass".

My mind did a double take. Was she asking me to stick my cock in her ass, or just fire my load in there? This was a conundrum I'd confronted many times before, and once again I proceeded cautiously. Despite my initial plan (while showering) to fuck her ass, I realized we were three floors away from the lube and I wasn't going to try fucking her without it. And neither was I gonna risk losing the moment by running upstairs to get it. I decided to go with Plan B: talking dirty as if I was fucking her ass. It was something I'd done a week ago and it was a reasonable substitute.

I pressed my cock into the tight crevice of her upturned ass and began jacking, my knuckles smashing into her pussy lips below. Her fingers grazed my swinging balls as she frigged herself beneath me. "Mmmmm, baby, your ass is so delicious, the perfect bubble butt. I wanna fuck it so bad" I said. "I wanna stick my big meaty prick in there and pump your dirty asshole full of cum. Mmmmm, I bet it's so tight in there... I bet it won't take long before I'm spurting all up inside of you..."

My wife reached back with one hand and pulled herself wider, her other hand still fingering her clit. Her open asshole stared up at me and I was genuinely tempted to just stick my cock in there and fuck away. "Oh yes, that's it" I continued, "I'm gonna cum in there, open it up, I'm gonna fire my hot sticky cum right into your asshole..." She grabbed both cheeks with both hands and pulled herself wider still. "Yeah baby," she groaned "cum in my ass, cum all over my asshole"

Once again the conundrum: was she giving me permission to cum in her ass, or on it?

I licked my thumb and plunged it down into her gaping brown starfish, gripping her 'bowling ball style'. Her ass clamped around my thumb as she let go of her buttcheeks and resumed fingering her clit furiously. I was also jacking my stiff cock furiously and I could feel myself ready to blow. I told her as much at which point her asshole started flexing around my thumb. It was already tightly clamped, but now it was like she was doing kegels in her butt. She 'pumped' a few times before stopping, and I pulled my thumb out - had she done that for my benefit or for herself? Had she just orgasmed?

I had no idea, but now that my thumb was out she took the chance to swivel around and lie on her back. Lifting her knees up and spreading herself slightly she had one hand on her pussy and the other hand reached around to her asshole. Was she going to finger herself in the ass? I wanted her to, and I considered asking her to, but I didn't. She circled her finger around her butthole, lightly stroking the perineum, and rubbing her clit with the other hand. Again I considered asking her to stick her finger in her ass and again I didn't.

I didn't need to, I was cumming. With a loud grunting roar I thrust forward, poking my cock into her asshole ~just the tip!~ as I continued jacking my cock. My fist acted as a buffer, stopping me from 'accidentally' sliding into her back door  which was now well lubricated as jets of hot sticky seed spurted into her brown hole. I continued rutting on top of her for a few moments as my orgasm continued, before falling back and observing the cream pie now splattered all over her asshole.

It would have made a great picture I thought, before my mind moved onto planning our next sexscapade: next time I'm definitely going to ask her to finger her asshole...

So, some questions for you dear reader:
1] do you think my wife was cumming when I had my thumb up her ass (while she frigged herself) or not? (she's never been good at communicating her orgasm, she prefers to keep silent)
2] is this post too long? normally I would have cut it into two parts, but this time I resisted
3] What do you think the '+1' in this post's title refers to? (the answer to that will be up on Thursday)
BONUS: check out this pictorial version too!

click here for more (much more!) 


  1. Wow, fantastic and hot post as always when you are describing your sexual escapades.

    Very horny and the tension throughout, I really didn't know what was going to happen next.

    In answer to all of your questions at the end, just keep on doing what you are doing.....I'm a fan of reading it!! xx

    1. ooh, knowing that an anal fan like yourself has enjoyed my assplay story (all true) has given me a woody - maybe I'll have another story for Masturbation Monday next week? ;)
      PS - I didn't really know what was going to happen next either, I guess that's what heightened the excitement?

  2. Heels N Stocking has inspired me to create a special post so tune in for that at lunchtime today (Wednesday) y'all!!

  3. Oh my! That might not have gone as you envisioned, but damn it was hot all the same.


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