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OPP: Confessions of an Adulteress ~ Part Three

I've become a fan of this blog by a married woman calling herself Luna Moon, detailing her adventures as a serial cheater. What I find so fascinating is her attitude to what she's doing, and I wish my wife could be so sexually open (but exclusively with me of course! is that possible?)

Anyway, here's a few more key excerpts from Luna Moon's blog that caught my attention. My responses are in italic.

Luna Moon prefers a dominant lover (model shown in photo, not Luna)

When he finally pulled up in his SUV and I got in, I got the usual rush I get when I see him. The anticipation. The knowledge that soon he'd be driving himself into me hard and deep. He backed the SUV into the farthest spot in the lot and lifted the back. We both climbed in and as the back closed electronically with a beep-beep, I was amused at how hot I got whenever I heard the sound of the back of his SUV opening and closing.

Drake and I have a complicated relationship. It started out as a Dominant/submissive relationship, but we ended up becoming such good friends that sometimes the D/s isn't as strong as it should be. I love the control he exerts over me when we have sex, but that power just doesn't seem to stretch beyond sex.

The hatch of the SUV had barely shut before he was pushing me onto my back and yanking off my pants and panties. He quickly stripped down to nothing and commanded me to suck on his cock. After a few sucks and strokes, he pulled me onto my knees and had me straddle him. I began to thrust myself against him and each deep penetration made me cry out. I love the cross between pain and pure lust. He pinched, twisted, and slapped my tits. I was extremely wet and a few times he slid right out of me.

"You're MY slut. You're MY whore. You like that I own you, don't you? You like being USED and FUCKED!" He fixed his piercing blue eyes on me and gave me a semi-crazed smile. "When I don't FUCK you enough, you stray and you want to FUCK other men!!"

He pulled out of me, got on his knees, and ordered me to play with my clit. I began rubbing my clit while he watched and continued to stroke his cock. He told me how much he loved to masturbate in front of me... and watch me masturbate. I came quickly and a second later he roughly pulled my head toward his cock and I took it in my mouth, feeling the cum run smoothly down the back of my throat. I licked off the few drops that remained on the head.

I love being used and fucked...  [more]

Jesus, Mary an Joseph! What can you say - that's a hot scene!
But I do note she is now seeing him more as a lover not a master, and that's gonna be a problem I suspect. I wonder where this is going? I love her Pavlovian response to the sound of the liftback closing on the SUV. Oh, to have that sexual power over a woman that she gets wet just thinking about sex with me.
I met Tony back in July through a G-rated website. He was in his early forties, handsome and athletic.
We started slow. We finally moved into the delicate territory of our spouses. It figured that the All-American Boy would marry the Homecoming Queen. The only problem was that the Homecoming Queen had morphed quickly into the Ice Queen once they had been married for a few years.

He definitely had a very powerful love-hate relationship with his wife. Sometimes he was close to spitting when he talked about her shortcomings - which appeared to be many. I asked him why he stayed and he admitted that if they didn't have two beautiful little boys, he would have left a long time ago. He had to practically beg her to have sex.... [more]

I've left out the sex bits to focus on Tony and his wife. It's depressing to think that a handsome and athletic guy can't get laid - what hope is there for me? I'm neither handsome or athletic, and I'm overweight. Okay, I'm not hideous and I used to be considered handsome so maybe if I lost a few pounds (15-20!) I'd be ... who am I kidding? I eat when I'm depressed and I'm depressed because I can't get laid. Even my wife doesn't want me. I definitely have love/hate feelings for her when I've got blue balls. painfully blue balls. I'm fairly sure that if we didn't have a daughter we wouldn't be together by now. I'm not sure which one of us would have said "Enough!" first.  :(


Saturday, September 24, 2011 ~ Tony - My All-American Guy ~ Part II

Sex with Tony had been a mind-blowing experience. He had told me that he was very oral and he didn't disappoint. At the pub we had discussed anal sex and I had told him how much I enjoyed it. I didn't disappoint in that area. Overall, it was a hot hour and since we had spent so much time seducing each other at the pub, we had little time left for fun! At the pub a few weeks earlier, we had discussed him photographing me as well as golden showers. We both had only one experience with golden showers and wanted to try it again.
I arrived at his house at the appointed time and... [more]

Sorry to tease you but I want to make sure you actually click on her blog, and not just skim through my excerpts. Luna Moon really is a hot slut. I can say that because that's how she describes herself - as you'll discover in the next part. 


OPP = Other People's Posts

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